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Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! I believe I mentioned in a previous post of mine that I was going to do another review for Sammydress…if not, well here it is! They were e-mailing me to do a review for their products most likely because they saw my original review I posted up on my YouTube channel. Believe it or not, I kept telling them that I was not interested in working with them because of the initial bad experience I had with them last year but the rep kept on insisting for me to do it for them so I did finally after thinking about how it’d be unfair to not give them a second chance. Hell, I did the same thing with Milanoo over a year ago so they are no different.

I got my things shipped to me very quickly and opened up the package only to find these…dried…leaves…scattered all over my bed sheets.

Like…WHAT IN THE HELL?! I freaked out so badly when I saw it too but after calming down and properly analyzing it I realized it was a sort of natural freshener.

But when I got over my spazztic moment, I looked at the actual clothes inside of the package and began to open them up. Let’s start with this dress! I posted a pic of it on my Instagram a long time ago but for those who never saw it, here it is minus the bright filter I later added.

Very pretty and girly when worn! Just a wee bit too short on me. I will always wear shorts underneath so it’s not a huge issue but still I wasn’t expecting it to be that short. Plus in case y’all didn’t know, I’m not a tall gal. I’m only 5′ 4″ o.o Here’s some better pics of it. 

The bows are a bit limp πŸ˜›

The quality of this for a sammydress item was unexpectedly nice. As I mentioned however the length is the only major disappointment πŸ™ Onto the next one which is this black and white stripped collared blouse!

Definitely liked it when I saw it on their website but in person there was wayyyyyy too many loose strings hanging out on the seams. It was disappointing to see especially the same day I opened it a button had already fell off of it because of how poorly sewn on they were. Nevertheless, for the most part it’s not an awful piece to wear. When worn I really do like it! As for the following skirt…oh man.

When you look at it, doesn’t it make you want to cry? lmao that thing looked ratchet as hell when I first opened it out of the plastic bag it came in. It was super wrinkly and it was hard to get the wrinkles out because of the material. I was already set on never wearing this thing when I saw it but somehow I gave it a try and it miraculously worked out for me just fine. I got a compliment on it even! O.o Madness. Although the quality seemed horrible and it’s original appearance frightened me, it doesn’t look bad when I wear it to my surprise. I will definitely post pics of it of me wearing that skirt so you guys can judge for yourselves.

Next is this simple white long sleeved blouse with a black scarf.

To put it briefly, this blouse was nice to wear but I already got some stains on it after wearing it a couple of times. Sadly, it too also had some loose threads but not nearly as many as the first blouse I mentioned earlier. Still, That is always something I hate to see on my new clothes otherwise, I liked the way the fabric feels on this one and the elastic band on the wrists of this blouse. Makes me feel small and petite ^ ^

The last thing they sent me were these adorable pale pink pair of shoes with adorable bows on them!

I know y’all see dem hot glue strands on the second picture xD lol but it’s okay, I will just have to be mindful of the bows. Sadly with these there is at least one complaint I had and that is that they are a size too small for me to wear but luckily I hear I can get them adjusted through a few different ways on my video’s comment section so that may no longer be an issue once I give it a shot! The design and color of these though are so nice and I like how soft they feel on the outside. I can see these going with many different outfits, that’s for sure. 
That’s pretty much it for my review of Sammydress. They have been given a second chance and my honest opinions have been made. Personally, if you guys ever decide to buy from them, just be mindful of their clothes but their shoes are usually not too shabby!

