New Tokina Lens, Sennheiser Mic and Canon Camera from Bhphotovideo


Happy Sunday everyone! Phew, it’s been a tough few weeks for me handling work and school so sorry for the lack of updates. After my trip to Houston to Anime Matsuri in a couple weeks, things should be easier for me to update you guys if all goes according to plan. I have a ton of homework to do today so I gotta hop right onto it after making this post. *sigh* I miss not having so much work to do. I just want one day to not stress over anything.

I took that first pic at Mini A-KON a week ago with my new Tokina 11-16mm Pro DX II lens. I wanted to buy this along with more equipment for video/photo shooting purposes in hopes to make quality content from now on and apply for scholarships with my videos. This was the biggest investment I’ve ever made in my life so I’m going to definitely be using my free time to properly learn to master each of these gems in my collection. I went on bhphotovideo for everything besides my light kit which isn’t going to be shared in this particular entry. If you are ever wanting to look into buying some devices for your channel or blog like lights or camera accessories, I really recommend this site! I’m also not sponsored at all by them, they are simply great at providing affordable techie goods of good quality and the descriptoin/reviews are really helpful and don’t look like they are bias either.

They were mega fast at shipping my package out to me and it came with free pamphlets for me to browse through. They have a student account you can sign up for to get more discounts as well. Okay on to what I bought!

As I mentioned above, I purchased a new lens that has a larger aperture and wider lens so for my ootd videos and photos, I don’t have to do too much work to get the entire shot in the frame. My standard lens was a 18mm – 55mm so it was decent but not wide enough for me since my room is quite small to begin with. So far, I really love the outstanding quality of it and it seems like I have a completely new camera! It adds quite a bit more weight to the body of course but I’m still pretty happy with it. I’ll be solely using it for videos and photos so it doesn’t matter too much to me especially since I found an alternative portable camera for going out. Here’s some more shots I took of myself before heading out from that weekend.

Btw, I no longer am wearing this wig. My real hair is finally exposed and got a major trim thanks to Kevin but I’ll discuss that in another post.

The next thing I got was this Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 HS Silver point-and-shoot camera. I figured this was needed to buy sooner than later because of how often I always am too lazy to be bothered to bring a my massive camera with me when I go out. There’s been quite a few places I’ve gone to that I didn’t get to share with you all because of this so it’s been pretty upsetting because I know it’d have been nice to add to my blog and Instagram. So from now on, my new little friend will help me out with that problem!

It takes great pics in low light and the video has an autofocus feature that is thankfully silent which is a major win! Can’t wait to use it more often 🙂

The last item I’m going to share is my Zoom H4N recorder. I actually purchased the kit so I got a bunch of useful accessories along with it including a really good pair of Polsen headphones. Last semester I took a sound design class and I enlightened to learn how much you can do with your audio and how it can improve the quality for videos. The durability of this model is great and the internal mic is really great at getting surround sound but I’m still trying to figure out how to reduce the slight noise it picks up as I monitor the audio. My rooms just might not be sound proofed enough but I hope that’s the case and not an issue with the recorder.

I also got a Shure lavalier mic for other kind of videos I plan to do soon. Not sure how I feel about it though :/ It hasn’t been amazing so I’m not sure if I should keep it or not.

Speaking of my sound design course would you guys like to take a listen to my audio clip I turned in for our final? Haha! It’s my version of Kill Bill and it had to be less than 5 mins long so there was no way I could add all of the details and character development in my edition. I’m not super satisfied with it but I honestly think it was good for my first stab at creating a story in a short audio clip file. Tell me what you think of it!

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46 responses to “New Tokina Lens, Sennheiser Mic and Canon Camera from Bhphotovideo”

  1. Emi Doll (恵美) says:

    So lovely I also need to invest in a new camera ^^ You're all equipped and levelled up!!

    So cute too, your lenses *0* Blue always suits you so much ^^

    恵美より ♥

  2. Fiima says:

    If I may ask, what foundation do you use, if any? 😮 If not, what is your skin care routine?

