Creepy Cute Halloween Makeup & Gilver Cosplay Shoot


My look for this Halloween tutorial I intended to get uploaded before tomorrow but my software for some reason isn’t starting up anymore. I may have to use another different one to edit my videos in the meantime but that means going through the long process of re-teaching myself how to edit on a new program. Anyway, maybe I’ll get it done just a bit after the holiday.

What do you think of my look though? Did it scare you? Hope not too much. To my surprise, it was easy for me to do. I actually just did this by looking at a picture of another cute gal who did the same thing. It doesn’t take long so if you have some face paint at home you should give it a try this Halloween!

Cool thing to note: I actually did this look in a photo shoot I had to do for my digital photography project. It was lots of fun and for this to be school related is just…AWESOME! I’m so happy with it and everyone loved the photos I took of this look. Here’s the one I used for the project…
*shudders* Freaky right? lol I hope so! Oh and speaking of my project, I did a lot of photo shoots for this so expect them popping up everywhere lol! I had so much fun and a lot of these turned out to be amazeballs!

This next set was of my previous co-worker Asher who cosplay Gilver from Devil May Cry. He was a natural at all his poses I’m so jealous!

I think we did a good job as a team. I hope to buy a new lens at some point whenever I find a good holiday job that pays more than my old job but I’m in no major rush to do so atm. I will be volunteering to do more cosplay photo shoots late next month at another school event so look out for that!

What will you cuties be for Halloween? Are you doing anything special? I’m not sure what I’m doing other than just chilling at my friends place and playing horror video games. The selection of haunted houses didn’t quite work out this year so that’s our plan lol. Hope you have a good one!

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8 responses to “Creepy Cute Halloween Makeup & Gilver Cosplay Shoot”

  1. Misa Lee says:

    Crystal!!! I really love your halloween look <3 I surely can't do it on my own haha you did such a great job. Still gorgeous yet creepy (in a good way of course) love it! Also, I love your friend's cosplay and poses as well <3

  2. Thank you Misa love!~

    I'm usually sloppy with doing Halloween make up so I know if I did it anyone else can but I'm glad you liked it! Your Alice In Wonderland look was awesome btw!

    Yes his cosplay looked great, I'm so glad I asked him to help me out with it! I needed so many models last week so it pays to know friends who can cosplay really well in these circumstances. Hope you have a good Halloween dear!

  3. Leilani says:

    This is so cool xD

    I'm going as Carlos from Welcome to NightVale tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Thank you! Oh are you? ๐Ÿ™‚ How neat! I like his look, seems like a neat idea to try out for the occasion lol hope that works out well for you!

  5. Alexis says:

    Ooh I saw this on Facebook and even though I'm not going out this Halloween(sick Dx) I still love dressing up and I'm going to hand out candy for my mum! This actually inspired me to try out something for Halloween. I first wanted to do the smaller one, where it just goes to like your chin, but then I got uuber inspired and decided to waste a few fake nails I'll never use(plus their cheap, so no big deal!) and step it up and do the Mileena look with the razor sharp teeth. If nothing else it will stop me from eating all the candy from the Trick or Treaters lol. I'll use any excuse to play with fake blood and makeup. So, I guess it's just horror movies for this year.

    Also, I don't know if you did anything special, but your eye makeup looks really nice. Just had to comment on it! Au revoir!

    xx MochaLexy

  6. Aww sorry to hear that you're sick Alexis :< Dressing up and giving out candy is still a good way to get into the spirit though! That idea is really neat! If i'm thinking of it correctly you plan to use the nails as teeth right? Wow, that's a freaky but cool trick, I should have thought of that lol I'm not using mine either so that'd have been cool!

    Lol I did my basic gal eye make up for this look and thank you so much for noticing it! I wore my black circle lenses too I got from cosplayncharm. I really do love these! I haven't worn them in so long. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Cool make up! You did a great job! ^__^

  8. Thank you so much! I hope next year I can play around with fangs somehow ^ ^

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