Summer Kawaii Lookbook Part 1

Hello all! It seems like I am regularly updating my blog along with the new videos I post on my channel. Not too sure how that is taken, but hopefully it doesn’t bother anyone since lately I have been on schedule with my YouTube activity.A few weeks ago, my dear subscriber Melody who’s fairly local met up with me to help take these photos for my video. Before that day, I never did a style video quite like this but seeing as I am trying to enhance the quality of my online content I really needed to start getting my feet wet! She and I bonded and became good friends which I noticed has been happening a lot lately with my local online followers. We’re all becoming friends irl!

I will hopefully make this into a 3 part series so keep up with me this summer to see what styles I do next OR better yet, tell me what kind of outfit I should put together for the next video. Like before, I will link what is “linkable” or in other words, if I can find the page or site to where I bought an item I will but if I can’t I’m sorry! Here is our first outfit of the summer lookbook series!

Lady In Pink

 Pink ruffled laced top maxi dress
DIY beaded pearl rose necklace
Bundle of pearled bracelets
A sweet outfit worn on a day when the sun is out but not scorching hot! Maxi dresses are most favorable for my summer outfits on the days when I really don’t feel like shaving (don’t act like y’all don’t have those days!), I’m paranoid about west nile virus and want to keep the skeeters from feasting on my legs, or if I just want to feel comfortably pretty! I usually pair them with flip flops or some cute gladiator sandals but I am in need for a cute brown pair so I opted out for my ankle boots instead. I totally just hot glued a fake rose my mother had in her bathroom to this cheap pearl necklace by the way. The things that that tool can do are endless!

Summer Forest Dream

 Liz Lisa tank top
Ruffled skirt
Pink bowed short heels
(^sorry you can’t see them in these chosen pics but you can in the video!)
The heavy contrast between this outfits pretty pastel pink color theme and my brown skin reminds me of a digital art piece of a magical girl I saw on my Tumblr dash once. The beaded necklace at the back makes this tank top that much more cutesy without overdoing it. I would wear this on those super hot Texas-weather-is-out-to-get-you-this-summer days. Even then I still might be a little too heavily layered…maybe I should just go out naked instead. My chest area looked funny because I didn’t realize I needed to pull it down at the time and neither did my photographer but next time I’ll be more cautious.

Western Feels

Long sleeved floral laced blouse
Light denim rhinestone studded jeans
Cowgirl boots
Or maybe I should say Southern feels being in Texas…either way you get the idea! If there were ever a day when Mother Nature wanted to be merciful sometime this summer and give us 75 degree weather or lower, I would pick this outfit! I love light denim jeans and sadly only have about two good pairs of them in my closet. I want to get some distressed ones soon from Plato’s closet because they have so many cute ones to choose from! The blouse is really the center of the outfit but a sweet smile pulls everything together. Speaking of smiles…
For my make up look, I wore my pink lenses I got from Maplelens and they are definitely my favorite pink pair of circle lenses I’ve tried so far! They don’t have any other colors other than black and pink but somehow they blend naturally with my eye so well and give the perfect amount of enlargement. My teeth have also gotten whiter which makes me want to jump for joy! I’m giong to make sure they continue looking brighter and once I find my secret weapon, I will promise to share that product with you!
This is going to be one of the last set of photos with me in my purple x blue hair because I am actually sporting a new color as I type this! It’s so pretty but I must catch up with my other posts before I share it.
Again Melody, thanks so much for dealing with my goofiness and massive camera. I really appreciated her doing this for me because she took such a long trip by trains and buses just to do this for me. I owe her a lot! As gorgeous as the photos of my outfits came out, I can’t leave out the natural beauty we were around that day. I’ll leave you all with this shot she took of the lake we were standing by. No filter needed!

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9 responses to “Summer Kawaii Lookbook Part 1”

  1. I like the pink dress in the first look, it's sooo cute! <3

  2. I love your dress! You are like a princess! 🙂

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  3. Fernanda Azevedo says:

    Oh, such pretty pictures! I love your clothes and combinations! And your eye make up is soo gyaru, so perfect *O*

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  4. LizzieBee says:

    Wow, you look so beautiful! Like a princess <3

  5. The Dark Black says:

    Very pretty and great take on the lookbook

  6. Thank you!! I rarely wore it last year for whatever reason but I really love how it fits on me 😀

  7. Thank you Fernanda!! Haha forever doing gal eye make up! lol

  8. EEEE *huggles* thanks Lizzzzzzz <3

  9. Thanks so much! I honestly am already thinking of making a different name for LOOKBOOK because I don't wanna name it what everyone else is naming theirs you know? I like making movies out of mine if I can help it!

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