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Okay this is the last of all three reviews I shared on my haul video thank goodness. Sorry for the delay guys. I said on my Facebook that it will be a while before I accept any offers do to sponsorship’s unless they are from certain companies. Reason being I just neglected all of the other content I wanted to work on last year so yeah, it’ll be awhile before I start accepting major sponsored things again like this. Still haven’t completely caught up actually but this was the biggest portion that I got out of the way. Phew…
I know a few of you at least have heard once or twice about Dresslink if you follow the same bloggers I do. If not, they sell lots of affordable cute Asian style clothing. Below is what they sent me:

This is a sweater I thought would be great to wear during the fall/winter seasons and what really won me over with it is the loose threads on the bottom portion of it. When I wear it, the neck area feels a little bit uncomfortable because it’s pretty high up on the neck and feels tightly knitted so I get the same feeling that I do with turtle necks. Had the texture been more soft, it wouldn’t be an issue at all. I feel like the arm width could be a bit wider so it could hang on me just like it does on the model in the photo and the threads would have looked better if they were more chunky. These are small little details I think could have made this item loads better but it’s still okay.

The color made me stop and go, “This would look great for spring! ….AND IT’S PURPLE!” lol I got this because it’d be great to wear paired with just about any cute white blouse underneath or you can make it more edgy by wearing a cool graphic tee underneath if you’re going for a more pastel goth or Harajuku street fashion style. Either way, you have options and it’s easy to slip right on for me. I think it looks best when there’s a petticoat underneath it for extra poofiness 🙂


I really wanted cute winter themed leggings or tights last year so I got these and although the pattern matches up with what was sent to me, the fit is terribly awkward in the crotch area o.o I can’t pull them all the way up so I get that penguin feeling with these sadly but with long shirts or sweaters you can’t tell at all that they’re a poor fit. It’s supposed to be a one size fits all but the material isn’t nearly as stretchy enough as it should be for that which is a shame but the pattern looks great. It’d be even better if it was one of those thicker leggings that keep you extra warm but these are a little on the thin side.

Hopefully you guys got an idea on what they’re clothing is like. They’re customer service seemed to be much like any other site similar to this which is good communication, decent shipping time, and the quality was okay. Haha I know it sounds like they aren’t special but it is my true opinion I’m sharing here. The prices ARE good, but even so bare in mind that there may be small details that are not properly adjusted for you with your items.

The next post I will share will be about my New Years resolutions and the recent party I attended. Be on the look out for that and thank you all for following my blog!

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8 responses to “Dresslink Review”

  1. I ordered from them not too long ago too! Super cheap prices for sure and the quality wasn't that bad 🙂

  2. Girlsaredolls says:

    That first top is nice 🙂

  3. Yeah it is, I'm happy with it for the most part despite the collar being a little tight. It feels pretty comfortable to wear outside when it's cold 🙂

  4. You did? Nice! I do like their current deals atm, so I'd be glad to try from them during the summer time ^ ^

  5. amy says:

    did the items fit you nicely?
    i reallyyy want to order from this site but some people say that they never got the items and im afraid that the things will be too big. like whos bust is 40in?! certaintly not mine ): i heard that these are asian sizes and i fit that but then i look at the size charts and theyre usually around 5 in too big in each area (bust,waist,hips)
    do you think ill be able to wear these clothes? im quite short and flat.. 4'11", 21in waist, 28in bust, 29in hips.

  6. I'm not a representative of Dresslink so unfortunately I can't answer all of those specific questions for you however I would say from what I received the only thing that didn't fit me correctly was the leggings but it was too small, not too big. It still was wearable though, just sort of awkward to put on.

  7. Thank you Wendy!!

  8. Eileene says:

    hi !! I was wondering do you have a link to that purple skirt ? It looks so good on you

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