Hair journey Setback: Sew-in Scalp Trauma!!!

Before I get started on this post, I would like to thank every individual who commented on my last post about my 1 year anniversary I had with Kevin. Your thoughtful and kind words really resonated well with me and I appreciate you all taking the time to share your opinions on it.

Now judging from the title, you know this is going to be about what I briefly touched upon that last post. First off, I got a  touch up 3 weeks prior to getting my sew in recently which was stupid, I know that now. Had I known any better, I would have waited to get a sew in much later in my post relaxer but I take it as a lesson learned after going through this painfully terrible hair experience for about the past 2 weeks. 

I went to get a sew-in because I wanted to try the ombre hairstyle but most importantly it is my preferred choice of a protective style for my ends. Hence why my ends have been retained so well since I began my hair journey to longer hair and healthier hair. So far it’s proven to be very effective for me so when people ask me why I get sew-ins when my hair is already so long, you understand my reason for doing so. 

Okay so lemme just skip to the chase now…I went to an old childhood best friend of mine who I found out did hair and would charge me a cheap price since we grew up together so ofc as a college student with hardly any income, I took up that offer the moment I got enough money. I went to her on a Monday and she asked me if I was tender headed to which I replied no. Had I known she was heavy-handed, I would have just said yes but I’ve gone to several different people in the past and never have I made an extreme fuss about them manipulating my hair for any style. Braids, touch-ups, glued in tracks, you name it I’ve never had a problem with it. 

So she proceeded and at first, it felt normal. The hair at my roots was taut but not enough to make me think it was excessive. She continued all the way up till she was getting to the closure piece and that was when I felt extreme throbbing. My scalp felt like it was literally going to bust open.
Yeah, it was that tight! I told her that it was tight and she suggested for me to just take pain killers so I did before I left her house and that honestly didn’t do a whole lot but it helped a bit so I drove home and went to bed thinking it would ease up a little in the morning but I was sadly mistaken. This pain went on for a full week and some days. It had finally eased off momentarily for about 2 days then out of nowhere I started experiencing this minor headache that progressively grew into a more severe massive one that went on for the following three days. It felt like it was pain shooting in my brain from one end to the other and I also noticed I had 4 nickel sized lumps at the back of my neck behind my ears which hadn’t been there prior to these headaches. I got scared this was linked to some type of cancer since I know I have it in my family. I took down my sew-in literally moments after my anniversary night had ended because the headache would not even allow me to sleep. Because I’m such a hypochondriac, I felt like the tightness of the braids were going to result in me having a blow blood vessel or something XD Dunno how possible that even is from tight braids but at that point, I just needed a reason to explain this excruciating pain. 

After taking it down, I went to bed then woke up after a few hours and only experienced subtle soreness of the scalp. This was regular and normal so I felt relieved when I noticed the headache had gone away. Unfortunately, it returned later on that day in the afternoon to my disappointment and I felt so defeated. I thought to myself, what the hell is this pain and how do I get rid of it? I have never remained on pain killers as long as I did throughout this entire ordeal mind you. I felt through my scalp as well and noticed there were a series of scattered scabs on more toward the crown of my head.
I had my sister take a look to confirm that for me which she did so I also was afraid of possible infections. I went online and did some research and found out that the lumps at the back of my neck were actually my lymph nodes that formed to fight off the bacterial infections caused in my hair follicles. They weren’t cancerous after all which was the biggest relief for me and now all I had to do was treat the scabs and wait for them to decrease in size after a matter of a few weeks.
Even though I figured out the source of the lumps, I still had painful headaches that didn’t go away so I finally told my mom about it and she told me to go to the local pharmacy and ask them what they would recommend. From both pharmacies we went to, they both said there was no OTC medication they would give me but to just take some liquid gels instead of the Motrin pills I had been taking. I did and it helped by a shit ton! It’s been 5 days since my last full-blown headache and my lumps at the back of my neck have already started to go down in size after applying some tea tree oil throughout my entire scalp. 

