My KCON 2014 & LA Experience! | Part 1


*Insert a slew of apologies on being behind on posts for a prolonged amount of time*
This was absolutely hands down without a doubt the best summer I have had in my young adult life. The experience of not only going to KCON and meeting amazing people, but exploring LA on top of that made me feel like I need to make trips like these a annually no matter what the cost so long as I a crew of awesome friends with me.
If you don’t know, back in August, I went to go to LA for a week to attend KCON and to finally see all the cool spots Tima would always tell me about when she’d go see her boyfriend. I have never flown without my family with me so this was a first for me and Kevin as well. I was lucky enough to convince him to come join us in our adventure and to my surprise he was able to get off work for the entire week we planned to stay there! Before we knew it, our date for departure quickly arrived and we were off to our fun week in Los Angeles, California!
I knew we were far from Texas when I saw these massive mountains.
I’ll have to remember to look into paying a little extra for a better airline than Southwest considering how long the baggage claim was but maybe this happens with other airlines every now and then so maybe I shouldn’t be too harsh.
We went to KCON as performers for the first day of the convention for our friend Chichi’s Superstar KCON contest entry. I just had to get my nails did to help me emulate the bad female vibe I got from CL’s baddest female music video which is one of the two songs we did for the dance but I will never get them this long again. The couple weeks or so prior to the big day we intensely practice our asses of learning the original choreography and completely creating our own for the sake of we simply are not professional dancers and there was no damn way we’d be able to move that quickly without a solid two months worth of practice. I feel like with what we did do, it turned out great!
The base color was by O.P.I but I forget the name of it now.
We got to LA, met up with Kevin Chan (aka 7Subtle on YouTube) who kindly allowed us to stay in his comfy abode conveniently located in Koreatown and for dinner had some Korean BBQ. We got up early to head to the con the next day and saw that the lines were insanely long to get in! Luckily for us, we were able to be with the panel check in so we didn’t have to go through any of that bunch a hooplah!

It was here where we were able to take pics of some of the special guests and chit chat with them while we waited for passes and direction on where to go. Guess who we saw there! JRE from JREKML’s YouTube channel!

Then there was the gorgeous Allysse who is an awesome American Kpop singer! She told me she knew me from when I was in my gyaru days haha! Must have been way back since I haven’t represented it for idk how long now. We later watched her perform on stage and she did a great job! Made me wanna take a stab at it myself but realistically, I need more practice on all levels of dancing and singing before that.

One of the best memories I will always carry with me from that trip was the moment I was able to meet Miles and his brother Johnny. Good vibes spewing everywhere and we just clicked right off the bat! MilesJaiProductions is a successful YouTuber who loves Asian pop culture and does reviews, skits, and other awesome content on his channel if you didn’t know. If you like what I do, you’ll love what he does!

Nick from soundlyawake was there too with Ken but I didn’t take pics with Ken sadly -.- I hope they go again next year so we can hang out like we were able to with Miles. I really want to get to know both of them more since I love Nick’s channels! Yet again, another easy person to talk to and he’s so photogenic!

Miles spent the remainder of the week with us unexpectedly after Johnny left the following Monday which I will also blog and vlog about too soon.

KCON was the convention where I felt legitimately overwhelmed from how frequently I was stopped to take pictures. Why do I get a feeling that majority of my subbies are mainly into kpop culture instead of jpop culture? Don’t be surprised if a poll pops up one day to get an idea for fun. But seriously, thank every single last one of you for coming up to me and saying hello! It made the convention even more memorable and I bonded with you guys for a brief moment in a way that I have always wanted to, so thank you thank you thank you so much! I have more photos of me with some of you lovelies from the days after this first one but I’ll save them for the next posts, okay?

A fan of both me and Tima’s!

The beauties each of you were stunned me! I need to step my kawaii game up in future events so we can dominate the internets with our gorgeous aegyoness! Okay let me stop and continue on before I lose followers…

There was so many options to eat at the food trucks and while we tried different items from chicken to skewered seasoned potatoes on a stick, we had some enthusiatic vendors begging us to still eat their food like this guy doing so with Miles here.

Poor Miles haha!

It was finally time for the main event of the evening. THE CONCERT! We all got the P3 seating that was available for both days of the concert and luckily Miles was able to sneak in a couple rows behind us where Tima was sitting so she wasn’t too lonely! Surprisingly, we didn’t get moved around because of it.

