My First Yoybuy Experience Bobon21 Review


Hello you all! I wanted to make my last blog post be quite special for the sake of it being the last post of the year on my blog but I’ll save that for another time since I’m REALLY trying to play catch up right now. If you’re an awesome lovely follower of mine as I’m sure most of you are, you’d have already watched my latest video about the clothing haul I did recently. This will be a detailed review of all the items I got from Yoybuy. I will also be including the prices of each item that includes the weight charge for the shipping fee. The end of the post will have a full breakdown of the entire purchase’s total.

Yoybuy is just like any other shopping service for those wanting to purchase off of Taobao (It is like a Chinese eBay). What I like so far about Yoybuy is their easy to use website for their members! It is free to register and you can copy/paste the links of the items you want off taobao and save them into your favorites list with ease. This is a huge plus for me since I hate not being able to do that with shops I can’t directly order from. Their site is in English and there’s always someone available to assist you if you have any questions or concerns.

They were kind enough to offer me an amount to spend on a store of my choice. Bobon21 immediately came to mind so after picking out my items, my clothes were shipped to their warehouse and my package was dispatched in a timely manner to my location without any fuss. It took a week and two days for it to arrive.

The packaging was cute and properly done to my satisfaction. I’ll start off by review the first one which is this watermelon colored knit sweater. I will show you the original photos then what I actually received in the mail.

Price – $23.53

The color looked super cute, I also love the oversized feel of it but sadly, there was a terribly loose thread holding the bow to the sweater on one corner as you can see from the picture above. It wasn’t noticeable instantly but after about one wear, I saw that it began to droop down as a result of this defect but it is absolutely fixable so this wasn’t too much of an issue. The overall style itself matches up really well with the photos hosted on Bobon21’s site which was expected from them.

Price – $23.19

I absolutely love this blouse for so many reasons and one of them being that it has a silk interior cover so you don’t have to pair your own separate camisole or tank top with it since it’s such a sheer material. The ruffles makes me feel quite feminine and this will be something I plan to wear a lot this coming spring and summer. The detachable bow is really cute too, but I usually do without it despite how cute it looks on the model because it doesn’t feel too comfortable on my neck but that’s just a me thing.

Price – $16.47

Can you tell I’m being a little bias with my color choices here? XD This pastel purple colored knit sweater is so lightweight so I never wear it for the sake of being warm but more so to layer it with a cute lace cami or tank top. The collar is a bit awkward because of it’s material being so easy to wrinkle but it’s tough for me to always make sure my clothes are hanged so that’s more of my own issue than the collar heh ^ ^; I also thought the pockets were adorable but they’re so flimsy I assume that they’re mainly there for show. Look at how heavy my small little bear is dangling out of there D: The back lace up section is a nice touch as well. This will be another one I plan to wear lots next season.


This is one of my favorites out of the entire package, like I cannot even with this cute ass skirt! The length is perfect, the color combo is versatile, there are SHORTS made within the skirt so no little boys can look up my goodies, and the bow that comes with it is detachable so you can pin it up to your blouse and wear it as a brooch instead if you’d prefer. The elastic band it has makes it even more comfortable for me to wear too. Overall an awesome item! Perfect for school girl outfits!

Other than that bizarre unknown stain on the shoulder, this is one of the prettiest white blouses I now have. It adds such a cutesy feel to anything you chose to pair with it but you can definitely still wear this for darker looks I’m sure if it is layered with the right items so yay once more for having versatile clothing! Just like the last blouse I shared in this post earlier, it also has a silk interior fabric to cover you up since it’s a sheer lacy type of material. I love the buttons too and the detail. I used q-tips and bleach to get ride of those spots. I’m not sure what the stain was but it was really easy to get rid of thankfully.

Bobon21 did not disappoint me with this 2nd experience of getting items from them so I think it’s safe to say they are good to go with offering quality clothing items each time you choose to shop with them. I plan on buying some cute winter coats from them really soon but the next Taobao order I do it will be with a different shop to explore other stores. does a pretty good job at explaining to you each fee you are getting with your purchase. Their system from what I have seen is quite efficient and although there may be other taobao services out there that charge a lower fee than they do, I think you are more likely to be properly taken care off with these guys. I will most likely be using them again really soon and when I do, you all will be hearing about it from me again! Below is an organized chart on what and how they would have charged me.

