Creating a Vision Board for 2018


In 2017, there were several tasks I accomplished without planning to. Many of which included mental adjustments to the way I viewed myself and soon the world surrounding me. What if I intended to do these things from the beginning? I wonder how sooner I’d have taken the steps I did in the later half of the year if it was part of a kind of vision board.

Spontaneously hitting puberty again isn’t a bad thing, but purposefully finding areas to improve in your life wouldn’t hurt either. That’s why I want to share with you my vision board for 2018 and how you can create one too…digitally!

Pick your Word of the Year

This can also be a quote, but any short loaded phrase or statement can work so long as it carries meaning for you! Last year, I dedicated my 2017 for growth, and that worked out so well for me that it’s a habit to grow on a daily. For 2018, my new word is also an acronym, and that’s ACT: Action Changes Things. I found this doing a search of inspirational quotes and knew that would be the word that did what “growth” did for me last year…but a little differently!

Frame it with a Matching Color Scheme

Naturally, I’m an expressive chick and am motivated by the visuals surrounding me. Most people are, whether they realize it or not. So, associating your vision board with the perfect color(s) gives it life! The color of the year happens to be ultra violet, but if your word somehow screams flamingo pink…don’t fight it. Das your 2018 color, hunty! Make it yours. Mine is a fun mix of berry hues, rose gold, yellow and blues.

Envision the Woman you Want to Be

Daydreaming has always been a daily habit of mine, but it’ll work for this part of the exercise. Daydream your lifestyle in a year. Paint the picture of your bank account, relationship with yourself, spirituality, career, and more. Be as descriptive as you can, because this is where the board begins to take its form. I have several plans that align with adulting, business, career hustling and fitness. It also helps to think of ideal figures you already inspired by that resemble this future you.

Dream Big Realistically!

Having high ambitions is better than having low ones in my book. But if you’re constantly setting them as high as they sky and fail at achieving any goals…where is the fun in that? Set your aspirations for the new year higher than last year but to a point where they are still attainable. The challenge might be intense and seemingly impossible, but if you researched your odds at getting what you want out of 2018 and believe you can get it, claim it!

For me, I want a million bucks, but unless I win the lotto or become a sugar baby, that won’t be apart of my vision board for 2018. But a well fed savings account might if I manage to save more of my hard earned money than ever before!

My personal vision board! Includes physical fitness, community building, YouTube growth, healthier lifestyle, financial independence, my own crib, more photoshoots, concert going, freedom and hopefulness.

Save as Wallpaper to your Desktop

Save the document, print it off and post it somewhere you’ll see it every single day. If you do this, then every now and then rearrange where you display it so it doesn’t gradually blend into the background overtime. Personally, my desktop and smartphone wallpaper tend to be my go-to areas for inspo pictures.

So how about you? What does your goals look like and how will you put them into a vision board?

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  1. Great post Crystal!

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