San Japan 2015

Whoa! Look who is finally updating her abandoned blog after several months of dealing with craziness. It feels good to be back! I’m hoping from now on I can keep you all updated on the latest events on here that I am unable to do elsewhere.

What’s happened with Ify?

A number of things! If you follow me on my other sites, you have kept up with just about everything but there’s still a few things I haven’t discussed yet on those sites that I want to use this blog to express instead of YouTube, Insta, Facebook, etc. As for many bloggers, I share thoughts with you all in a way that is therapeutic for me so expect some personal stuff to come out on here soon.

Right now, I’m through with all of my summer classes and am preparing for my final semester as a senior at my university. It’s going to get insanely crazy for me as I plan to do a lot with my last semester there as well as still maintain this blog and YouTube and work at my part time job. If things get too crazy, I’m going to definitely drop something.

For starters though, I’d like to share these photos of some cute stuff I got from my time at San Japan this summer! I really enjoyed my time there and while I wasn’t exactly taking pictures of everything for my blog during the con, I did take pictures of the stuff I got there. If you didn’t know yet, I was selected to be a model for their fashion show which you can watch at the end of this post!

Prior to this con, my mission at other conventions was to buy all kinds of beautiful art from the artist alleys. Eventually I figured I could use some more accessories to work with for my outfits so I went back to buying those. My friend Reggie happened to be at this convention to my surprise so I went ahead and bought some stuff from his shop and was delightfully satisfied with it!

Faded cropped top & graphic print pastel leggings: Incontrolclothing
Wig: Lace Front Merilyn Blue Blonde Gothic Lolita Wigs
Ice cream dress: Incontrolclothing

If you’re interested in getting stuff from his store, click that link and it should take you to their website. Something notable about some of their clothing is that some of the pieces generally have a faded appearance to them. For me, I like it so long as the design itself is still captivating like what the shirt and leggings have on them. It only works in those cases but there was also an abundance of vibrantly colored clothes as well!

Reggie was a sweetheart and I hope to hang with him the next time I spot him at the next convention. Thanks a lot Reggie! Love my new clothes!
I’ve been wanting more necklaces and other jewelry in colors I normally don’t get them in so I went and got these two at a cute vendors booth on the final day of the con.


They gave me a card to keep for whenever I shop with them again and I can earn a discount for 25% off if I get 3 more stamps for every $20 I spend with them. Not a bad deal!
Lolita Collective
After adoring pastel kei for as long as I have, I’m finally going to try taking a stab at it by coordinating my own outfits. These accessories from the Lolita Collective felt so essential to do so! That store has a lot of good stuff for an affordable price…well at least in terms of their accessories.
Enchanted Dreamwear
This booth had so many intricately detailed items that were so unique! I just couldn’t afford all of them so I’ll have to look into getting some of their necklaces I left another time.

Shojo Monsta had a booth this year at SJ as well and I saw she had lots of these beautiful hair pieces in different sizes. I was only able to afford the smaller one, but it’s so cute and white is bound to go with lots of my outfits!

Angelic Pretty USA + Harajuku Hearts
I couldn’t possibly tell you how badly I’ve been wanting one of these hair dangling star chains. Please say there’s an easier name for them someone who knows better than I? They’re so perfect for the new wigs I have now. Adds a subtle touch of soft pastel color. Definitely going to be using this a lot!

I bought a lot of things from Miss Octopie this year and I went and got myself a cute commission drawn of my outfit I wore on the Friday night I was there. She’s so talented! I love her art style to bits. I just wish I was a little more darker complected than that. Otherwise, it’s adorbs!

I like this hair color!

As I mentioned earlier, I was apart of the Shiki and Enchantilic Enchantilly fashion show which was my first anime convention fashion show I’ve ever been apart of! It was an enjoyable experience to say the least. The other models were a joy to be around despite the nervousness I initially had meeting all of them. I genuinely hope to keep in contact with a lot of them if we were to ever go to the same conventions in the future.

Too cutes!

The designers themselves were also super sweet! Although I wore Enchantilic Enchantilly’s outfit for the show, I spoke a lot with Yuka before and after the show and Fumiko Kawamura was incredibly kind to me! I felt like she was in love with how her dress looked on me as she adorned me with her gorgeous jewelry like necklaces, rings, and so on. I wish I was rich enough to have been able to afford taking that mint colored dress home with me but I had to say no and stick with getting small things. For this trip, I took the megabus so I wasn’t able to store it away in my car or anything even if I did get it.

Left to right: Anilec, Susan, Me!
After I changed with Yuka!
Fumiko and I after the show!


Anelic was too cute!
 For a thank you gift, Fumiko gave all of he models these beautiful tote bags with a thank you letter inside of them!

That’s all I have for this post! Look forward to some posts about me being a spokesmodel for Gothic Lolita Wigs. It will be lengthy, just so you know. Here is some footage of the fashion show for those who weren’t able to attend it.

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6 responses to “San Japan 2015”

  1. I'm glad to see that you're doing alright, Crystal! It looks like San Japan was a blast *_*. You hauled soooo many cute things. Are you leaning pastel these days? It's a great look for you ^^.

    I totally feel you on the life stuff T_T. Everything is just….too much. I'm going into my third year of university in a couple of weeks. I can't IMAGINE being a senior.

    You're going to graduate and become a real adult in less than a year! That means a "real" job, "real" coworkers, and "real" life all around. It's all so terrifying X_x. Talk about pressure.

    I wish you the best of luck in everything!

    PS- I've been watching your youtube channel and it's great! 😀 Even so, it was really nice to see a new post from you today. There's just something wonderfully personal about your blog ^^<3.

  2. LizzieBee says:

    Wow you look so cute! <3 I wish cons in the UK looked as good as they do in the US…

  3. Ify you looked amazing in the fashion show, that dress looked so cute on you! Congratulations on your last semester of college^^

    That blue wig, them clothes, and those accessories are A+. You got me ready to go to another anime con stat and spend all my moneys haha This is Tappy btw, I decided to change my url 🙂 So happy to hear that you had a great time at San Japan!

  4. Thank you Pearl!! I sort of feel like I've grown a preference to more pastel accessories compared to neon or neutral ones. I still have to keep on trying different looks with it to see what my signature style is.

    Yeah haha things have gotten super crazy to say the very least! I can't imagine taking on anymore but I'm doing the best I can for now. Good luck to you as well! Junior year will fly by I feel like so get ready for that last year in college!

    I'll need all the luck I can get! It hasn't hit me yet but building my resume and creating it has been slowly getting me to understand what this all really means.

    That's honestly why I brought back my blog! I miss writing! Truly it's been one of my favorite hobbies along with YouTube. I just need this space for my brain to sort of take a different means to express my creativity and thoughts. I think everyone should try different outlets too from time to time! It keeps things interesting. But thanks for being super supportive Pearl!~

  5. Lizzie!~

    I remember following a YouTuber who went to one in the UK but I forget the name of it. I'm pretty certain it was in England somewhere.

  6. Tappy!~ Hey girl haha nice to see you on my blog again! Thank you!!

    Haha you're super sweet to say that! I wasn't sure how people would take it. It's definitely one of my absolute favorites! Spend your monies if you have it haha I should have chilled out more when I spent my money on all of this but it's a lesson learned.

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