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Hey lovelies! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season! I got so much stuff for Christmas, I need to maybe consider doing a two parter for that but for the mean time, I know a lot of you have been waiting for me to get this review out about my purchases I made on recently and I did already upload my video review on my channel about it you can find here and at the end of this post but I left out two items in that review that I will go over in this one. I also should mention that I did not get paid by them to make this review like I know a lot of the other reviews I’ve seen have.


Before I jump into the actual products I got, I feel it’s fair to start off with the customer service portion of my experience with this company. -.- I must warn you right now, it is not pretty. I made my ordered on the 18th of November and received my package on the 17th of December. Really, it should not have taken so long for them to have shipped out my package, but for some reason they had two of the clothes I wanted to purchase as a “ships within 24 hrs” item, but their customer service person I was consulting informed me that they didn’t have them. Fuck up number one. Then they suggested I get something else of that same cost as a replacement and I understood with that logic but guess what? There was some trouble with that too because they apparently weren’t doing the math properly compensating the new item I wanted with the two items that were going to replace my order so I simply got fed up and said fuck it to both items. I told them to give me a partial refund of my money for those two and ship me the rest that I ordered. Mind you we were going back and forth for about a week so this was very frustrating to me as it shouldn’t have been that difficult to comprehend and carry out for me. That’s fuck up number two.

My package was shipped out on the 13th of December and arrived on the 17th which is sad because they would have got 5 stars from me with the shipping time but they failed because of that horrible communication earlier. I opened my package and see all my goods in there plus one of the items that supposedly wasn’t in stock that should have been refunded to me…da fuq? It wasn’t even in the right color so I have no clue why they sent it to me while the other one was still missing. Fuck up number 3. I rummaged through the rest of the package and see no sign of the another item that I ordered that should have been with the others. Fuck up number 4. Some of the clothes were moist when I opened them as if they were packaged in some place that had extremely high levels of humidity (Fuck up number 5) and I have yet to receive my partial refund from those two items I wanted them to not send me (fuck up number 6).

That is 6 fuck ups made by this company ladies and gents and I cannot even tell you how annoyed I was with them and their crappy service with me. The thing is I never am a difficult customer, but the way I was treated was as if I was one and that baffles me. If this were a reputable online company they’d have taken care of me with no problem I’m sure but this was awful. The prices are cheap, but for a reason and that mostly being for inadequate customer service imho.

So now that you know the customer service rating, being a piss poor 1 star out of 5 let’s talk about the products I got. I’m saving my favorites for last btw 🙂


This sweater was the one that should have not been shipped out to me, but it was for some reason so I guess they’re not refunding me my money for it. The thing is I don’t wear blue, I wanted the black and white striped one so I have no clue why they threw this one in the package. This was by far the most moist feeling article of clothing btw and again, I have no idea why it felt that way. If someone has a logical reason as to why lemme know because I was definitely freaked out by that. It fits how I wanted it to although it’s not the right color but there were loose strings hanging out like here and here >:( smh. It is warm but eh…still not extremely pleased with it in all honesty. *wear sweater, spin around, show strings*

Next I got this white chiffon shirt. The material feels a bit cheap but with it worn it doesn’t look so bad plus it was cheap after all so I expected these to not have amazing quality. This wasn’t as disappointing as the first item, in fact that first item is the only one that is by far my most dissatisfied item out of the bunch haha!

This adorable rabbit hoodie was so cute and made me relieved quite honestly! I was so scared that it was going to look like poo! But it looks very cute on the outside and inside. My only disappointment is the size is so much smaller than I expected it to be just like some of the reviews said. I do think the tail is a nice touch though but my freaking dog messed it up already :/ Gotta fix it soon.

This asymmetrical hem t-shirt is pretty cute, I just wish the tail would be a little longer. I do still like the design of it though especially the saying on it.

I liked this loose fitting long sleeve t-shirt I got too. I already got an annoying stain on it, but this one looks exactly like the picture, I was so happy with this one actually!

I got this studded headband for pretty cheap and it is pretty nice looking, it doesn’t look too cheap so I was happy with this.

In person, the shine on these leggings were a little less noticeable which I kinda think sucks a little but it’s not bad, it’s just not what the photo showed on their website.

This adorable night gown baby doll lingerie set I got turned out to be perfectly fine! The material wasn’t cheap feeling and the length is perfect! I have no complaints on this one and am happy with the price I paid for it. Adding more to my collection 🙂

This last one is my favorite purchase which are these spiked shoes. I got these because they reminded me of something G-Dragon or a member from 2NE1 would wear. Hell, the whole YG Family just about! The size is a little bigger than I’d like, but when I wear them with some fuzzy socks, they fit just fine. The only thing I didn’t like was when I first opened them, there was link all up in between the sections of each stud and it just didn’t look cleanly as you can see in the following picture.

