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Since 2015, this nearly abandoned blog has been on the back burner.


…2 years is too long!


For any returning loyal readers, it feels fantastic welcoming you back into my digital home! Take ya shoes off, as this is an African household 🤣 To new readers, thank you for peeping at what is going to be a space full of even more beautiful stories, reviews and inspiration.


This blog has served the purpose of sharing many moments as a prideful otaku and Koreaboo I was for years as an adolescence. Seeing how I used to blog before is cringeworthier than any other content I have ever seen. But I leave them published as a reminder of where I came from! Keep it one hunid…you and all of us have that one-or maybe even two phases we try to block out of our memories the best we can. Scene kids who are not working in the corporate world, I’m looking at you! Why even be ashamed though? Because wouldn’t we be some of the blandest ass type of people if we didn’t go through our experimental stages growing up? So shoutout the the old me you’ll see pop up every now and then! She deserves as much love as the current me.


Just be mindful when going back into my older posts that they have been left as is. As for what is to come, here is a bit of what I have in store.


Fitness is going to be a new but growing topic of discussion on my blog now that I have been actively weight training, dieting and educating myself about ways to enhance my physique. There are several ways to achieve your fitness goals, even with a busy schedule. I have made several successes and failures over the last year attempting to figure out the ropes solo. Believe me when I say that the countless lessons I learned along the way could save you time and money if you wish to embark on your own weight gain journey! Any new trends happening in the fit chick world will be discussed if it’s interesting enough, and of course, product reviews will be a common post. Exercising doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass…but it literally does if you want it to grow!


Unlike before, I want to be more open about my life with my readers. Lifestyle posts were about the places I went to and the activities I did, but I want to do more posts involving life’s harder struggles as a black young woman. Lifestyle isn’t just about major events. It’s also about over how to cope with the daily stressors or work, relationships, self-love, mental disorders, and the like. My life is far from perfect! The last thing I want to do is to paint my social image that way to lead any of you to think that (no shade to influencers that do this as it does protect them from the public violating their privacy). I want this to be the most intimate aspect of my blog for a deeper connection than ever. While topics may get heavy…I promise to keep the conclusions open for discussion and encourage compassionate conversations. This is really where growth will happen for all of us, so I’m most excited about these!


With my entire wardrobe doing a whole 180 since the last time I posted on here, fashion posts are a must! Where and how I shop now compared to before have drastically changed over the course of the last year. I been selling several items on my Depop app and Poshmark store, which you can find located in the navigation bar if you’d like to take a peep at it! Price negotiations are always welcome! I hope to review underrated online shops and boutiques I discover whilst slaying your edges awf! Get ready!


Hair, cosmetics, and skincare all will be encompassed in this final section. My natural hair has been hidden for so many years, and there is no reason to continue acting like I wasn’t blessed with beautiful juicy kinky coils…because I certainly am! Managing it is the only part that kind of stinks…but my hair health journey is an ongoing process that I am fond of talking about. My range of beauty brands expanded back into Western companies that cater to darker skin tones. Korean and Japanese brands are great…but just not entirely for me, and that’s cool. Besides, taking my coin to black-owned beauty brands I already enjoy gives me a special fuzzy feeling inside I can’t compare to any other kind of purchase I’ve made at TheFaceShop.


I may still dabble in Korean and Japanese cosmetics, but not nearly as much as I did in the past. Finally, skincare is a major important aspect of my beauty content. If you don’t have a decent base to apply all that cake on your face…wyd?


You may notice I am still fillingn in this blog with content and will be throughout the next few weeks because I gots several in the queue! So I won’t hold you any longer. Be free to explore all there is to see on my blog, and share your thoughts on the recent changes in a comment below. Don’t forget to add yourself to my newsletter subscription so you know when I host big giveaways throughout the year and such…I may be doing one soon. Don’t do yourself dirty now! 😘

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