So at the moment, my scalp is in the early stages of healing up and needs to be moisturized but until the wounds are completely healed, I won’t be applying any hair products onto it just yet to make sure the infection stays at bay. Get this though. When I was taking down my extensions so early in the morning, I tried to safely take off the closure piece that was unfortunately glued on. I could barely feel the separation of my hair and the closure so I had to just snip away at what I could regardless. I just wanted it out! And look at what happened as a result…

Crazy. I was so pissed but because I have such thick hair, it wasn’t such a terrible loss…but seeing the length of how much I accidentally chopped off was alarming. This really was a lesson learned. I don’t swear off weaves but I do swear off of sew-ins…at least for the next year or so. I don’t need them if this is what could potentially happen from them. Aside from that, I took some shots of the texture of my hair right after I washed it for those who may want to see it…(prior to the terrible hair experience).

As you can see, my hair is far from being bone straight even though I am relaxed. I never meant to purposely texlax my hair but it just happened that way over the years of getting underprocessed touch ups and it doesn’t help since my strands are so thick/coarse.
It looks pretty here, but I’ve yet to have used a product that maintains my texture without making my hair frizzy or too damp. Any suggestions on what I should use? Maybe S-curl? Aside from all this craziness that occurred to my poor hair, scalp, and brain ffs, I still have the length that I did since my last touch up so I’m not mourning over the loss too heavily. I’m more so upset at the amount of time wasted on this process.
But I hope many of you guys out there who are also on a hair journey learn from my experience. I plan on doing alternative methods to wear tracks in the future and when I do, I will explain what I do as thoroughly as I can. I’ll still show you some a pic of my hair when I got it done.

Tried getting purple tips…barely worked but you can slightly see it.

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21 responses to “Hair journey Setback: Sew-in Scalp Trauma!!!”

  1. twilightluv90 says:

    My little sisters hair is like that. Have you tried Shea Moisture or Kinky Curly leave in?  I think doing a "fake twist out" with a bit of that, pomade/shea butter and gel would help at keeping the frizz away. You just do your regular washing routine, twist your hair into large chunks, and let it air dry. (✿◠‿◠).

  2. Sanaki says:

    I have never treated my hair, nor had any kind of weave. I have long thick hair as well, except my hair curls more when wet. But try this product called Smooth Criminal from Sally's Beauty Salon (I think is the full name.) Straightens hair great, I used Brazilian oil with it as well. I don't know if that's what you need but I hope it helps! (I heard egg is good for hair? Like raw egg… O_O" ) I wish you luck on your hair journey!

  3. Oh sweet! I have never tried that product before but I could have sworn I read someone's blog that they use that stuff for defining their curls but I can't remember who it was. Either way, that's super helpful! I'm going to definitely look into it 🙂

  4. Star says:

    Hey sweetie, I am totally sorry that you had such a hard time with your last sew in. As you had mention, they are good for helping the hair to grow but only when they're are installed the right way to promote healthy hair grow. Have you tried a socking cap wig or a 3/4 wig? Socking cap wigs are ideal because they look like a full weave and you can remove them as you like. Also, the 3/4 wigs/ u part wigs are very simpler to socking cap but it allow you to leave a bit of your own hair out or you can mess around with it and have it to be full. Look on the sites and YouTube have videos on them as well.

  5. Ah yes, I've done egg protein treatments in the past. Although at times it can be messy, it's pretty effective. I will jot that product down for when I wanna straighten out my hair. I live right by a Sally's so thanks for the recommendation!

  6. Thank you Star hun! I've never tried the stocking cap or 3/4 wigs before but I am now being advised more and more to do so it seems by others including yourself 😮 I'm kinda mad I didn't think about this earlier lol but this is going to be a good experiment for me to delve into. I will love to do something like that as a protective style for sure.

