Lolita meet up: Day of the Dead festival + Victorian Exhibit

Hey guys! I spontaneously decided the next day after my fashion show last week to go to a lolita meet up in Denton with my friend Audrey (blog link) to the day of the dead festival they were having. I was having my lady problem so I felt super tired but I still had a lot of fun and one of the girls recognized me from my AMBW videos on my Youtube channel πŸ˜€ I didn’t wear my lolita dress because of how cold it was that day and I didn’t wanna poorly coordinate it like I did at A-KON since I don’t have the proper shoes/tights so I just went with another pastel goth look which is always fun!

FYI: These were all taken on my iPhone since I accidentally left behind my battery in it’s charger that day -.-‘  so sorry about the quality.

Damn bows would not quit slipping! I think I gotta tease this wig just a bit.

 Camille looking as cute as a button!

 Her coordinate…damn near makes me wanna try lolita again > <

 Audrey in her awesome eyeball dress! πŸ˜€

 Sisters! I think they were twins though but I’m not sure.

The cool chick at the meet who recognized me from my channel πŸ˜€ She said her lolita dress was in the car but like me, was too cold to change into it haha ^ ^ Believe it or not, now it feels a lot like spring weather…get it together Texas! Get it together!

Here is where the performers were at the festival.

Then we walked around the Denton Square and found this antique store that sold a lot of old valuables and vintage clothing but I didn’t buy anything here since nothing really screamed “BUY ME!” to me but I did see a lot of cool stuff!

 That’s my bitch. That’s my mf BITCH!

 Haha, I was going to post this on Instagram and make a witty comment about haters but I just let it be. Still, I haven’t seen these things in years! You bet I messed around with his hair too! πŸ˜€

The creepiest part of the day was when we went to this museum that was having a Victorian Exhibit of the dead or funerals, idr, and it was a tour inside of a home that showed all of the practices of funerals back in the Victorian era and what families would do for their beloved deceased family members.

 A beautiful coffin elegantly displayed.

Dining room. Boo for blurry shot  >.<“

 A kiddo’s room.

 The natural lighting in here was really pretty and calming. Can’t really explain it.

Here was what I saw in the kitchen downstairs.

I didn’t take pictures of the stuff that really freaked me out because I’m slightly superstitious about stuff like that, but there was a story about how this reef that was hanging up on the wall encompassed the hair locks of 25 different people of a family from that time. The other freaky thing was how they would take pictures of the dead in a portrait when they were already dead but they were still propped up. It was the creepiest thing but it helped get me into my Halloween spirit. Lastly, we went up to this room where they showed up the equipment they’d use to embalm the bodies and put on the cosmetics of the dead. One of the table was fit for children…very morbid. But to be quite honest with you, I’m glad I went because Halloween literally came and went for me this year, it was so dull and since none of my friends I hung out with had any money we just chilled at his apartment. Plus all of the stress of getting ready to go to Atlanta that weekend was also pretty hectic. I will talk about that trip and how it went in another post.

But next year I’m taking Kevin to one of the haunted houses. On more interesting news, I’ve been working on a fun little project for the gyaru community with a few of my gal pals and it is going to be uhmazing~ I can’t wait till you guys get to see it. I’ve already leaked a few hints on what it is here and there but if you haven’t heard of Gal 109, you can check out the blog and facebook like page on the links below:

β˜† GAL 109 FACEBOOK β˜†


 More details on that will be coming out soon. Again, super pumped! You all will love it I’m sure so please head over there and give us a like for more details πŸ™‚

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