  3. Rinako グレー says:

    Nice lenses! I love your eyes with them so much! ^_^

    Following you on GFC&Bloglovin! Let’s follow each other!
    I hope we will keep in touch. ♡

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  4. I love your quality already Emi! What kind of camera are you thinking about buying?

    Thank you so much! I will wear it more then ^ ^

  5. You are more than welcome to ask about the kind of foundation I use ^^
    Right now it's the Revlon foundation in caramel mixed with mahogany and my MAC's Stdio Fix Powder in NC45 to set it. Sometimes I use a different powder foundation to set my make up but that's the one I mainly have been using.

  6. Ahhh cameras…they are so expensive and take so much time to learn how to use especially when you buy one of those professional cameras. I have been neglecting my SONY NEX camera and haven't used it much since I bought it. I should really put it into good use. Btw. your circle lens is a really nice colour, so bright! =)

  7. Cool clip. I'm a fan of Kill Bill, so I found it entertaining. ^^

  8. Sapphire says:

    So jealous of your camera! You look lovely in the photos too :3

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  9. It seems like a really great camera! You're so pretty~ *u*

  10. Um. says:

    Long face…

  11. Tapioca-Ai says:

    Please take your negativity somewhere else. She's gorgeous and awesome. Is you mad or nah? *sings in a Beyonce voice* You're jealous!

  12. Tapioca-Ai says:

    Your eyes! Yasss, that blue is amazing! I haven't found a blue pair of circle lenses that I think will match up with my skin tone yet. This has inspired me to keep looking 🙂

    The new camera lens is freakin awesome ^^ I can't wait to see what your video's will look like with that baby. Also, your voice acting was really nice and genuine. Kill Bill is my ish and you def did it well. There were some really nice raw emotional moments.

  13. Emi Doll (恵美) says:

    Hmm good question ^^ I actually don't know much about cameras but the one you have now , Canon, looks very good!! Produces such sharp and lovely photos that really captures your beauty *0*

    Yay ^^

  14. Um…No face? Where's you're picture at? Exactly.

  15. So are you the OP? If so, why state that in the first place as if it even matters? Who the hell cares if my face is long, short, round, square, or heart-shaped? IT'S A FACE. Most importantly, it's on my blog where I can plaster it in any fashion that I choose so gtfo my post if you don't like it.

    Why are we even talking about something so trivial. It's shit like this that will make me completely disable comments on my blog. I don't need you assholes ruining the small space on the internet that makes me happy. Leave me alone ffs…

  16. Thank you sweetheart lol you know what, I have a feeling this random anon came from the gal comm or some other filthy group that targets people for the sake of taking enjoyment out of cyber bullying. It's absolutely disgusting in all honesty. If they keep at it I'll be sure to track their IP address and go from there. I don't have time to play around with people being dicks on MY blog. No, not here.

  17. Thank you!! I just filmed and took pics of it yesterday to make a review over them soon. You should try them out! They're vivid but not in a super shocking way because of the two tone it has going on. It's crazy for cosplays too.

    I appreciate it haha! I still want one more lens and I'm super tempted to buy it sooner than later but I really should hold off for now. I appreciate you complimenting my voice acting even though I really wish I did a few things different with my diction. Haha I'm still hoping the rumor I heard about a Kill Bill 3 is legit. I'd die if it came out, it is sooooooooo good omg.

  18. Aww oki doki! Hopefully it is to your liking lol if not I'm sorry I hurt your ears with my mediocrity! OTZ

    Yes, cameras are so much fun especially when you really learn how to work the basic stuff. They can still be a little frustrating at times though I won't lie lol

  19. Thanks! It is a great lens and camera that I got. I'll be sure to use both as often as possible!

  20. Thank you! lol and nahhh don't be jealous, you have terrific photos you share on your blog too! Don't think I don't notice :> hehe!

  21. Did you really? 😀 Ahhhh thanks so much honey bun! That means a lot lol I will possibly do more but with video instead since I'm more of a YouTube user.