  7. Nero Basterdino says:

    I'm sorry to hear what happened. Earlier this year I got some Senegalese twist and it ruined my edges…I get touch up every 4 to 5 months; whenever i feels like my roots become unmanageable I turn to clip ins and half wigs. Right now I'm wearing an actual wig tho, only cause  I really wanted one. I started to make my own cause it's a cheap alternative..but yea hope this helps 

  8. Awww man, I'm extremely tender headed so I've had my fair of scalp stress and what not. I've actually bled once O.O So yeah, I would stay clear from full head weaves for a while just to give your scalp some time to heal. Using products that have healing ingredients/properties like aloe vera helps a lot too. I may not know much about texlaxing but you should check out Megz on youtube . She texlaxes and keeps great care of her hair so maybe some of her videos will help 🙂 

  9. chocobabichan says:

    Yea…thats why I go all naturaallll.  No chemicals, no dye's, no weave and rarely any heat.  Only organic products and pure organic coconut oil.  And lots of protective styles.  

  10. EricaHerrington says:

    Aww. I'm so sorry this happened to you! 🙁 

  11. It's fine, I now take it as a lesson learned. Just wish I could have prevented this somehow but I know what not to do in the future.

  12. Natural is nice when people do it properly with care but it's never been something I could see myself being dedicated to as easily as I am with relaxers and weaves. I think it was just a mistake on my end more than anything else.

  13. Aww sorry to hear about the results of your twists 🙁 That's awful .Wearing wigs while keeping your hair conditioned underneath do wonders so I'm sure they'll start growing back in no time for you.

  14. Shmuberry says:

    Omg that sounds absolutely horrible! It kinda reminds me for ANTM cycle 8, when they gave a girl a sewn in and took it out almost right away… but your story in 10 times worse!! My scalp got burned once from bleaching and I had scabs for 2 weeks, they were painful. Luckily, I didn't have to deal with any infection… Did you let your friend who did your weave know about what happened??

  15. I don't remember seeing that episode of ANTM but that's awful…I would have been so pissed. The pain can be so unbearable when done too tightly though so I understand now why some people take theirs down the same day they pay to get it done, it's awful. I actually haven't told her yet but I plan on it soon. I didn't want it to seem awkward or like I was looking for a refund… :/

  16. Chocolate_Barbie says:

    We have the same hair texture when its wet! My hair is thick as well though I've had relaxers! I'm glad you ddin't lose too much length! I would have cried for you haha 

  17. chocobabichan says:

    Oh, actually I wasnt referring to the "natural hair style" as opposed to just wearing your own hair, and only your own hair.  no weaves, wigs, extensions. nada.  All that stuff is so stressful on the hair and scalp.  But if whenever you think you're having a bad day, just look at those new pics of Naomi Campbell.  lolol

  18. Mobetta says:

    OMG.. I'm having the same issue… Got a sew in this past sat and as she got to the closure it was like so painful… I couldn't handle it, so I had to take some pain meds…. As of today the crown of my head is really sore…. SO I applied some tea tree oil and Aloe Vera on my scalp…. I don't want to end of hair major hair lose,. so if it doesn't ease up some then I'm going to take this out….

  19. Have you tried Organix products? Simple, affordable, and can be found in any drugstore or supermarket. If this is what you're looking for, I think you should try the Moroccan Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil lines to repair any damage. Also do you take biotin for you hair? Love the length. Black girls with long hair ftw! <3

  20. Robin Jackson says:

    Sew ins ARE protective hair styles…

  21. Lexie Arnold says:

    Not sure if the blog is up to date but I found you through a Google search. I got Faux locs 1 week ago and it was ridiculously tight for 2 days. Just yesterday I notice 1 lymph behind my ear and another one today. I have pain where the lymph nodes are and those horrible tight bumps literally all around my hair line. Do you think I should remove the locs or apply tea tree oil all over until the lumps go away?

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