Vitagoods Sponsored Review | Spin Brush, Scalp Massager + Teeth Whitening System


Hello lovey dovies! Today’s post is going to be a review of the items that Vitagoods courteously sent me some items to try out and review. I’ve been meaning to get this out for months now so sorry for the major delay! Luckily for you guys, I’ve provide big discount codes at the end of this post you can use too! Here’s the first item I’ll be reviewing.


Although I have never used an electronic face brush before, I can at least say they are better than your generic manual face brushes. It’s certainly become a major staple to my everyday skincare routine and it’s changed how I cleanse my skin at night for the better! Before, I would only use it in the mornings but now it is typically used for my heavy duty cleansing after a long day of wearing make up. As far as effectiveness, there’s no comparison when using it or my hands because this spin brush will win every single time.

The ergonomically designed handle makes it is easy to use and its compact size allows you to take this baby just about anywhere. I’m also glad there were 4 interchangeable heads that came along with this brush!  It’s literally like having 4 brushes to me and they are all great for several different purposes. When you put it in perspective, you’re only paying $10 per brush when you use my discount code. Although I rarely use the pumice stone head since I am more keen on taking care of the skin on my face, it’s still good to know I have that as an option.


This brush requires 4 double A batteries, but I recommend using the rechargeable ones you can find at Walmart so you don’t have to keep repurchasing batteries continuously. Trust me, it’s made things way easier!

The battery casing was also abnormally tough to open when I first got it but now it has become much easier to pull off. My guess is that the plastic material eventually became adjusted from being pulled off so often. There’s also an issue with my batteries not being completely settled at the bottom of the slot because there are times it doesn’t turn on despite me correctly putting in fully charged batteries. Occasionally, I end up lightly slapping the sides down to finally have it where it needs to be. I hope this is not an issue with the others.

Although there are a variation of colors, I wish there were more shades like pinks, blues, greens, etc., but at least they still come in a purple color! Lastly, I can’t understand why, but I have noticed it catches stains super easily on the white sections of the brush so be mindful of where you store it or in other words avoid placing this anywhere near cosmetics.


This is a neat tool to use for getting that blood circulation going through your scalp and if you didn’t know this already, massaging your scalp will help allow blood to flow throughout your scalp. The stimulation will help the growth of your hair so it’s highly recommended to keep this as a regular routine in your hair care regimen.

I find that it helps get my shampoo to travel all the way to my scalp easier than my measly fingers. If you ever experience caring for thick new growth, then you most likely understand how important that is. You can also use some hot oil and distribute it throughout your scalp with a plastic applicator bottle. Then you can either turn on the massager and let it do it’s work or leave it off and manually go at your own pace in a circular motion.

This is also affordable and again you can also get a neat discount for it listed below.


The only one is a design issue being the screwed on backing to the battery slot. It may not be an issue for people who aren’t lazy like me, but I was annoyed to have to find a screwdriver at home and unscrew it just to put in a battery. #firstworldproblems

This was the item that was not shown in my YouTube video review that I briefly mentioned. At the time of me receiving these items, I was wearing braces so I had to have my sister try them out and get her opinion from them. These are not customized trays however they are made to fit the average persons teeth.
The results were not too drastic and unfortunately the before/after pictures are unrecoverable so you’ll just have to take my word on this one. I do find with every teeth whitening product that you should use this consistently to get the maximum results which she failed to do despite my constant lecturing. *sigh* Never trust others to do blog related things for you. Next time though I will do a proper before/after shot of the whitening products I use on my teeth now that my braces are off!
As promised, here are the discount codes for each item. They are listed below~

Spin For Perfect Skin Brush 60% discount off!

Code: LFY913
The retail price of $99 brought down to only $40 (free shipping for United States)

Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush 50% discount off!

Code: LFY913C
The retail prices of $39.99 brought down to only $19.50 (Free shipping for United States)

7 Day Smile Packs 70% discount off 

Code: LFY913E
The retail price of $129.99 brought down to only $39 (free shipping for United States)
Let me know what you thought of these items I reviewed and if you have any questions, comment below!
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6 responses to “Vitagoods Sponsored Review | Spin Brush, Scalp Massager + Teeth Whitening System”

  1. I've always wanted to try one of those facial brushes. I've heard good things about them! ^^

  2. Fernanda Azevedo says:

    Nice review! I always wanted to try an electronic face brush, but Clarisonic Mia is soo expensive D: But his one, only $40! OMG *O* I really should try it o/

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  3. Tapioca-Ai says:

    Girl them brows tho, perfection! I love love love your look with that delicious wig and your makeup ^^ I am super interested in the scalp massaging brush. Ever since I heard that scalp massages are good for hair growth I've been trying to do them, but I get super lazy/tired after like 30 seconds so I stop lol That brush would be perfect for my lazy tail!

  4. You should! You would like them ^ ^ Super affordable too and you practically get 4 for the price of 1!

  5. If you do I'd love to know what you think of the brush heads you get with it ^ ^ Yea, it's a pity that they STILL are so pricey :/ I might have already owned one if it weren't for that but definitely not for their prices.

  6. Haha thank you darling ^ ^ I need to dye them this color because filling them in all the time with eye shadow is starting to bug me. Yes girl, I toooootally am with you! The thing I didn't realize is that my hair already grows as a pretty okay rate but man, if I massaged my scalp on top of that it'd be growing like a chia pet and I am all for that lol! It is definitely a nice hard feeling but it still feels good imo. For $19.50 that's not too shabby….busy people like us need more devices like this in our lives XD

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