  • Payment Details
Products fee
International shipping
Service fee
Customs Fee
Insurance Fee
Storage Fee
Coupons Fee
101.18USD  (Including shipping fee in China)
  • Items information

Underneath that they include the items you bought, their weight, and prices per item. It’s a really neat system in all honestly, it leaves you to not be caught up in all of the calculations. So I hope you all enjoyed this review and tell me what you all think about these items. Have you heard about Yoybuy before? Lemme know in the comments below!
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16 responses to “My First Yoybuy Experience Bobon21 Review”

  1. Kendall Gay says:

    Hi Iffy,

    I ordered from Taobao as well. Check out my haul. My total came out to be $200 but I ordered SO MUCH STUFF. I guess it's a pretty good price but still that's really expensive for a college student like myself.

  2. Oh awesome! Yeah honestly, I think it's worth spending that amount and more sometimes because you really get so much cute stuff for cheap compared to shopping year round locally only to find things every girl around you wears. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aww can't wait to see you wear them! You love Bobon21 dont you hehe πŸ˜‰ and honestly for all 5 items below $150 is really good. It's similar to buying 5 items in H&M, for example, and it'll still cost the same or even more! But I rather go through the trouble to find really cute stuff instead of settling for the mall. And happy new years girl! Take care <3

  4. I feel the same way too lol it's why I rarely shop at places like Forever 21 like i used to because I wanna save for cute items like these that I can't find elsewhere. Glad you can relate ^ ^

    Happy New Years to you too sweetie! Hope you spent yours well!

  5. Rina says:

    the stain on the shoulder of the last top looks suspiciously like mould…

    but the school skirt is so cute omg! i want one!!!

  6. ManaRuka says:

    I'm so in love with the purple blouse. It's just perfect*__*β™₯
    glad you could remove that stain from your white blouse.

  7. omg Rina, I really thought the same thing too! My boyfriend took a look at it and said it might have been something else though when I said that to him after inspecting it. Still, what a strange stain 😑

    You would love that skirt! In both grey and pink it'd look good with all outfits!

  8. Aww thank you πŸ™‚ Yes so am I. I wish I knew what it was that made that stain though…so odd.

    The blouse is such a cute dainty material I really love how lightweight it is.

  9. Emi Doll (恡美) says:

    Super cute *0*

    They'll suit you 100%!!!!

    ζ΅ηΎŽγ‚ˆγ‚Š β™₯

  10. Aww thanks a lot! I would hope that they do since I'm changing to sweeter styles. I miss doing cute dolly looks.

  11. Snow Rii says:

    I can't believe I wasn't following you before wtf!! Had to look on FB to find you for this post ;w;

    After reading this I had to go buy the bobon21 skirt! (it's in my haul here: suuuuper happy, the pink one is adorable too!

  12. lol it's okay haha!! Thanks for following me now ^ ^

    Oh I see that, yours looks really cute! πŸ˜€ It's such a comfy fit too, isn't it? I love their stuff, that's where my money will be going from now on haha!

  13. Snow Rii says:

    yeah! though i wish the shorts part was a little longer so it wont be so uncomfortable riding up on me so much >> << >> think I might still get a proper school skirt and attach shorts myself anyway, but these are made pretty well! Im a little worried their top sizes are too small for me πŸ™ it is asian sizing after all..

  14. Gigi says:

    oh my goodness, the sweater with the bow is just the cutest. I'm glad you were able to fix the loose thread.
    How did you get yoybuy to give you money to spend on a taobao store? did you just offer to review them?
    I'm so new to Blogger, I'm always confused lol >_<

  15. No I think they must have seen a review I did for eAgent and thought it would be a good idea to sponsor me with their services too ^ ^ Haha it's okay!

  16. Sarah says:

    It's definitely mildew. Probably stored in a plastic bag in a humid place. Did you get it out?

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