Meeting Angel Kim (Beautifymeeh) & Animefest

Hey loves! The reason for the lack of updates is as I’m sure you already guessed is due to school work so please bear with me.
Last weekend I went to an event called Kollaboration Dallas 2 which is a talent competition (primarily for dancers, singers, musical talents of all sorts) that will help the Asian presence increase in our media. I heard about it earlier this summer and thought I’d buy two VIP tickets mainly because Beautifymeeh announced on her youtube video that she was going to be a judge there and you will get to be able to meet her. I never get to meet YouTubers who have a major presence online so this was pretty exciting for me!
Taken from her blog. Hope she doesn’t mind ^ ^’

Not crazy about these pics my sister took of us. I wish I could be my own camera woman at times like these. But regardless of that, I got to ask her some questions on how she got started with her blog and YouTube and we talked for a few minutes about it and she also gave me some really useful tips! She was super nice and later followed me on Instagram. It was worth the extra monies because I felt motivated to push harder with what I do online after meeting someone as inspirational as her.

As for the performances, they were interesting and funny lol! I think the winner rightfully deserved her spot. She did great and reminded me of Beyonce with her level on confidence and those nice legs haha! She was fierce! There was also some competitions and special guest performances as well.

Late last month I went to Animefest and was super exhausted the entire time because my sister made me drive. She hates driving highways so I was the only option for us to get there. I had worked earlier the next day we went so I was really tired I didn’t even think I was going to go. Luckily, our friend Sally took us there so we made it to both Friday and Saturday. Here are me and my whacky sis.

I also met a fan named Sunny but I totally forgot to take pics with her. Sorry Sunny! D: I also had little to no time to do my make up so sorry for the eyesore. I did what I could with the time I had. Guess who was there “selling blue Crystal” though?

Tehehe! Breaking Bad character in case you didn’t know. I loved their cosplay so much! Oh and here was Caroline’s bf Clayton who dressed up as a character from the series Fairy Tale.

He made that canon himself…madness, right? And below we have the adorable couple doing adorable couple things. I wish I took pics of Caroline’s cosplay but I wasn’t able to be there for most of the con. I’m sure she looked amazing though!

(Side note: How do you guys feel about the gifs I’ve been including in my posts lately? 
Yay or nay? Comment down below!

I didn’t get anything since I never bought a badge but there were some cute Pikachu plushies they were selling.

Then I was lucky enough to find Bua and her Cosplay-N-Charm booth all decked out in cuteness!

Molly, who is her co-worker, wore such a cute outfit I couldn’t resist taking pictures of it. *squeeee* Don’t you love it? That purple color tho and dem tights…yas! I know you can find those on Storenvy if you search for them.

There was a massive… (fill in the name of Pokemon I have shamefully forgotten) and it looked pretty cool seeing it twitch its ears and such.

If there wasn’t a fan in there, I feel so bad for them. Other than that I’ve been actually studying Japanese again to take a placement test by the end of the year to advance to the next course of Japanese I need to take so that I can become fluent so wish me luck! Hopefully, I get good enough to slowly type in Japanese but we will see. I am so hoping these next two weeks go by fast so I can hurry up and officially leave my job to focus on making more videos and blog posts. Soon I will be able to do that again. Have a great weekend everyone!

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8 responses to “Meeting Angel Kim (Beautifymeeh) & Animefest”

  1. Alexy says:

    The gifs are nice, I gotta research how to make longer ones(been too lazy too), because I only know how to make short ones. I also am in love with that octopus backpack! I have to find one somewhere. You're soo lucky getting to meet a youtube star, I love watching their videos and would love to be able to meet some of my favourites(you included xP). So, many of my favourites are coming to NY, I never wanted to go there before, but I guess eventually I'll try. You look super cute in all your pictures and I love that shirt you're wearing in the Kollaboration pictures.

    xx Alexis

  2. Since my camera can take as many quick frame shots at once I can make long or short gifs of anything I want but as for video footage that has been already uploaded to the internet that's a different story lol but I'm sure there's a way to do it easily. Hopefully you'll find out what that is ^ ^ Haha yeah I thought it was cute! You may be able to find it on their shop here:

    So do I she's such a gorgeous woman inside and out and thank kyou so much! *hugs* that means a lot!! And thanks! I'll be doing a review on it really soon. I have so much to share it's overwhelming @__@ lol!

  3. vendy says:

    great event dear…some cuteness ^^


    happy week end

    NEW POST!!!


    The simple life of rich people Blog

  4. Thank you!

  5. Ciara says:

    I wish I would have known about the Kollaboration event! I would have tried to go! So cool that you got to meet beautifymeeh. I love watching her videos! Also, love the outfit that you're wearing! Your blouse is so pretty ^^~

  6. Thank you and yeah I was surprised there would ever be a meet and greet I'd go to in Texas since most of them are in California it seems of my favorite YouTubers. Luckily she lives in the same metroplex as I do. It's crazy. Thanks! I'll be doing a video of that outfit soon 😀

  7. LizzieBee says:

    Ooh sounds like you had an awesome time at both events! It's nice to meet your idol, isn't it? I wish I could meet mine ;_;
    Your hair looks amazing *_* Especially at the Kollaboration Dallas 2!

  8. Thank you and I definitely did! It was kind of like a surreal experience because most YouTubers here live in California so I was ecstatic when I found out she was going to host a meet-n-greet. She looks like a model or a k-pop idol for goodness sake. So darned pretty!

    & thanks a lot! It's my real hair this time that I rarely ever show because of all the wigs I wear xD

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