Publicly Sharing Bae? Relationships+ Privacy Issues


I may be stating the obvious, but just a word of caution: What we share online risks a lot. Examples range from your job status, relations with family members, friends and overall reputation to name a few. More particularly, relationships with our partners. That’s why for the longest time until recently, revealing who my current boyfriend is has been tough. Not just for me, but for us. Naturally, my anxiety would kick into high gear and think the worst case scenarios would follow if I did.

The crows sneaking into my ex’s DMs were not responsible for that relationship ending despite what has been put out there. Out of respect for him, that’s all I’ll be saying concerning our breakup. After that chapter ended, I learned no matter who you are, there will always be crows circling over their next meal. No matter what your status is or how you view your own life, our happiest moments we share on social media attracts crows. Here is what I define a crow as:

Crow /krō/ noun: An envious undesirable lurking a happily taken partner who they desire to have for themselves. Crows shamelessly attempt to ruin relationships to achieve a level of inner happiness knowing they caused it.

Crows be some of the shiestiest lost souls on this planet, yet still feels empowered by bringing a good thing to an end. They’re like roaches. You can bug bomb your apartment, set up traps and call exterminators all year long. But best believe, they waiting to get a little crumb of what you got on your kitchen floor! You with me?

Sharing the love of my life online lets you know that I am not afraid of crows anymore.

This is for the crows that will continue hovering around us as we grow together. Crows DMing him or trying to ruin how he feels about me in any petty way no longer hurt me. We discussed this many times, and he and I are headed in the right direction in our relationship. If you decide to privately contact him, you are only disrespecting yourselves. Does anyone disagree? Could you knowingly seek the attention of a taken man or woman for yourself? In doing so, you spread malicious rumors about their loved one hoping it damages their happiness together.

If you’re sane like me, then chances are you wouldn’t ever consider doing something so evil. It is a form of self-loathing painted as a disguise to protect or improve the life of said partner.

But this post isn’t all about the crows…

This is about Cory. My Heart.

thelovelyify boyfriend

Cory and I have been together for what feels like over a year now! Time really has been flying since we first met this spring. There were several moments I wanted to pop my phone out and take couple pictures together, but then I’d stop to consider the risks  (i.e. crows). Damn crows. It didn’t dawn on me how unfair it was for me to hide him, even if that was a risk. While I valued keeping him private, doing what typical millennial couple do is priceless. That’s showing each other off!

Loves…the man posted me SO MUCH on his Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook for all his friends and family to see when we made it official! Meanwhile, I shared absolutely nothing of him. That would hurt anybody’s feelings.

It took me a while to understand this, but I totally get why he was felt the way he did about my original decision. If I’m going to establish a strong bond with someone like him, there is no way he’ll be kept a secret. Not forever at least!

WARNING: Momentarily gushing over my mans

But y’all..look at him! Them pretty hazel eyes, his cute kinky messy hair, and don’t get me started on the dude’s body. Now, of course, that is only what is shown on the surface. One of the best things about Cory I love is how he makes me laugh till my lungs nearly collapse! Goofy relationships really do bring comfort. Bae does an amazing job making me feel safe too when we’re out together, and there are times when I sincerely value that.

Gushing over!

But really, he is the best guy for me and being this happy now compared to how unhappy I was a year ago doesn’t feel real! One of these days, I will post him on my channel…maybe after reaching 40k subs?

Other than that, I want to say thank you to everyone who has already shown us support. I am curious how many of you experienced crows lurking at your relationships and how you handled it. I am going to need as much advice as I can get! Here is his first semi-appearance on my channel. Enjoy!

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2 responses to “Publicly Sharing Bae? Relationships+ Privacy Issues”

  1. Kendrea says:

    Before, I was never in strong relationships, and I see that now because when crows came, my ex’s never said anything, but instead let it happen. I was very insecure then.

    Now, my fiance’s ex wife stared to come around. He shut her down. I was prepared to do so, but he took over.

    Seems to me you have a great man and you are very happy girl. You got this. Shut the crows down.

    • Ify says:

      I want a shirt that says that! lol but I’m glad to hear more guys aren’t staying blind to that type of foolishness. Thank you for the encouragement!

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