*Sponsored Post* : BOBON21 Tabao & Eagentship Review +VIDEO

Hello loves! Welcome back to my blog! I have finally come out with this review for my newest sponsor eagentship.com. They asked me to pick out anything I wanted off of Taobao and of course I picked from one of my favorite shops which is BOBON21! I love their entire collection of items. I don’t always feel like being a girly girl but when I do, their style of clothing is exactly what I aim for so I was happy to be given the chance to do this for them of course.

Please stick around toward the bottom of the post to see my review on it I posted up on my YouTube channel. This blog post will lack many detailed photos but the video shows everything πŸ™‚ To start off I sent them the links to the items I wanted before they shipped them off to me and were delivered in a very speedy manner! I was so thrilled and impressed πŸ˜€ The package came in a Jordans shoe box lol but inside was my goodies nicely arranged. I also got a little blue plaid hair bow I guess as a freebie? Idk haha!

 I really like their logo!

Blouse: β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

The way this blouse fit me was so pleasantly loose and airy! All of the ruffles and various layers gives it movement and creates an elegance about it. It looks pretty vintage too like something my mom used to wear in her London days. It’s detail of the lace pattern designs amazed me however the texture of it does make it feel a bit too heavy to wear during the super hot days of summer in addition to the chest area being fitted for A or B cup sizes specifically. Just be weary of that if you want to purchase this I can’t even really wear my super push up bras unless I’m okay an awkwardly tight fit.

Skirt: β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

Seeing the skirt online made me wanna have it instantly because of it’s ruffles, layers, pink girly color, lace and polka dot pattern! It is such a cute shape and the perfect length on me. If you are relatively small or petite, then this skirt should fit you just fine! It wasn’t tight or too loose. I was so happy with it and especially since it has shorts underneath! BEST discovery about it yet!

Socks: β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

The pattern shown on their website of these socks looked like this.

Cute right? So I got these and was happy to see how nice they looked on me but they were a bit hard to put on at first probably because of how wide my feet are xP But still, it creates a major dolly effect when you pair them with the right shoes/outfit and they’re unlike any other socks I’ve worn before so I’m glad I got them!

Overall Experience:

I have to say, eagentship.com did their thing and really made me satisfied in all ways possible with this arrangement. The shipping was super fast, the clothes and everything I ordered was intact and their communication was perfect! Not to forget BOBON21’s amazing quality in their clothes far surpassed my expectations. They are so worth buying from and I will always support their comapny unless of course they stop being so awesome for whatever reason. I am super greatful to eagentship for giving me such an opportunity. Thank you!

Here’s the video review I mentioned earlier! Please check it out and give it a thumbs up if you could thanks a lot! I have another post coming up soon about my trip to A-KON 24 so hopefully you guys will like it! Till then!~

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15 responses to “*Sponsored Post* : BOBON21 Tabao & Eagentship Review +VIDEO”

  1. That's an awesome thing they sponsored you for! The items you got were adorable ^^

  2. Fluralism says:

    Waaah that is sooo cute.

    Happpy for you ^^

    I will be ordering from bonbon21 too but i dont even know how to order things from taobao and all that.

    So i need to research a little.

  3. Alexy says:

    That skirt is absolute love! I have to learn how to use one of those services so I can shop on Taobao. I guess I'll have to check them out, because a lot of the other companies I don't understand lol.

  4. :O!!!!!!!! Such pretty items! It's so rare for everything to be problem free πŸ™‚

  5. Yeah honestly I am so happy that they thought of me to do it for them, thanks!

  6. Thank you <3 Yeah I understand the confusion lol but the shopping agent I mentioned will be the ones you can go to for all and any of your questions about doing so. They'll guide you from point A to B πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you Alexy honey! Yeah it's simple once you get the hang of it. Just shoot them a message and they will explain to you on how it all works πŸ™‚ You basically are showing them the items you want from a Taobao shop, paying for the items once they give you a total for your items, then paying shipping + the shopping service fee (usually in a percentage) right before they ship it off to you.

  8. Right? Super rare…I was glad since I had a semi-crappy experience with Sammy lol definitely compensated a lot!

  9. Sessie says:

    Ahhhh, it's so cuteee all the items, envious haha. & I really think you're really pretty!

    Definitely going to check the stuff out c:!

  10. Haha thank you sweetie <3 i hope you find something you like!

  11. Chaz says:

    How much in total did this cost you? Everything you received is so beautiful that I want to give it a shot too.

  12. I didn't have to pay but if you were to order everything I got I'd say a good estimate would be no more than maybe about $80? That's just a guess though haha!

  13. Jeanette Stewart says:

    Would you recommend any other vendors on taobao? I had a pretty terrible experience with ordering clothing from alibaba or milanoo (I can really remember which website I ordered from). I know many vendors on that website will post pictures of the actual product and then send you poorly manufactured, "similar" products! After waiting for like 20 days to get a shipment it is soooooo disappointing!


    The Pintuck Owl

  14. Aside from bobon21, there's a good way to find others if you search the tags on tumblr by looking up taobao and finding cute clothes you like and clicking on them. There are blogs on there that are dedicated to sharing taobao shops that are reliable πŸ™‚ I personally can't think of the names of any in particular but I hope that helps.

  15. Audrey Mm says:

    Omg I don't understand their prices could you help me ?

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