  22. Girl yes haha I know what you mean. But oooo you have the Sony NEX? A girl I watch on YouTube uses that camera and her videos look super flawless! They have great lenses to choose from so I think it'd be worth playing around with when you are bored you know? Look up some easy tutorials and I'm sure things will be more understandable at that point. I appreciate it! I will hopefully try more blue lenses in the future 🙂 This was really fun for me to do ^ ^

  23. Haha yaaaa a girl I watch on YouTube (beautifymeeh, Angel) records her video with a Sony NEX camera…she actually has the exact same model I have but in white! I actually never tried recording videos with it before because I have poor lighting in my room. Maybe I should take it out in the spring/summer to do some video recording to test it out. It's just that it's still snowy and icy here where I live that I don't want to carry my camera outside, lol.

  24. Try looking into the T3i by Canon. They're just as good as my camera but are way more affordable. they have more lens options as well and has a flip out viewfinder ^ ^

  25. Alexis says:

    Wow ever since I took a blogging hiatus I am so slow at keeping up with blog updates teehee, anyway! Those pictures are so clear and quality! First thing I thought when I saw them was EYES! Like amazingly, strikingly, bright, beautiful eyes lol. Those contacts look amazing, blue isn't one of my favourite contact colours, but there I don't wear them so why does it matter lol. Nonetheless they look amazing on you! I would love to get a DSLR, but I have to say there's no love like your first love and a point and shoot. Which I find funny cause I just got a new one(Samsung ST150) and had looked at that same Canon camera at first. I don't know how old the ST150 is, but you ultimately I got it, because it was inexpensive and they gave me a free 32GB memory card(that's a lot of pictures!) lol, but that site looks interesting to go through. They have a lot fo stuff that would make making videos so much easier and taking pictures. Definitely bookmarking them! Sigh, why do I read your blog, you link all the good sites and I can't help myself? Lol, I'm going to stay broke xD!

    Sorry if there's any typos or this is incomprehensible, I just woke up and still haven't had my coffee, mind is kind of everywhere >.<!

  26. Um. says:

    Why would I be mad? I do not have a long face, thank you. :-] Anyways I'm done trolling, I got here from another friend link lol. I'm just a bored dude. Umadornah? Hurr.

  27. Um. says:

    I have no idea who that guy is, but he seemed to be defending you, not sure why you're lashing out on him and not me lol.

  28. Tapioca-Ai says:

    *In Lindsay Lohan voice* Uhh…There's a tool to delete comments OR approve them via options section.
    Don't be mad tho. I totes do not want no mad nah's. :C JUST FORGET THESE ASSHOLES.
    My advice: Approve comments so you can devy out the negatives…Simple. :]]] Stay lovely gurlfriend!

  29. Drama? says:

    o___o; uhn…the only thing i wana say…you look awesome but the contacts look so unrealistically blue….thats all.. chill out guys.

  30. So... says:

    ps. your Mameshiba are so cute. :3

  31. Peace says:

    Alright, I'ma just say this. Awesome page, but the comments ruin any good things on here. Just remove these bad comments please. It's the same guys reposting the same shit just to get everyone into a huge fucking internet fight. Just everyone get along or leave. That's it. Go to 4chan or whatever to speak your peace and have a huge E-fight with one another. It is NOT right to bully or make rude comments about peoples features of any sorts. Whether true or not, you don't need to point it out like an ass. Come on all. This is why I never post my face or anything because people always need to be rude or negative or hateful and what is the point? If I will be bullied to death. So yeah, quit the unnecessary bullshit people. People commit suicide and all that crap because of this. People DO have feelings on the internet. Please be mindful and respectful to people esp. who aren't attention seekers and just your normal everyday blogger! THANKS.

  32. Tapioca-Ai says:

    Do not use my username to post a comment.

  33. I went ahead and deleted everyone's comments so believe me when I say I appreciate you being a good friend by responding the way you did. I owe you one, and I'll remember you did this for me.

