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I told myself I’d do reviews on here as well as my channel so here’s me attempting to get back on track with that promise during this break!

If you haven’t already seen my video review of the clothes Choies sent me, then shame on you! I THOUGHT WE WERE FRAAENZZ! But, I’ll forgive your slacking so long as you watch it at the end of this post you little cutie bun! โ™ฅ

Christmas came early last month and they let me pick out some stuff on their site to review for you which I ended up mostly falling in love with! Take a look at this dress for starters!


Check me out

Lately, I’ve been feeling inclined more than ever to wear tight fitted shirts and bodycon dresses! They accentuate my curves especially my waist so they’re the kind of dresses that will make a certain boyfriend go weak! These are his words, not mine!

This design is gives off a powerful and bold vibe and while I say this with a lot of black x gold/silver items I review I have to mention the familiar characteristics it has with the YG Family. I would say 2NE1 like I mentioned in the video, but I wouldn’t want to leave Big Bang feeling left out.

My favorite detail it has is the mesh material on the sleeves and lower part of the dress! But it’s important to be mindful on how high it tends to rise especially if you aren’t wearing shorts, you’ll possibly end up flashing the room with your panties so wear shorts for these just to be safe. As a matter of fact, wear shorts for ALL of these! Moving on up to a classy dress that will make heads turn!

Check me out!

Could this dress get anymore fancy? The material didn’t feel cheap either and I almost wished they had it in white as well so I could wear it in the spring. Once in a while when I need a black dress I do end up thinking that nothing in my collection will work but with this one, I can no longer see that being an issue like it was before!

Again, this dress is made with mesh material on the back and upper chest sections as well as the midsection. To add on to that, the rhinestone jewelry sewn down along the collar definitely tops off the design making that my favorite detail! Wearing this with any pair of my silver earrings, bracelets or rings would smoothly put together a great look for any appropriate occasion that calls for it!

One major let down with it though…

I didn’t show as much of a close up in my video review, but sadly the zipper in the back did one of these numbers on me. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I bet all I need are pliers to pull down the zipper but I would hate to mess anything up.
Needless to say, the fact that I literally wore this dress one time made this feel like a big bummer but that’s why I do these reviews for you guys just to let you know about the quality that can be lacking in some areas! Now, onto the last item I picked out.
Check me out!
Mini skirt indeed! At first, you don’t notice just how short it stops until you realize where the inner slip ends and the feathers tapering out near the bottom starts. So please be extra mindful with this one and avoid trying to do a cute high-waisted silhouette with it. You’ll only make your cheeks peek through the back like I nearly did while filming the video review! Yikes!
The quality on the other hand of these feathers are excellent and they’re pretty long! I’d say about on average 3 inches in length a feather. This skirt though will shed like mad at first. Perhaps it’s the type of thing that happens with material like this when being a little manhandling for the first time. If I’m right in what I’m thinking about it, once the dead weights fallen off the shedding may be less frequent?
This was the only fully body picture I managed to remember to take during the filming of the video.
Looks cute with my furry white wet seal top and heels!
That’s all they were able to send me the first time reviewing for them! For the most part I liked what I got and I feel like their prices for these items can be good. I’ve seen an equal balance of both affordable and expensive clothes on their site. They usually do flash sales too and have coupon codes for first time customers! I would provide one but I never got one to give out.
Other than that, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! I mostly stayed at home and worked on my new wig installment, my J-fashion documentary, and editing other videos to be uploaded next week.
I’m definitely going to study most of today to make sure I do well on my final exam tomorrow. Then I’m treating Kevin to a fun day at this Korean spa and sauna we haven’t been to yet! I’m so stoked! Look at these picture of it!!
It’s a slightly older one than Spa Castle but my friends tell me it’s better! I can’t wait! Check out the site here. Till then lovelies!
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6 responses to “CHOiES Fall Haul”

  1. I love that last black dress and I agree the diamond neckline is a great touch!

  2. Thank you and it seems to be a lot of people's favorite so far! I'm pretty happy with it minus the zipper. I can see myself pair it with some cute colored blazers :3

  3. Naomi Chan says:

    I love the first dress! *o* Cool!

  4. Thank you! I felt so too! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Stella R. says:

    Love the feather skirt! It's just so edgy >.<

  6. Thanks! I have nothing else like it in my closet so I'm happy I was able to get it ๐Ÿ™‚

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