The video of the sammydress review can be found in my header! Sounds so cool just to say that, I’m still so happy with that new feature of my blog’s layout! I have to work tonight πŸ™ So I better start getting ready now. Oh but I will ask you guys what you think of CL’s newest song/MV The Baddest Female before I go because I initially loved it but after hearing a few opinions from eatyourkimchi it rose an interesting topic about the fake portrayal of the Hip Hop culture in the K-pop industry. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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16 responses to “Sponsored Post: Sammydress Review Round 2!~”

  1. Woooow so many pretty items! I shall have to check this shop out ;D I love the first dress, and those shoes are adorable <3

  2. Christabel Ehui says:

    That short dress would look so good with some laced safety shorts *q* overall i love everything~

  3. LOVE your new blog layout~!!! SO PRETTY~ and lovely review!


  4. Oh yea you're right! I have some actually that I could pair with this πŸ˜€ Good idea ^ ^

  5. HONEYgal says:

    Doesn't sound like that great an experience, even to overlook some things I don't think I'd consider shopping there! The dress was gorgeous on you, though(it looked sort of nasty on hanger IMO) πŸ™‚

  6. lol it did? Oh yeah the dress was a lot of people's favorite when I first wore it. Definitely a site that you want to be extremely cautious with.

  7. Hana the Hazbeen says:

    Well love the dress! uber cute. And the video is interesting as well, lovely song. From what I've
    seen in lots of K-Pop mvs is that their potrayal of the hiphop culture is often extreme fashion mixed with stereotypical hip hop aspects (i.e. big gold necklaces, sneakers, grills, etc.)

    They make the hip hop into something to be sold without the meaning behind it that it stills holds in America. Even though hip hop has changed drastically (and I do mean drastically) in the states the original meaning is still underneath it regardless of the offensive material. Hip Hop being a means to escape the trap that has ensnared many black men and some women, a way to become something more than another person born in the projects, hood, or in poverty.

    I can't speak for koreans, but I wonder if some understand the background behind hip hop and not just the trends. I'm not offended by the video but it's still really puzzling.

    P.S. can't wait to see more cute outfits. ^^

  8. Melody says:

    I'm so sorry you had me crying with the leaves comment XDDD. but I love the way the first dress fits you! It looks so romantic plus the shoess omg they are so cuteee!

  9. lmao it was just so freaky though! I wish I recording my reaction lol & thanks! I'll need to adjust the shoes when I find the time so I can wear them more often.

  10. Hehe thank you <3

    You said it for me! It didn't offend me necessarily either but it does still make me feel a little upset about how easily it is for them to incorporate hip hop culture into their music while remaining prejudice against blacks in Korea to a degree. I know their music industry and society are two separate things but they still go hand in hand with one another so it'd be nice for these Korean hip hop themed videos to show a few black back up dancers or even have male/female actors in general. It makes me sad to see how easily acceptable it is to have a caucasian woman or man in their MV's but rarely have I seen a black individual in that same light. It's expected in a homogeneous society so I suppose that's something I am still learning to accept but it's just…hard. Seeing hip hop is always nice though in Korean music industry but I would really love it if they would start opening doors for other races to gain opportunities as well in their videos.

  11. Kawaii_Steph623 says:

    They have sooo many shoes on that website. Do you have a link to these pink bow shoes?! I LOVE them!

  12. So sorry for the late response but here you go! http://www.sammydress.com/product130608.html

  13. Kawaii_Steph623 says:

    Oh that's okay. Thank you! Unfortunately, it looks like they don't have them in my size. I take a 37 and the smallest size they have is a 38. Do they run true-to-size?

  14. Not at all! I got a 38 actually and it feels like a size lower than that so honestly you'd probably be okay with getting a size 37 but sadly the bows are so delicate idk if it's worth you paying to get. One of them came off somehow on my way up the stairs yesterday πŸ™

  15. Kawaii_Steph623 says:

    I sent you an e-mail but I'll mention it here too…..your reviews of SammyDress were actually inspirational to me. I am just so tired of gals in the USA not having any really good sources for gyaru fashion. We either have to pay for a shopping service, or wait weeks and weeks for pre-orders or shop some place like SammyDress. So…I decided to open a store. I hope that I can fill the void for gyaru fashion here in the USA. http://kawaiigyarushop.com/ Would you check it out and let me know what you think?

  16. Thanks I'll be sure to respond to you through e-mail asap! πŸ˜€

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