Julep August Birthstone Welcome Box


Happy Friday Lovefys! 

Last month was my 23rd birthday, and I went around searching for nice little freebies I could get for the event. Luckily, I stumbled across a Facebook ad on my feed of Julep giving free boxes of their products on birthdays.

Prior to getting this box, I have only ever used Julep’s oxygen nail treatment and strengthener. It worked for me so seeing this made me want to give more of their items a try…and hey, it was a birthday gift from them to me. So why not?

I received my box and saw 4 neatly packaged products inside of my August Brithstone Welcome Box.

Two polishes that both complimented each other quite well initially got my attention. To my understanding, their polishes are formulated with ingredients that allow your nails to breathe. Who knew nails needed to breathe just like our skin? I certainly didn’t. 

On the top of the bottles, they each have areas where you can swatch the polish on before applying it on your nail. How thoughtful! 

Because of work, I won’t be able to wear these for long on my fingernails, but they will definitely be on my toenails.

See swatch at the end of post

Next was this tube of lip gloss in Graceful claimed to have Power Cell Complex, or in other words, stuff you want to have on your lips to keep them looking forever supple and youthful. Something nice to note about this brand is that they donate part of their proceeds to organizations that support women as stated on the back of its packaging. 

The color is a soft bubblegum pink shade and smells like it too! I can work this with all of the lippies I have collected over the last year so I can’t wait to see what looks I can combine it with.

Lastly, they added their Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum to help treat damaged and dry nails so they are stronger and smoother. Since as long as I can remember, I’ve always had weak nails on my right hand because of how often I use it. Now, it’s worse because I wash my hands frequently at my part time job so they are always being effected by several different harmful conditions.

With this, I should still be able to have healthy nails, which would be lovely!

Super glad I saw that ad when I did. Have any of you tried anything from Julep? What were your experiences with them? I’d like to hear it down in the comments below!

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See where additional swatches came from in this post

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