My KCON LA 2014 Experience Part 2

After undergoing a chaotic yet fun-filled day at KCON LA, I wanted nothing more than to take it easy and make sure I felt as comfortable as possible on the final day of the weekend. I remember feeling bummed knowing that it was only 2 days long since I’m using to conventions running for at least 3 days. But I knew I would return next year no matter what so it wasn’t too terrible.
I wore my cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse shirt over some black tights with my red high heel pumps on. It’s needless to say those only stayed on my feet for 20 minutes because there was no way I was trying to slay that outfit with those shoes killing my feet the entire time. Sometimes comfort wins over all else. Most of the pictures I took were during the first few moments after I walked in the convention, so it worked out much better that way!
Here’s a cute mascot we soon saw for a Korean fried chicken food truck vendor. The cuteness made me feel inclined to take a pic with it!

Miles and Nick had to attend their LGBT panel and we of course went with them to show them some support! It was neat listening to each different perspective from all the YouTubers who were also on the panel and I really liked how respectful the audience was when each person was speaking. Maybe I’ll do a panel in an upcoming convention? Who knows! lol don’t you hate these potential hints I keep dropping around? I try and stop!

After that, we continued to walk around to find more activities to do. I remember running into quite a number of followers on this day of the con as well but am sad to say that I don’t have as many pics from Sunday since Kevin wasn’t around to take them of me with my lovelies who said hello and wanted pictures, but it’s okay! If you do have any pics with me from KCON and want them to be in my vlog, please tag me on my Instagram which is @crystalezeoke!


Throughout the day, I kept thinking to myself that no matter how much cold drinks I drank, or fans I used, it was such a hot day! Still nothing compared to the summer heat in Texas, but when you’re out and about in the heat for hours walking around, it will still get to you. It did for me! I should have done what Miles did a wore my hair short. Next year though, next year!
The last day of the con had GG perform as the final act. There was also other groups like Teen Top, CNBLUE, and BTS. It was nice to see Girls Generation perform “Gee” and “Genie” and they did a wonderful job at their introduction and speeches! I’m still more of a fan of other girl groups but they were one of the first kpop groups I was ever exposed to so I can’t deny I was thrilled seeing them live for the first time!

Alas, the convention was officially over. I didn’t take as many pics as I thought I did so let me add that I enjoyed watching cocoavenue perofrm live on stage, being on mnet’s KCON 2014 Experience show and much more! All of that extra stuff will be featured in my vlogs soon to come so be sure to already subscribe to my YouTube channel for those!


On the following day, we were invited by fellow kpop YouTubers to join their meet-n-greet event at this neat cafe called Iota in K-town!


Many attendees showed up and they played k-pop music videos on the tv screens the whole time we were there! This was where I got better acquainted with some other YouTubers like JRE which was so cool! To my disappointment, however, I missed getting the chance to meet FamousAmos as I learned he was there much earlier before we came so I’m guessing he left early. Maybe next year?

All in all, the food was absolutely divine! I got a seafood alfredo pasta with bread on the side and then ordered my favorite patbingsu I’ve ever had in my life!




Flies were everywhere though and made me want to find an electric fly swatter to take care of business so I could eat in peace! Of course, that never happened. Miles tried to use my portable electronic fan as a way to fight them off but despite all of our efforts, we still lost that battle. At least I ate most of my food before they finished our plates off.


Here we were posing with JRE and Miles before leaving the cafe!


My hair looked like poo that day!
The two Kevins being…well…Kevin!


We then went to grab some boba for Chichi if I’m not mistaken at this place next to Iota after we left.



Progressing much later that night, we were joined in on an improve workshop class that (Tima’s) Kevin regularly goes to each week. Despite one guy being a major douche and trying to bring down the mood, everyone cracked me up with their great skills as improvisation! I was recently suggested to take up a class at my university but I’m still contemplating it.


I hope I get the chance to not only go to KCON 2015 but also AX next summer! I want to finally be in the con of all anime cons for once and I plan to bring my A game! I’ll have to start planning really soon on who I am going with, budgeting, cosplay ideas, and the like. For now though, I just need to figure out how to sew my own clothes and make patterns lol!


The sunsets in LA look so beautiful compared to the ones I’m used to seeing in Texas. It could be because of all the pollution they say but who knows! I’m off to finish adding tweaks to my new wig and I’ll be sure to share it as soon as I am able to start filming again. Hopefully next week!
Check out some trade show decorators to make your dream become a reality!
I’ll talk to you all soon!

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17 responses to “My KCON LA 2014 Experience Part 2”

  1. Shalay says:

    kcon seems like soo much, wish I could see GG live 🙁

  2. Your outfits are so cute. I like seeing posts about events as such, it's always interesting to read. I'd like to attend more events myself, but none seem to be here in Zurich… =__= Oh well, I've got more excuses to travel!!!

  3. It really is! That's why it is so expensive especially if you have to fly in from another state like I had to unfortunately. It's tough but worth saving up for in the end!

  4. Thanks darling! And it's true, you sure do! I don't think people are meant to only stay within one location throughout our lives. I love being able to travel about, even within my state and country. There's so much to see! I hope you do get a chance to go to something like this at some point soon though especially with some of your friends! You'd all really enjoy yourselves!

  5. LizzieBee says:

    You look super cute! I wish we had cons like that in the UK…

  6. Sapphire says:

    I love your Mickey Mouse dress! I'd love to attend a con like this, looks so much fun ;^;

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  7. lover your outfit

    would you like to follow each other?
    i'll follow back after that

  8. Is there a big kpop community there? I only know a few online friends in England who like kpop but I would think there'd be enough to have companies form stuff like this over there for you guys 😮

  9. I'm glad you had fun at KCON! I'm sad I couldn't go, but maybe next year! I loved the recap posts 😀

  10. Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed reading them! I can't wait to put my vlog footage together soon too!

  11. You would really have a blast! I wish I could have taken the con home with me > < But at least I have pictures to hold onto.

  12. I make lots of posts just like this so I look forward to seeing more of your comments on them after you follow me now that I follow your cute blog!

  13. Tapioca-Ai says:

    That looked like an amazing adventure! I'm glad you had a wonderful time^ ^ Your posts have made me want to visit LA even more. And that patbingsu…GIRL!!! Got me caught up and ready to get some this weekend lol

  14. Emi Doll (恵美) says:

    The event looked s fun *0*

    I love your outfits!!! So cute!!

    恵美より ♥

  15. Rabea Schulte says:

    Great Post! Follow
    each other on GFC, Google+ and Bloglovin? If yes, follow me and i follow back
    as soon as i see it. Let me know with a comment on my Blog

    Keep in Touch xx Rabea from germany

  16. It was thanks so much!! 😀

  17. LOL I will eat it anytime of the year tbh but places want to keep it as a seasonal summer time snack exclusively so I end up hating the fall/winter for that reason XD

    Glad you liked this post!

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