Wetseal, Love Culture & Sephora Haul

Hey lovelies! I am going to seriously save up after this whole spending streak dies down. Luckily it already is. I’m starting to not know what else to buy with this money so saving it for the summer trip will be a must. Definitely glad I worked this holiday season though as hard as it was for me some days. I was going to quit afterwards to focus on school but I’ll see how it goes the first few weeks. I’m only taking two classes so it shouldn’t be too bad *knocks on wood*Anyway, some of this stuff I bought was intended for the spring season coming up since I have a lot of winter clothes lol the only thing I think I need to buy is a rain coat or rain boots but I really shouldn’t buy more winter clothes. I went to Love Culture and bought this cute denim corset.

It reminds me of the one from Top Shop and it’s so sexy alone which is why to tone it down a bit I’m only going to wear this with a cute white blouse underneath. I know, call me boring but my mom would kill me if she saw me wearing this out the house and so would Kevin unless I was with him haha! Then I got this cute top!

The pretty crochet design on the back was a nice touch as well as the pearls on the front of the top. I am going to feel so girly wearing it! I like that small tail it has on the back too ^ ^

Then I went to Wet Seal and bought this adorable mini skirt which I don’t have nearly enough of in my wardrobe. It also has pearls spread throughout it’s ruffled layers. Cannot wait to wear this one out when it warms up ahhhhh!

Lastly of clothes, this trend of fuzzy textured tops has finally grown on me. At first I thought it looked tacky but I like it now and have gotten compliments already wearing it! I feels so warm too and I promised myself this is my last winter item lol we’ll see how long I keep that promise.

I saw this gold necklace at Wet Seal as well and immediately fell in love. I’m not heavily into b-gyaru *le gasp* lol but this would go perfectly well for an outfit if I were to ever choose to do it. Something about it’s boldness really appeals to me but not in a gaudy way.

I went to H-mart on another day and bought an umbrella to keep in my car. I had an incident coming back from work the other day when I really could have used this. Now I am prepared!

I bought pepper spray from my friend’s job after this long conversation I had with one of my guy friends at the meet up. I originally was going to purchase a taser but he talked me out of it and said pepper spray would be better for me since I know I don’t want direct contact with someone harassing me.
Like my mousepad? lol it’s so cute! I got it off ebay 😀 comment below if you’d like to know the seller. Twas very cheap too!

One of the smartest buys I ever made for myself and it may just save my life one day. If I were you, guys or girls, I’d look into getting some sort of self defense item you can carry with you that you feel comfortable with. I absolutely love having it on my keys no matter where I’m at it’s so worth it and it was pretty inexpensive! Need I mention the color of the case being pink? lol! I did try it out with my bro at his apartment and I’ll just say it was so effective just spraying it at a distance. I’d hate to be the dumbass who fucks with me having this thing ready to use. Back to materialistic gets…

I bought the Cloud poster for Kevin’s sister while I was there too since that’s one of her favorite characters from the Final Fantasy series as well as another poster but it was a scroll that was sealed with a plastic I didn’t want to remove so I can’t include that in this post but trust me when I say it was nice! That sexy lady you see there on the left is indeed Black Rock Shooter! I loved that series so much and she was my favorite character! They had a lot of poster of BRS in that store too.

I went to Sephora and bought this manual brush for exfoliating my skin with my cleansers. It feels more soft than I would prefer but then again it’s probably better that way so wrinkles don’t gradually form. It was cheap and I find it quite soothing when I use it. It’s good for your cell turn over rate too.

This kit…I have mixed feelings about it. I got it at Walmart for $10 and it is only good if you use nail glue for the tips instead of their gel they include to adhere the nail tips like they state in their instructions -.- I wish I knew this the first time I tried it but it’s a first step to me beginning to wear nails this year so whatevs. I’ll keep the gel stuff though for when I do my 3D nails 🙂

Lastly, I got this cute EOS lip balm and it smells super fruity! It definitely moisturizes my lips quite well and I’ve always wanted to try this lip balm. It’s been a great conversation starter at work and with my friends because of it’s funny shape.

Aside from all of that, things have been good. This week they cut a lot of hours for people at my job so I can finally rest up for school. Really happy about that as lazy as that sounds. This is my last week of my winter break then I start my first semester at my first university 🙂 Sad day, but at least I made the most of it!

What do you guys think of Girl’s Generation’s new song/mv? The change up of melodies throws me off a bit but it’s not awful, I still like it. Someone said in the comments that 2NE1 could have done a better job at this song than they did and I somewhat agree that it kinda has their feel as opposed to SNSD’s but that’s just me.

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10 responses to “Wetseal, Love Culture & Sephora Haul”

  1. Alexy says:

    Was the mouse pad customizable or was that the only design? Also I love the posters and the mini skirt!
    Lastly, what happened to your disqus, I've been a little MIA with blogging and I'm just now reading some and I don't know whether you got rid of it, or it disappeared, because a lot of people have been having problems with it. Anyway, nice post! ;D

    • They sent me a random design out of the three that was shown and there was no option to choose which one I wanted. I didn't mind since I liked all three but if you want to choose the one you want you might wanna look around some more before you buy from this link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/270959612818?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

      The problem I am having with disqus is that ever since I changed my layout, it would not let me re-install it back on my blogger. It would do nothing after trying to add the widget into my layout so I simply gave up on it. I hear it's a temporary bug they're trying to fix for the new system they're coming out with this year or something along those lines.

  2. Cute haul, the corest is my fave 🙂

  3. Jessy says:


    I loved the mouse pad! :3

  4. So many buys! I love that denim top and the pink layered skirt! I like I Got a Boy! It's definitely different from SNSD's usual stuff but don't see 2NE1 doing that type of song. 2NE1 doing that style? For sure! If anything, it reminds me of their style back during their debut. 2NE1's more, "just shut up and be mine" and SNSD's so "oppa look at me." >.< But whoever styled did this music video did a pretty bomb job!

    • Oh the layered skirt is actually an off white, my camera just gave these pics a tint of pink haha! I can see what you mean about 2ne1 being more upfront and in your face with their style of music in comparison to this song. I guess their outfits threw me off and made me immediately think of 2ne1 haha but yea definitely a good song no doubt!

  5. Emi ♥ says:

    AWESOME!!!!! and SNSD…I usually don't like their MV's but this one is first one I've come to love love love!!!!

    Love Emi x


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