Don’t get me started on how incredible that stage looked!

People filled the seats too! The lights eventually went down and the audience was ready for the show to begin! I was finally able to be at a concert where people had these cool glow sticks which added a neat ambiance to the atmosphere! I only had mine on the second night because I was in such a clusterf*ck to find where everyone was getting their’s from in the marketplace that day.

Before we even left for LA, I remember days before listening to as many of the artists as I possibly could to get myself hyped up and I found that B1A4 is a pretty damn good group! I don’t know all of the members but their happy energy picks up mine instantaneously!

Solo Day was performed and I was so glad because that was the main song of theirs that I knew and liked the most! They were honestly super adorable in their shorts and high socks too. I mean just look at them.

Then IU did her performance in her cute lacey white dress but sadly I knew none of the songs she sung ‘^’ Nevertheless, she was such a cutie and although she mentioned how her English was not very good, I thought she did a pretty decent job trying!

My dude G-Dragon performed and after the years and years that I discovered Big Bang, this was the best section of the event for me! Look at this man’s gear tho.

If Big Bang ever comes back to the U.S. I must go because they seriously are the reason why I stuck with Kpop since I was 13 years old (I’m 22 now!). Is it just me, or do many of the kpop lovers seem to have only been into kpop for about 5 years or less? I feel so old when I mention groups that I used to love and no one knows who they were.
After GD’s performance, confetti shot out everywhere and the first night of KCON was pretty much over. They all came out to bid their goodbyes and throw free merch into the audience. Too bad our seats weren’t close enough for that.

That was about it! I still had to leave out a few things but for the sake of not making this an even longer post, you’ll just have to see the rest whenever I am able to edit my vlogs after I get my new computer built.

Oh! Speaking of which, I am going to have a new desktop built for me and it’ll be decked out from inside to to the outside. I can’t reveal all of the specs as I keep forgetting the names of the processor, graphics card, and the like but I promise to make a video on all my gadgets for you guys in case you are interested in knowing what machine I use to edit my photos and videos! Till next time!

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15 responses to “My KCON 2014 & LA Experience! | Part 1”

  1. Alexis says:

    Ugh the fact that G-Dragon was even in the same state I live in makes my hart skip a beat and gives me labored breathe! I mean that is one fine man! I mean wow, but I'll leave it at that! This looked like so much fun! I'm so jealous you got to go and see all the performers and meet people. Now I really have to attempt to go in the future. Can't wait to see the rest of the videos/posts on this! ♥

    xx MochaLexy

  2. Woah, looks like it was a load of fun! It's such a rewarding experience making a trip, isn't it? I try to do them as often as I can. Budget budget budget! ^__^

  3. It was and although I was stressed days prior to leaving for LA, it was totally worth it! Where do you plan to visit next?

  4. Oh you're in California? Neat! I wish I could have met you while I was there :< And girl yes I completely agree with you on that one! Him and TOP give my eyes diabetes. I hope you get the chance to go one of these years though because you would have a blast especially if you go with the right group of friends! I'm going post a part 2 today and schedule a part 3 for tomorrow but the videos won't be out for a while unfortunately since I am changing out computers atm but I will do my best!~

  5. Sapphire says:

    Omg GD /scream/ I wish cool stuff like this happened here, glad you had a great time bb!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  6. Sheyla says:

    You seem to have had a great time! Thank you for sharing your awesome experience. I still have to attend my first k-pop concert.


  7. thank you haha!! G-Dragon was one of the main reasons why I went tbh! Love him!

  8. One day I'm sure you will! 😀 They are so much fun and usually the people who attend them are really nice and fun to talk to!

  9. South Korea! ^__^

  10. Oooo that's THE ultimate trip of all trips to have! I bet you're going to really enjoy yourself!

  11. Yep, I'm really looking forward to it! ^^

  12. Sapphire says:

    You're welcome! Yeah me too!!

  13. Take me with you when you decide to go! 😀

  14. Tina says:

    I have a questions since I want to go to the KCON concerts for this year. Do you remember what section your ticket was in? I would be sad to get tickets that showed the back side of the artists when they performed.

  15. Jisoo Kim says:

    sry to butt in but all the seats won't face the artists back because they changed there dance moves so you will be able to see the artist's face forsure!

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