Tofebruary Review ( Coupon Code Included! )


Tofebruary was kind enough to sponsor me with some of their items and if you never heard of them, they are an online boutique specializing in bringing Asia’s cute and colorful fashion and accessories! Their imported items range from Korea, to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. They have excellent customer service and provide you with quality clothing and jewelries. Each item is seen worn by me in the video embedded below.

The first item I got was this super cute sweetheart sweater!

View Me Here~

This is a comfy thick warm sweater to wear when the temp drops next season. I fell in love with this salmon color hue as soon as I saw it. Majority of my fall/winter items are more on the dark earthy tone side so having a bright fun color is a nice change! The heart shaped lace embellishment on the center of the chest adds such a cuter touch along with the sweet color. I’m a sucker for lace and pearls so having this with the wide lace trim on the color makes this a winner item for me. And I mean, come on. Loose fitted sweaters will always be adorable!

Next I had to finally try their fun “HELLO” snapback!

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My big head plus my big hair ย normally makes wearing hats of any kind other than beanies difficult, but I still took the risk with this one and got it anyway. It is a different feel when worn with your regular graphic tees or causal dresses that instantaneously switches the look to a more streetwear style. When paired with the right shoes and jewelry, you’ll be feeling like you belong in a 2NE1 music video in no time! lol no, in all seriousness, this will make you look super cute! You may laugh at the actual size of its bill since it is not your typical style. In comparison to American styled snapbacks, it is definitely smaller!
I haven’t owned a decent pair of white colored tights since I was literally in elementary school so when I saw these I nearly passed out from joy!
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These are officially my new favorite pair of tights hands down! They fit excellently and are thick so tearing them will be less possible. The overall quality of them beats many of the ones I have purchase from various stores. The pattern of polka dots is a lovely design that can be worn with your cute dresses like the one I wore in the video below.
Lastly, they threw in this cute bunny ear headband for me to try as well. Must collect all the colors of these usamimi headbands!
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Simple yet so classy. The current bunny headbands I wear are not exactly wearable with every outfit but this one certainly is! You can wear this for pretty much all events since it is a solid black color and isn’t too outlandish. Just like any other type of these headbands, there are wires inside of each “ear” so you can twist them in any direction you please.
Just because I love you guys so much, check this out

Addtionally, they are having a 10% off everything summer sale AND only $1 shipping for U.S. orders so go to their site to see what you like to take advantage before these events end! That concludes this review of Tofebruary, and I am look forward to seeing what other items they will be getting in the near future for me to review for you all!

Kevin and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary together yesterday (today is the actual date however) and I can’t wait to blog about it. It was so romantic! Be sure to watch how I wore each of the previously mentioned items above in the video here! And subscribe to my channel!

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16 responses to “Tofebruary Review ( Coupon Code Included! )”

  1. LizzieBee says:

    That sweater is so so cute! I really want to buy it… But I think it's a bit too warm right now ๐Ÿ˜›
    Congrats on your 3 year anni! ^3^

  2. Oh yes it's way too warm this season unfortunately. I almost wish it were light weight just so I can comfortably wear it now. Oh well. Thank you ^ ^

  3. Kuuri says:

    I have to say I'm glad that all the items are so nice. I'll definitely put this store on my 'to buy from' list ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Tapioca-Ai says:

    Those tights and that sweater tho! I love all the items, and you look super cute in them : )
    Happy 3 year anniversary! Mines is coming up in September^^ I'm excited to hear how you celebrated your special day!

  5. Emi Doll (ๆต็พŽ) says:

    That sweater *0*

    Perfect on you!! The tights are very cute tooooooo!!!

    I'll check them out for sure :3

    ๆต็พŽใ‚ˆใ‚Š โ™ฅ

  6. You should! I hope you enjoy whatever you end up buying ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€ <3 I appreciate it and omg that's so close! What date in day in September? That's Kevin's bday month lol! It was such a great night! I just posted about it actually. I hope you and your loved one have just as much of a romantic time together ^ ^

  8. Kayla Joy says:

    So cute! I love tofebruary stuff! How did the tights fit? I get scared to purchase tights or pants from tofebruary or yesstyle because they look like they're for short girls. I'm skinny but I'm also tall so i just assume it'll be too short

  9. Tapioca-Ai says:

    It'll be on September 1st^^ I'll go check out the post : ) It'll also be three years for us. It's strange because it doesn't feel like it's been that long in a good way. Thank you! I think we'll have lots of fun!

  10. Thank you so much and yea lemme know what you think!

  11. They fit excellently ^ ^ Nice and snug but not too tight that I can't pull them all the way up. I think you'd fit them alright but that's only a guess so idk for certain.

  12. Wow that makes yet another couple I know that got together in 2011! Congrats in advance ๐Ÿ˜€ And you're welcome!!

  13. Lovely! Everything is lovely. ^^ I think you'll enjoy wearing them. ^^

  14. I certainly will! And thank you! Hopefully you'll find something on there you like as well!

  15. Hope you guys had a good one (sorry I'm so behind on these comment notifications D:)

  16. Tapioca-Ai says:

    No worries girl^^ Thank you! It was really relaxing and geeky haha We played DDR and ate yummy food ๐Ÿ™‚

Let's engage sis!

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