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Major Curves Butt Enhancement Legit?

major curves review crystal ezeoke

Greetings beautiful regulars and curious strangers! If you landed on my post because you wanted to learn more about Major Curves, you’ve come to the right place! Word on the street is this stuff has benefits that compete with apetamin due to its ability to target the weight gain in only your hip, thigh and butt areas of the body. I was mad suspicious about…

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Losing My Dad Young & How I Coped with It for 10 Years


At work, I cried for what felt like an eternity the morning before his actual death anniversary. Everything was a trigger, but that's because I repressed mourning him for ages. And you know something?It felt good.…

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Creating a Vision Board for 2018


In 2017, there were several tasks I accomplished without planning to. Many of which included mental adjustments to the way I viewed myself and soon the world surrounding me. What if I intended to do these things from the beginning? I wonder how sooner I’d have taken the steps I did in the later half of the year if it was part of a kind…

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Publicly Sharing Bae? Relationships+ Privacy Issues

thelovelyify boyfriend

I may be stating the obvious, but just a word of caution: What we share online risks a lot. Examples range from your job status, relations with family members, friends and overall reputation to name a few. More particularly, relationships with our partners. That’s why for the longest time until recently, revealing who my current boyfriend is has been tough. Not just for me, but for us. Naturally,…

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Fabletics Slim Thick Chicks Haul 2017


Fabletics is one of my new favorite online shops of choice for athletic wear. When I first started weight training, I wore bland exercise outfits clothes. Why care so much about looking cute when all I’ll be doing is sweating like it’s summer in Vegas? But then, I saw cute fit chicks wearing trendy yoga sets…and then it hit me. My entire routines were garbage…

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2017’s Best Natural Hair Products

2017's Best Natural Hair Products

Despite constantly feeling like there are never enough hours in a day every single day, I found my current favorite natural hair products for my wild 4c/b curls! I’d be a whole lie if I said consistently used them though. But I have at least dabbled in a wide range of different products since my big chop in 2015. Such rough times those were for her…

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Quote of the Moment 💕

"You attract what you are, not what you want. If you want to be great, then be great."

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