Overall, my experience mainly sucked despite some of the good products I got. I am still dissatisfied with too many items I did receive and even though they did refund me my money for the two that was never sent to me, I was still annoyed they couldn’t let me exchange those ones out for the one I wanted. I wouldn’t recommend people buy from sammydress, especially in bulk. It’s not worth it. So yeah, don’t believe the hype, it’s all paid for and this was not. I will end this post with my recent video about the products so you guys can see it clearly aside from just the pics.

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21 responses to “ Customer Service & Products Review”

  1. I ordered that same pink coat from ebay. it's way too small for me.. ;A;

    Thanks for the review!

    • Right? It's kinda annoying, but luckily it just about fits me. Any size smaller and it'd look kind of ridiculous on me XD Such a shame…& you're welcome! Just like warning everybody about wholesale sites like these.

  2. Awwwww. I hate it when companies have shitty customer service. regardless of the items, it just looks bad and makes me not want to order from them again. Smmh. I'm glad you got your stuff! The graphic tees and studded headband are cute choices 🙂

  3. KharlyK says:

    Those shoes are truly the best for last. I LOVE them. <3

  4. Chrissie says:

    Ugh, I'm sorry you had a bad customer service experience. D: But I'm glad you got some cute pieces~ I like the spiked shoes and the tops are really cute!

    Thanks for sharing~

  5. That seriously sucks you had to go through all of that with the customer service. I can't order from some taobao stores because some or actual Most of the clothes can't fit me lol I love the 'young and in love" shirt as well as the other graphic t's! Also the lingerie set….*cough*….*cough*…*wink*….*wink* lololol Don't mind me lolololol

    • Aww I'd love to shop on taobao but I'm waiting to see the perfect price and item when the spring time rolls around. Haha yes that lingerie set was uhhhh…bought for my eyes only. You know…I like to feel sexy on my days off sorta thang XD

  6. Banny says:

    omg i never had to deal with a shitty company before. i dont know what i would do ;-; like they fucked up six times…i would be so fucking pissed. Im glad in the end you got most of your stuff and ugh i hate when velvet shoes have like those dust on them on whatever. Hmm..the coat is really cute though!
    Love your hair in the video :3

    • Yeah, when I saw how much lint was on there I was like ewww omg this is too much of a hassle! The coat was a savior thank goodness but still, I'd stay away from sites like these in the future after my 2nd experience with this happening to me from a different company.

  7. I found this site via Pinterest and I need new clothes so bad but I'm always scared to buy from sites like this for the exact screw ups that happened to you. I'm sorry you had to go through all of that. Although if you don't mind, do you know of any other places that sells clothes like this, at a reasonable price, and something legit? I'd try ebay but everyone says only buy if they have a 99% or 100% rating and I can never find anything I like with that rating lol.

    • It's not your fault thanks for showing your concern about it though. I'm not sure honestly because if I did I definitely would have purchased from them by now but I'm still looking. If and when I do find one that's reputable I will definitely be sure to blog about it so that you will know. eBay is more trusted when looking at the feedback in comparison to sites like these. I'd stick with it instead for the mean time although it is slim pickings. Good luck!

  8. This is really random and I admit that I'm more of a new reader, but I do have an explanation for the moisture. When you're sent clothing, it's normally sent in a plastic wrapping. Some companies put holes in the plastic, others don't. The thing with plastic is that it absorbs and locks in moisture. So depending on how long it takes your package to get to you (in your case really long) and if it doesn't have holes in the bagging, it absorbs the moisture in the air around and locks it in. It's like with baking or cooking. Recipes normally tell you wrap batters or things that require overnight sitting in the fridge or freezer with saran wrap because it keeps the moisture in (as opposed to aluminum which doesn't). So if your clothing came wrapped in plastic (as it should have), had no holes, and because it took so long it'd have retained moisture. Also, it could have been that the clothing was pressed before packaging and the company didn't let it dry properly before packing it.

    Now, I'm not defending them because that length of time it took is ridiculous. That gets no respect for the other fuckups. I can't even.

    • lol oh no, it makes sense what you're saying haha I had an idea that was probably why but for some reason I still was freaked out by it because it's never happened to any of my other packages before. But you're right. Thanks for the explanation. I was curious so I appreciate you telling me 😀

  9. Karizzmattic says:

    SD has so many cute clothes/accessories, but I have seen so many horrible reviews. I don't think I will order from them. I have heard of other companies like Have you tried them or any other wholesale/cheap clothing suppliers?

  10. samantha says:

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  11. jennifer says:


  12. Paula001 says:

    So did you have a number to contact them on, or was it all via Internet. I order my order on March 6th, and have not received anything. except an email of conformation. They took my money off my card on March 6th. they are paid but I still haven't gotten my merchandes.

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