  34. Thank you so much Alexis <3 You're always such a sweetheart! I need to try Samsung after this Canon craps out on me after a few years because I'm hearing good things about their point-and-shoots. I like the design of yours, it's nice and sleek ^^ Hey, once you find something good you should hold on to it. I know I would do the same in that case but sadly all my point/shoots were damaged before I could truly use them to their full potential.

    Haha I'm so happy you found their site worthy enough to visit. I don't do it on purpose I promise! lol I love you guys and want you all to see the great stuff I do when I go online shopping for anything. Actually I end up saying the exact same thing when I'm on other people's blogs who make reviews and it's pretty awful XD I end up spending the next 10 minutes surfing the site that they shared on their page when I should be doing a hw assignment for example…it's crazy! Oh you sounded way better than I typically do on the days I'm super groggy in the morning so no biggie! Thanks for leaving a comment honey bun!

  35. Honey, what is your name so I can properly thank you for posting this comment? I'm sorry I even allowed them to get this far on my post for you to see and don't worry, I won't get too bothered by their unkind words. Fortunately I'm immune to cyberbullying to an extent but some days I do respond if I've had a long day at work like today for example and feel edgy. I'm human after all…I'm so incredibly thankful for readers like yourself who stick up for others when you see something like this happening. It means so much to me and makes me not want to let those people win. I appreciate you, I really do.



  36. Tapioca-Ai says:

    That's so sweet of you to say! And you don't owe me girl : ) It just didn't feel right to me seeing that comment and ignoring it. You bring such positivity through your blogging and you deserve to get it back ^^

  37. Wow, what an upgrade! That's exciting news! I listened to that audio clip and it's just absolutely amazing. I know this might sound a little creepy haha but I love your voice and I could listen to it all day. It's so soothing and you definitely showed a lot of versatility and emotion in the words you spoke…it was so interesting I wanted to go watch the movie. I even went ahead and looked it up, but I'm kind of a scaredy cat so mehh probably won't be watching that. I can only deal with anime horror and violence not movies T__T

    haha but the quality is outstanding as well, for the mic and the camera. Your picture is so stunning, your face and everything about it! I've been using my cellphone and now my ipad for the longest time and for my next birthday I'm definitely thinking about investing in a DLSR camerat. Some of them are just so expensive, though, especially those lens. D: I'm really conflicted about this issue. My friends think I'm going crazy! Anyways, I'm really looking forward to your new videos and future posts~

  38. She mentioned it in one of her videos where she showed her new camera…that's how I know she has the same camera. But I think she only uses it to record with that camera at home and she might be using a different one to film outdoors with the help of Aiden. I love how Aiden edits her videos too!

  39. Emi Doll (恵美) says:

    Oh thank you so much for the suggestion, I will look for it ^^ I'm still on the search!!


  40. Jiru says:

    Wow, your eyes look amazing in these pictures! Getting new equipment for your camera is so much fun, even though it takes a bit of time to figure things out.

  41. Okay good luck!!

  42. Oh okay I must have missed that then but yeah that might be what they do because the ootd vids of her outside look incredible!

  43. Haha no that's not creepy lol thank you so much sweetheart! *hugs* honestly, that makes me feel not so bad about publicly sharing it with everyone who views my blog. I need to be less nervous and more confident with my enunciation and diction but with time I'll be much better. Oh and it is more suspesful and gorey so if that's not your kind of genre then yeah I'd stay away from it too.
    Thanks again! Yeah a DSLR is a good investment because it last you years so long as you're properly taking good care of it. I would only suggest getting it if you plan on making good use out of it and learning all of the details of the basic functions because it can be complex if you've never used one before but if you have then ignore me lol! Glad to see your thoughtful comment, I really appreciate it!

  44. Aww thank you Jiru! It feels like Christmas each time I get a new accessory for my camera but I'm going to have to calm down on the excess spending on my camera equipment for a while after this haha! I need to still practice using my Zoom H4N some more, especially my Shure mic.

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