Fabletics Slim Thick Chicks Haul


Fabletics is one of my new favorite online shops of choice for athletic wear. When I first started weight training, I wore bland exercise outfits clothes. Why care so much about looking cute when all I’ll be doing is sweating like it’s summer in Vegas? But then, I saw cute fit chicks wearing trendy yoga sets…and then it hit me. My entire routines were garbage compared to theirs. But of course exercise are not always indicative of how you gear up to go to the gym, BUT…it does change your attitude about it significantly enough to want to go more often. I soon discovered Fabletics and am going to share this neat little haul for you on what I got.

Even though I love these, I am still going to make sure I get Gymshark leggings despite their high cost. Make sure you sign up for their VIP membership to get the bulk discounts! I honestly didn’t stick with it for long because I really only just needed 3 nice outfits, so you can opt-out shortly after getting your first order.

Clara Sports Bra

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Brogan Mesh Capri

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Like all of the sets from I got from Fabletics, this palm tree printed set fits snug around the right places. Having more freedom to breath in and out as deeply as I please makes me feel like pushing myself even harder. If there is anything I can say that you need in a good athletic outfit regardless of what your training focus is, it’s ensuring your gear is flexible. If it don’t move with you, your form will surely be off point which isn’t something you ever want. The breathable mesh material in these leggings are also a plus for me. Can’t stand wearing regular leggings because of how trapped the moisture on my skin gets, not to mention you can easily overheat when you do this. Great thing about the bra is it isn’t so short and each of these can work with other pieces I already own!

Luana Midi Sports Bra & Brogan Mesh Leggings

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This set got me hooked from the beautiful burgundy shade alone! But the fit is a plus too, no doubt. Can’t say I’m a major fanatic of the cool toned light pink straps in the design of the bra and leggings, but it is starting to grow on me. It’s satin bands on the leggings and bra are a nice sophisticated touch! I prefer putting the leggings just past my navel so that I have a nicer appearance where my groin area meets. It sucks feeling like a penguin at the gym, believe me. Overall, a rather comfortable set!

Joelle Dash Seamless Bra II & High-Waisted Leggings

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It’s always nice having pink activewear options because everything feels way cuter during a workout. But when you throw some gold on it, we’re really talking bougie baddie at the gym aesthetic! This set had my jaw drop the moment I saw it. The bra is not padded, however, so be mindful when wearing this without a second top. Not that I care either way, but some people do. I enjoy even wearing the bra with other bottoms, but it, of course, looks best with its intended leggings. Out of all 3 outfits, I think this one is a winner in terms of slayage. But what do you think? Are you going to grab your own workout clothes too or do you already have some nice pieces?

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8 responses to “Fabletics Slim Thick Chicks Haul”

  1. These are super cute. I deff have to check them out. Thank you

    • Ify says:

      No problem! I feel like I’m going to end up liking Gymshark more, but I still haven’t tried their stuff yet.

  2. Raven says:

    OHHHMYYYGOOOSSSSSH. You better S L A Y! Girl. I never really cared for Fabletics (other than how cute their stuff was) but after seeing how great they look on you, I have a little more hope as to how they fit on curvier girls. I’m not super thick (I’m actually kind of small) but I’m still kind of curvy you know. XD

    When I purchase from there, I’ll be sure to use your link!

    • Ify says:

      Awesome! I do feel like if you may be on the curvy size, their medium and large sizes should still fit you well. I like how they are all pretty flexible and stretchy on me. I wanna try and get some discounted athletic wear from Ivy Park and Fenty next. Gunna really try to motivate myself even harder this year in the gym!

  3. Shakena McAuley says:

    These are so cute…I must put in a order

  4. Dasia M Mariscal says:

    These look really comfortable and cute !

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