What’s My Name MYV concert ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Hey followers I’ve abandoned because I’ve been a lazy and forgetful blogger ^^’

I did mention in my older post about how my honey bought me Miyavi tickets for my birthday a while ago right? Well the date finally arrived last night and it was EPIC! As much as I hate saying that overused word, it truly was in every aspect!

There was a pretty decent opening act at Trees but I was rather anxious the entire time because we all just wanted to see Miyavi perform already DX all that waiting was MURDER but had I been there like all day like some people have I think I would have passed out on the nasty sidewalk. Luckily it wasn’t really cold though.

MYV’s tour bus

Need I mention that not only do I rarely go to concerts, but never have I gone to a concert to an artist who I’ve felt passionately about since I was 13 years old. I just hate the whole waiting in a long line for an extended amount of time then the additional waiting period when you finally get into the building and uncomfortable crowds that can sometimes be very present in those kind of environments but I feel like if whoever you’re going to see is worth it, then it really doesn’t matter. I could have fucking bunions on my feet right now and I would not regret attending his concert last night.

It was funny how diverse the audience was. I saw many people who looked so different waiting in line to see this beautiful man perform and they were just as excited as the rest of us :3 Such good vibes were in the atmosphere the entire time and I even bumped into my friend Jazmine (Moco Latte) and some of her friends 😀 She’s also on Youtube and into gyaru fashion for those who don’t already know of her and she will be in my vlog whenever I get that mofo edited (┳◇┳) BUT BACK TO MYV!

It really was a fantastic show! I noticed his new tats on his chest, back and his lower torso. Or they could be a little old, idk but the last time I remember seeing him shirtless they were not there ;___; I used to really keep up with him pretty well when I first discovered him but these past 2 years I haven’t properly been for some reason. However, after seeing him last night I want to follow him all over the world! But who has that kind of money and free time? -__- He had magnificent energy compared to last year from what Kevin told me and plus I guess partially because Dallas being one of his last shows in the US. I swear though, I fully believe he stared directly into my eyes maybe 3 times OxO If not three, then definitely twice! Not trying to sound special though because he was fucking everybody in the audience with his sexy stares, I mean my Jesus. His voice will forever be one of the most sexiest voices I’ve ever heard come from a man’s vocal cords. There was one song in particular that he sung that made me cream my panties. Tmi? Too bad, it’s the truth! I had to compose myself what with the boyfriend there but he knows how I feel about him so I’m sure he didn’t get hurt by my fangriling.

I am so thankful that I got to take advantage of this opportunity to see this man live this time. I really don’t feel super strongly about many artists but Miyavi hits home for me. Next time I said I would definitely buy VIP tickets to take a picture with him, hug him and tell him I love him to his face 😀 That would be intense. I would pay hundreds to do that, no lie. I just also love how he comes to such a modestly sized venue each time to Dallas. I think it’s hella better than going to an over-sized stadium of some kind.  I didn’t realize how funny he was either XD And man, when he took his shirt off, sweet jambalaya(ノ´д`)I hope he continues to be successful and I know he will being the talented persevering person he is. Well I am out guys and I will see if I can post long overdue posts later in the week. If not, sorry in advance! I just had to post this one!

But before I go, have you guys all heard of the Wonder Girls new album yet? I love all their songs except for one slow jam which I forget the name to anyway, but they made a great comeback! I love this video 🙂

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  1. 'Twas awesome meeting you [both]! I'm really happy you enjoyed yourself so much. And I must agree, this was the best Miyavi show I've seen. Hope to meet again. (^^)/

  2. Oh yeah it was great~! We gotta keep in touch!

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