Tenso: Liz Lisa Candyrain Taobao Review

Nearly a month since my last post but I have good reasons and that’s going to be a surprise so I’m just going to continue on with this post!
A couple weeks back, I was on Facebook talking about how I made my first order through Tenso to purchase some Liz Lisa items. Nothing too fancy since I never used Tenso before and was wanting to test out the waters with this shopping service. Before I jump right in, this is a non-sponsored post in case you were thinking it might have been from my soon to be expressed satisfaction. 
For one, I am so mad I didn’t discover the wonders of Tenso earlier. It’s so easy to use once you get past the registration bit but even that is easy and quick to do. Their service fee is fixed at 490 yen, so you can purchase more goods without worrying about the percentage effecting your total (but the international shipping is still calculated by the weight of your items). I saw how there were many cheap items on Liz Lisa outlet online shop so I thought why not get some of those to see how this first transaction goes. 
This first item was a Tralala dress that looks a lot like the ones I saw when I first was introduced to this brand so to see how affordable it is now made me get it.
Price: 1,050円
See that original price? Huge discount!!
It is a cute looking dress that still allows room to make your outfit rokku-kei if need be which is probably how I will be wearing this dress most of the time. This is definitely not form fitting by all means so it will make you look like you are hiding a baby bump however it still gives off a dolly effect with it’s different layers and bow centered in the middle of the V-collar. I do wish however that it had lace on the edges as I was telling a friend of mine so later on, I might end up altering it with some soft black lace trim but for now this will do as it is. You guys know my luck…I did find yet again a loose thread. This time it was just one but still, why do they always find a way into my closet?
The final item I also got was this cute tank top. Again it was super affordable but looks like nothing I have in my closet so I bought it and now wish I got it in all the colors of the rainbow because of how adorable it looks!! It’s a great fit however the neat necklace piece it comes with fits a little awkwardly for me. I wish I would adjust it so it could hang lower but I’ve had no such luck. This is the same one I wore in my January Favorites video.
Site’s photo
Price: 1,050円

I do like the quality of this more than the dress so I might buy some different kind of items from Liz Lisa as opposed to Tralala the next time I’m ready for another order. I also got this small tote bag and flyer from them thrown in there for free too.

Grand total for everything including international shipping was about $40.

I also shared this next item on my recent Winter OOTD video which seems to be a favorite by a lot of people who’ve watched it! This one was from a Taobao order me and some people from my school’s club made as a group back in November in a shop called Candyrain. Although I never heard of it before, their stuff reminded me a lot of Bobon21’s items. I just wanted to own a really nice detailed princessy looking coat and this was the one for me! The original photo however made it look a lot more pink than it actually is as you will see below but then again it could have just been my monitor playing tricks on me…damn monitor -.- Either way I still love it!

Site’s photo
Price: Β₯ 239.00

See the difference in the colors? Mine doesn’t look as saturated with pink as the original photo does but I digress. It is super warm to wear despite it’s loose fit and I love that it has deep pockets for me to slide my phone and wallet in. I think one of the best features of it is the detachable collar. It’s such a cute delicate piece too and has fuzzy white balls at the end that really make the look complete. Rarely do I plan to not wear it with this caped coat. It did come in a small which I’m not sure if I knew at the time or not but the medium fits me just fine.

That’s all I have to share for this post! Today, Kevin and I are going to hopefully go see the Chinese lanterns they have displayed at park in Dallas after I get off from work. I am also prepping his Valentines present as we speak. Anyway, I’ll leave you all with this adorable gif I made of Hachi when I was taking pics of my items yesterday.

 Korila-Hachiko transformation complete!

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14 responses to “Tenso: Liz Lisa Candyrain Taobao Review”

  1. Emi Doll (恡美) says:

    Oh my god this all so cute ^^

    I love the sweet pink coat the most!!

    ζ΅ηΎŽγ‚ˆγ‚Š β™₯


  2. Tsumi Fox says:

    super cute coat!!! I've always wanted to buy things from taobao but the shipping price is what always makes me think twice πŸ™


  3. Ahh~ such an adorable display of clothing! I really love your style of clothing and wish I could wear as pretty clothes as you do. I definitely wouldn't look nearly as cute as you do, though!

    But I definitely aspire to one day have the same fashion sense if possible! n__n
    — xoxo Marie@ http://dreamersconfessions.blogspot.com/

  4. Haha I knew you would Emi <3 Thanks so much, you'd look super cute in it too!

  5. I used to say the same thing. I only shop on there if I really have the money. It helps to order in a group if you can.

  6. Thank you and nahhhh, I'm sure you'd look absolutely precious! idk what chu talkin bout haha! Cute blog btw <3

  7. Tenso is awesome, isn't it? I've used it many times already. Super cheap! ^^ All of the things you got are cute.


  8. AHH!! I was so happy to see you reply! :DD
    haha, sorry I sound a little too crazy, but you really made my day, thank you!! And I mean absolutely everything I said, haha so don't deny it! You're honestly the first person I think of when I think of people wearing adorable clothing and looking so great in!

    I hope you had a lovely Valentines day~ forgot to mention this before but Hachi is just the most adorable dog ever!

  9. It is! I don't think there are many other services like it. Hopefully they stick to their current prices because I'm sure that's how they stay in business with their low competitive prices. And thanks!! πŸ˜€

  10. You're very welcome! Hopefully you all can work it out. It helps to use Google Docs to keep things organized too. Good luck!

  11. Oh I've used Tenso Japan shopping service before like 3-4 years back and they have great service! I have never used them ever since then though because I kind of stopped buying things directly from Japan because I couldn't afford them anymore. T_T The thing is Japan is so fashion crazy that things end up being out of trend/style so fast. So I only buy like key items I know it won't go out of style so I can wear them again. It's like once the season is over, you don't ever see people wearing the same style/clothes anymore…it's kind of hard to keep up, lol. I like the pink tanktop you got though, it's really nice! ^___~


  12. Emi Doll (恡美) says:

    Aww thank you you're too kind, I'm waiting for a post where you can wear all the lovely clothes you bought ^^

  13. LizzieBee says:

    Oh wow! That coat is absolutely adorable. I'm hoping to buy more things with Tenso but I'm not too sure how it all works…

  14. Idk if disqus is acting up or not but I could have sworn I responded to this comment when you posted it o.O If not so sorry I missed it!

    Yeah honestly I am always adamant about making sure what I get is a one of a kind piece or something that is at least tough to find locally. What's the point of buying basic looking pieces that they sell lookalikes at the mall? All that money could go to a better statement making piece that people will remember and ask you about for ages. I'm so happy with Tenso though, I know they're having a sale right now for international shipping. I want to make a group order so I can make the most of it without completely killing off my wallet.

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