Massive Taobao Haul

Long time, no see! This blog has been sort of dead lately but it’s about to get turnt up with a buttload of reviews/hauls and the like soon. I actually am hoping you guys stick with me for those because seriously, I’m going to share a lot with you and I’m sticking to my word on that!I was contacted by a Taobao agent to do a sponsorship for them by the name Cheapagency and they actually have a decent service fee as low as 6%! I never heard of them before so after doing my research and not finding any negative reviews of them, I agreed to use their services in a big group order my friends and I are doing together. I have not ordered this much stuff on taobao ever in my history of ordering off that site lol so I’m thrilled to receive all of my stuff in the mail after they ship it out to us.

Ever heard of Sweety Shop on taobao? They sell all of these adorable dolly, fairy-kei style clothing that you can also mix with some street fashion. I’ve seen the same items they sell on different Taobao shops as well and online stores but figured I’d just buy from them since they have so many things I wanted. I wanna give Bobon21 a rest for a little while and try something fresh and new! At least till winter comes this year!

Click on the x below each photo to go straight to the item’s page.

Sweety Shop Gets

Look at those glorious manga eyes! The color scheme is magical too, how could I not get this?
The dress says “SLACKER”. I pretty much am one more or less if you haven’t noticed from the lack of blog post updates lol but I want it to sort of motivate me to not be one so it can be more of an ironic statement. Idk…since when do graphics on clothes need to make sense anymore anyway, am I right?
This blouse reminds me of LM.C or something I may have seen from the Galaxxxy clothing brand. I wanna wear stuff like this when the weather gets a little cooler in the fall but it’s wearable for this season too so I figured why not get it now.
Such a cute creme x navy colored marine dress I can wear for various occasions! Not sure if it comes with an embedded petticoat but if not, I luckily just got one that would make it look really dolly and fluffy at the bell of this dress!

Another marine styled dress but with a twist! I believe the one I got comes with that sheer blouse you see she is wearing over it which I thought was a nice touch. They were also out of the white dress alone so I had no choice but at least I get more than one thing with this purchase. I can always wear it with other outfits/dresses of mine too!
Street fashion alert! Super glad I found this one! I love how it has a bold white texted aligned on each strap. It says “Is Where It’s At!” so this one is sort of reasonable….right? Dah well! Still looks adorbs! I have a cute mickey x minnie mouse shirt I got from H&M that would be paired perfectly with this!
Sorry about the ultra bad quality in this one, I had to screen cap it. I got the yellow x black one since the white x black one was sold out but here’s to wearing more street fashion inspired outfits! I love the slightly transparent dolman sleeve the top has and it comes with the polka dot pants! I can see myself wearing this a ton come fall semester! No joke. Look at how comfy it looks to lounge in.
The following are some cute basic graphic shirts I found on their store as well. I definitely plan to wear these throughout the rest of my summer!

That cute kitty one gets me every time! I randomly found a pair of cute light denim decked out jeans. I know I could easily DIY this (and I still might with a pair I’m no longer wearing) but I just wanted to buy them since they were cheap. Hopefully the size I got fits me alright.


Finally, I figured I’d order some more dolly shoes because I lack so much in that department of my wardrobe. I will do a closet tour eventually when all this stuff arrives and also before I move out into my own place! I’ve been telling myself how I really need to hurry up and get on that for so long now.

Sadly, I had no white colored ones yet so these were necessary. *keeps telling self that to make everything sound more logical*

 The pink heeled shoes Sammydress sent me a while back already have defects with them (the bow they hot glued onto it fell the hell off…smh) so I am only left with one pair that I can’t wear with my super dolly outfits. So these were perfect!
That’s all! For a good while at least. I recommend you guys do group orders when buying off of taobao with people who are local to you. It saves money with the shipping costs/fees. I’m hoping this agency will pull through for all of us and get our stuff here before the next anime convention we’re going to next month.
I hope you all have enjoyed your summer so far! I’m going to work on editing videos for the next few hours of my day then maybe head out to see some friends of mine to watch a Korean horror movie at a theater tonight! Have a good one cuties!

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15 responses to “Massive Taobao Haul”

  1. LizzieBee says:

    Aaah I keep wanting to buy from Taobao but… I'm dreading how much it'll all come up to after shipping & custom fees D:

  2. Yeah I don't blame you at all for feeling hesistant because I definitely was the first time I ordered. If you get at least 3 other people to do a big group order, everything is distributed quite fairly so it won't be such a heavy dread when you get your portion of the shipping since it's not entirely your package if that makes sense. Same with the service fee ^ ^

  3. Thank you for sharing! I think I will be getting some of these 🙂

  4. No problem! I'm sure you'll like them 😀 I can see you wearing a lot of these pieces ^ ^

  5. gigi says:

    omg thank you so much for including links~~!

  6. Haha you are so welcome!!

  7. Kawaiichocolat says:

    Ahh everything is so cute!!

  8. This is one of my new favorite taobao shops girl, you should check it out too since I know you shop on there from time to time!

  9. I think this agency so far is pretty good! They have a 6% service fee which is lower than others like yoybuy and buychina. I'll definitely do a review when everything comes in!

  10. Wow everything is soooo dolly and cute!! I am trying to hold back from online shopping at the moment and do all my shopping in Japan when I'm there in October, lol.

  11. I totally love the choo choo cats inspired tank top! It's so cute ^_^

  12. I hear October is one of the best times to go so I hope you really enjoy yourself! I would totally wait too if I were you, seriously. You'll find way more to pick from while you're there I bet.

  13. kyaaa…they are so cuty! is there any way to get them ship to my country dear Lovelylfy ?

  14. They should be able to yeah! I would just contact the agents there and I'm sure they can assist you further ^ ^

  15. Thank you and yeah so do I!

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