Geo Café Mimi Macchiato Brown Lenses Review from Cosplay-N-Charm

Hello dolls! How has your week been? Mine has been slow but I’ve been busy doing a few things for my Youtube videos and blog 🙂 I also received the first portion of my package yesterday from the SweetSoulShop I talked about in one of my older posts. By now I have probably already made a post about my outfit wearing one of the shirts on my Instagram. I’ll show you all soon, I promise :3

Remember back in October last year when I was in Cosplay-N-Charm’s fashion show? Goooood times. Well, they had a crazy good deal going on with their lenses a while ago and I purchased my first pair of brown lenses from them 🙂 I remember hearing about these once before but they weren’t my initial choice. I really wanted the Bambi lenses since I remember seeing how pretty my buddies Chandra and Ivie looked when wearing them. I think Lolo owns a pair of them too…correct me if I’m wrong though. But they didn’t have them in stock (boo hoo OTZ) so I got the next best ones which were these and when I picked them up from their store, guess how they packaged them?

The way they look in their vials in case you wondered….lol such an awkward shot. Sorry gaiz…
I said screw the police to wait a whole 6 hours to soak in the solution and just tried them on shortly after. I’ll let the pictures do the talking from here on out.
Now for the further away comparisons (realistically me wanting to camwhore mainly while wearing the lenses…couldn’t help it, they just look so damn gud!)

Ma plain ol’ eyes with make up.
Wearing the lenses w/make up in harsh light.
Lenses in regular indoor lighting
Indoor faced away from light source.

Verdict: I like the design and shade of brown these lenses have the most. I couldn’t get over the cool swirl shape of them too however, the comfort isn’t amazing but it’s bearable. I think it has a bit to do with the water content. It’s my least comfortable pair of lenses I now own but despite that they certainly make your eyes enlarged but in a natural subtle way because of the lightly darkened rim as opposed to the bold black thick rim most CLs have. So there you have it! Click the link below to buy your own.

Geo WMM-504 Café Mimi Macchiato Brown

Optical Info:

Parameter Diameter: 15.00mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.40~8.60mm
C.T: 0.04~0.13mm
Water Content: 38~42%
Life Span: 1 year disposable lenses (If you care properly!) Recommend 6~9months
Country Origin: Korea, Canada
Cosplay-N-Charm sells other neat stuff on their site like clothes, adorable mugs, couple merch, cute stationary items and more. This is not a sponsored review either, just my humble opinion of their services from what I have seen so far from them 🙂 I’ll leave you all with their links.



Before I bounce, I wanted to share these two MVs by Lee Hi and K.Will. Lee Hi in her new MV Rose looks so stunning and I’m growing more and more in love with her voice. I really want those lenses she’s wearing in the video too, you can see them in the thumbnail quite well actually. I just dunno which ones they are :< K.Will was finally starring in his own MV for once xD But only for like 2 seconds…still I was happy to see him and the concept of this video was pretty funny haha check them out!

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  1. LizzieBee says:

    Omfg you are so stunning, I'm so jealous! <3 Those lens look great on you~ I love the swirls <3

  2. thank you! <3 They're one of my new favorites actually 😀 They're really comfy!

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