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Hello my Beautiful Queens👑

I was gifted Briogeo’s Curl Charisma Chia + Flax Seed Coil Custard to put to the test with my 4c/b afro. Fortunately, I was already in desperate need for a cute and quick style to wear for my birthday weekend. This is going to be a slightly more thorough review of Brieogo’s coil custard, which should help you gals decide if you want to grab it or not!

Who is it for?


The Coil Custard is hands down most ideal for tightly coiled curly chicks, but if you got wavy hair I’m sure this will make them more defined too. It’s nourishing because of how thick and creamy it is, so expect your hair to feel instantly hydrated.

Good Stuff

Surprisingly, there was absolutely no scent when I opened the jar of this creamy hair goodness. Fragrances never bother me, but there are several ladies and gents who prefer their noses to remain uninvaded so that’s a plus!

briogeo 2 gif


When I used this, my smallest locks of hair got the best defining results from the custard. I chose to do a chunky set of twists for my twistout, which of course wasn’t the smartest idea. But when you’re in a rush like I was, you got to do what ya gots to do! So just a word of caution to take your time defining individual curls using this product.

For $26 on Sephora’s website, you can order this 6-ounce jar of custard. Quite honestly, that isn’t horrible, but I know that you can always get competitive products for under $10.

Will this white colored custard leave your beautiful coils ashy? I am so mad to say yes, it does. That is perhaps the biggest issue for me out of all of the drawbacks. I’m no stranger to waiting out the process for products to clear up, but I’d prefer not to. Sometimes, my eye convinces me it hasn’t fully faded to clear and I’m stuck with the dusty aesthetic.

briogeo gif

Is it the plug?

Briogeo does a great job catering their hair care and styling catalog to women with tight curls, which I love! I’m not certain I would run to repurchase this particular product unless the formula somehow changed. If I needed a softer appearance of curl definition, then I would definitely opt for using this over my other curl enhancing creams. I’d just have to accept that my hair would look frosted…😅

Will you be trying out this custard? Or do you have better recommendations? If so, drop them in a comment below! And lastly, if you missed my tutorial on Instagram using Briogeo’s Coil Custard, then watch it below:

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