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Welcome back! After an entire month into the new year I’ve managed to put together a post. Can’t be away for too long, it troubles me! So how about starting off this year on my blog with a new series!

Lovefy Look

Quite similar to LOOKBOOK’s except I wanted these to be more personal for you all. My followers and online friends will be my source of inspiration for these looks! At least I’ll definitely attempt to make it consistent on that regard. Sometimes I may stray into creating my own entire made up look but I like channeling different styles from my viewers and online friends!
For as long as I’ve been an avid blog reader, I have grown to be most inspired by posts of fashion or make up bloggers who name their looks so I figured I’d take a stab at it well! Oh and *cough* I also did get a new lens for my camera *cough* but it’s not like I want to have a vain excuse for testing it out or anything of that nature. Pfft…
This look came out looking partially inspired by Shun! It sort of just happened but I’m glad it did because he has some sick fashion sense as a dansou…hell as anything!

Drop Dead was easily put together that same day during the week my friend and I went shopping at H&M for one of her upcoming video project. I was lucky enough to have found this grey pullover with snarky commentary on pastel hearts all over it. Usually I avoid anything with even remotely rude sayings on my clothing but this is an exception.

Thankfully, the sleeves don’t fall to long or too short on me and it’s pleasantly lightweight.

The next two items I purchased from two different taobao stores, although I must say that the first one is most impressive in it’s selection of clothes. Check it out for yourself! They’re straight out of Final Fantasy, I kid you not!
 With all of it’s intriguing features, I absolutely had to get these cargo slim fitted pants to step up my look for the new year. Down each side of the pants are three pleather strips of fabric vertically aligned with each other. Often times I find myself thinking they are pockets and shove my hands down them but they nicely fit the shape of your hand and create fun ways to pose funnily enough!

Each deep pocket on the sides are made of the same pleather material as well as the back pockets. These look best with platforms or some kind of heeled shoe!

Although no longer in stock as of today’s date, these platforms I’m sure could possibly be found elsewhere however take caution with who you buy from. Many online shops sell poor quality platforms that are literally hot glued together but these certainly aren’t!


At first, I was afraid about getting more platforms after experiencing mostly discomfort from the pairs I already own but after wearing these babies out a few times already, they are magically comfortable. No Dr. Scholl’s needed!

I should owe it to this comfy padding throughout the interior of the shoes.

Platforms have been a trend for what feels like a few years now especially in Asian fashion. Having that said, I think I’ll have to keep buying more from this seller to continue feeling like a skyscraper around my friends and Kevin…poor Kevin!

That’s my first outfit breakdown for my first Lovefy Look! Should I take this to my YouTube channel or keep it exclusive for my blog? Comment with your thoughts below!

I will be doing reviews for some circle lenses very soon as well sponsored by One of the pairs I’ll be reviewing will be including these beautiful purple ones I’m wearing in this picture below!

Purple hair, purple lips…why not purple eyes?
I’ve missed hearing from you all. How was your first month of the year so far? Hopefully not as crazy as mine was. Next month will be worse but I’ll eventually reveal why in the next week or so. Enjoy your day Lovefys!
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19 responses to “Lovefy Lookbook #1 | Drop Dead”

  1. Lydia says:

    This outfit looks so amazing oh my god 😀
    I just checked out that Taobao store and omg thank you so much for the link, all the clothes look stunning! i definitely gotta order from them soon!


  2. Wow, those pants are so cool! I don't think I could pull off a look like that, but it looks great on you. Can't wait to see more from this post series.

  3. Emi Doll (恵美) says:

    Amazing outfit, I especially love the top!! Very stylish! And the shoesssss so cool!

  4. Shalay says:

    The top is really cute


  5. Sapphire! 😀 lol you have such a cool style already though! Some people are trying to get on your level m'k?

    January went by too slow and February is going by even slower lol I just want to hurry up and move in to my new apartment already!

  6. Yeah it's so awesome the amount of unique pieces they have on there! I'm going to be getting way more from that store later this year because wow…WOW! Haha! It's just too good to be true!

  7. Aww thanks sweetheart!!

    I hope you try to one day though 🙂 Because you never know!

  8. Pinkie says:

    Love the outfit! The pants are my favorite <3

  9. Such a cool outfit, you look fantastic! ^^

  10. Tasha says:

    Loving your adorable jumper! Xxx Check out my new blog post! I'm in need of some followers, thank you! X

  11. gracey says:

    yaaaay just found your blog while searching for a romwe reviews love it already i am Nigerian too and igbo,and advice on shopping with them as i am a bit sceptical just wondering if the pictures are as the real clothing thank you my email is

  12. Mimie Niiouh says:

    I love your top so much!!

    You're so pretty :3

  13. Those pants are so badass and cool! <3

  14. Justas Splitas says:

    This outfit looks just great. Thanks for information. I need

    clothing usa

  15. The whole outfit is amazing and suits you so much!


  16. Eimear ♥ says:

    Love the edgy pants with the pastel sweater. And your fringe is awesome too!

  17. Ankita Saxena says:

    I was looking for articles on Beauty Salon in Abu Dhabi and I came across yours inspiring read. Great post!

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