Maca Root Protein Shake Recipe


What is up beautiful Queens! I’m finally revealing my personal favorite ingredients I mix into a maca root protein shake for gaining muscle mass! Needless to say, all of these ingredients are optional and do not need to be used in the same portions as I am sharing. But some viewers of my last upload were curious to know what I use specifically in my protein shakes. Keep reading to see how simple this recipe is!



When making shakes of any kind, I always put my solid ingredients in first so all the soft blendable contents can mix easier in my Magic Bullet. I love using this because it comes with all these different sized cups to hold your shake in and lids if you want to take it on the go. I’ve used different ones in the past, and this has been my favorite for the last 2 years since I started my fitness journey.

Click to grab yours!

You want to put your frozen berries in first before breaking up your banana and adding that into the cup of your blender. Next, I add my oatmeal, which is usually an instant form of oats for better digestion. But use whatever works for your belly!



Adding oats is great for getting your healthy carbs in for the day, but I especially like them on days I know I’m going to work out. I mainly put in more carbs because of this reason, but if it is a rest day then I may completely opt-out of including oats in my shake all together. It just depends! Carb cycling is something that I am slowly getting into, but that’s a different topic for a different blog post.


Then, I add my powder products: protein powder, cinnamon for taste and of course the maca powder. Remember, maca powder will provide several health benefits, including muscle mass growth. Make sure to use enough maca root powder. The taste is awful, so I get it if that’s why you are stingy at first with it! But all of the yummy fruits, cinnamon, and protein powder should conceal its taste for you.

Lastly, slowly pour the unsweetened almond milk, or any nut milk, into your cup and blend away! That is how fast and easy making my maca root protein shakes are. Thanks so much for reading, and if you enjoyed this blog post please share it with your friends!

I’ll see you next week (if I can manage to keep up with posting weekly!)


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