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Hey everybody! It seems like all I do is buy things now, but I really have slowed down  with the spending. These are just some things I left out in my other posts since they were already terribly long. If you’ve already watched my Sasa and TheFaceShop reviews on my youtube channel then this post shouldn’t be new but to those who haven’t I’ll just quickly post about what I got from TheFaceShop as well as some of the stuff my mom bought me from Clinique as a xmas gift (supppper late, right? lol!)

I wanted to buy a stronger foaming cleanser a while ago since the one I got from Sasa felt too gentle on my skin, it just didn’t seem like my face really was ever truly clean. I went to TheFaceShop during their holiday sales and bought this nice lemon foaming cleanser from Herb Day 365 and it smells quite refreshing.

The consistency is nice and plushy feeling and it lathers rather well. Only thing to be cautioned about is it does leave the skin feeling a tad bit dry so definitely wear moisturizer after using this. Typically, I only use this on days when I wore make up and am ready to take it off. Next is my Lovely Me-Ex lip tint in Juicy Red!

Gah, you can see my peach fuzz xD lulz! At any rate, I never really do pics like these but I figured they’d help in showing you all what it looks like a bit better than just swatching it on my hand. I’ll try to do that more often from now on if I remember. But as you can see, the color is pretty nice even on girls with darker skin tones and it does last for a few hours depending whether or not you’re eating or smearing it off from make out sessions *ahem* ^///^

Next is this White Mud Nose peeling mask. This was worth the money for it’s immediate effectiveness is getting out my blackheads! And it was still cheap!

I think the flash on my camera made the after pic look brighter but you should be able to still see the results regardless.

 Brace yourselves for the disgusting part…


 XD Don’t judge me too harshly on how long those blackheads are! I never used anything for them before in my life so that should explain why they look so horrid. But I did this just ones and all that gunk is what came out. Only wore it on for 15 minutes and my nose looked and felt so much smoother and cleaner. Just remember to wet your nose a bit when using this mud mask because when it hardens on dry skin, it’s a painful bitch when taking it off. That’s what the employees told me, so happy they did too lol! That’s all I got from there though. If you’re wondering why I’ve been buying so many skincare products, I want to reduce how heavy my foundation coverage needs to be so having my skin look even is my top priority right now. It’s just taking so much time TAT Just testing out what works and what doesn’t basically.

My mom was sweet enough to get me stuff from Clinique last year for xmas. Not much to say about them since I’ve only used a few of these products since most of them have a spring theme like the perfume, blush, and lipstick but even so I am still glad she bought them for me!

Mom used to wear this and I always complimented her wearing it. Now I have it πŸ˜€

Okay, my favorite items here are the mascara and the all about eyes serum. That mascara’s brush is excellent when I want to really separate my lashes and not clump them together. I never really have terrible bags under my eyes or dark circles thank the high heavens, but the eye serum still makes my eyes appear more brighter and youthful somehow. My mom actually has the larger tube of this serum and it’s helped with hers tremendously as well.

 I like the liner, this blush seems okay but a bit too natural for my taste.

I like this lipstick and I can see myself wearing it a lot during the spring/summer. I’ve already worn it when I went out with my friend Tam.

Not the best angle to view it from this pic but it’s the best one I got. Later that night we went out to this new cool place called Brown Sugar that just opened up at H-mart and they have the BEST stinkin’ waffles known to man. They’re pricey, but so worth every penny.

My favorite was the one to the right. Strawberry cheesecake waffle πŸ˜€ mmmm!

We were there after Kevin’s friend Mitchell had his bday celebration, I joined in kinda late since it was late notice but I still enjoyed everyone’s company. Speaking of Kevin, our 1 year and a half anniversary is tomorrow but sadly we won’t get to spend it together since we both have to work. But I’ll see him for sure on Monday and will try to film something for my Youtube channel. I am also going to schedule an appointment at Tony & Guy to get a touch up next week and show you all how long my hair has grown after wearing these damn wigs for so long. I didn’t quite get to MBL last year but we’ll see if I’m close now. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Take care!

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20 responses to “TheFaceShop, Clinique & More”

  1. Forever scarred by the nose mask DX lol but I need to try it out.

  2. Where did you find the White Nose Mud Pack? they seem to not sell that at The Face Shop here >.<

  3. Glee says:

    I want to do that nose thing, and omg you are going to make me buy a heavy chain that looks awesome.
    I kind of wanted a lip tinit but always considered it for lighter skinned because its a bit sheer for colored pink lips already. But it looks nice here so maybe one day.

    • Haha those heavy chains used to look unappealing to me but now I love them πŸ˜€ You should get it, it lasts so long and the taste is quite sweet too ^ ^

  4. Wow, the white nose mud pack looks amazing! I need to try that asap! ^_^ Thanks for sharing.

  5. Cool haul! You always make me wanna try new stuff XD
    Especially the lip tint, it's so pretty!

  6. zzZZZZZOMG I must try that white nose mud pack! Biore's pore strips does nothing for me! And I love the pic of you with the scarf turban <3 Your hair looks so pretty there

    • I never tried much from Biore but yes, you should look into getting this mask, it works so well! & thank you ^ ^ My last pic from wearing that wig haha!

  7. Banny says:

    oh god the nose mask..i always been too afraid! But i kinda want to try it now since you said wet your nose..I have black heads on the corners of my nose and they are so annoying. I used to have my cosmetology teacher extract them for me haha but too bad im not in school anymore D:< I never been a fan of lip tints and especially red ones, just idk red on me looks ugly i prefer glossy purples and pinks ;3
    Congrats on you and kevins anniversary :o!

    • They're not too bad and really work, I'm telling you πŸ™‚ Ouch, I wonder if it hurt worse when she extracted them for you…what'd she use? o.o & yeah, I used to love glosses but this past year I've been a fan of lip balms, tints, or lipsticks. Thank you <3 πŸ˜€ Can't wait for Valentines day with him ^ ^

  8. Kri says:

    omg the nose mask totally works!! and i never thought it would! i tried different kinds and all failed so i just lost hope and stopped looking for the right one. I only go to THEFACESHOP to buy BB Cream lol I'll definitely try this one. Thank you for the helpful tips!

  9. wow the nose mask XDD
    the face shop lip tint looks like a super pretty stain! πŸ˜€

    xo; L&M

  10. < Must find that nose mask asap!
    Your nose looks baby soft in the second picture.

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