Cosplay N Charm by Byzantine Collection’s Halloween Fashion Show & Contest

Pictures taken by Cosplay N Charm team

For one thing, this fashion show was one of the most thrilling experiences of the year! Maybe I’m exaggerating with how much fun it was but for me, I
really liked being a part of it. Everyone was nice even the models and I wasn’t sure if they were going to be at first since models or rather girls in general in fashion have a bad rep for being
bitchy but luckily that was not the case. I met Bua, who is the co-owner of Cosplay-N-Charm over the summer at my friend Nikita’s birthday party and kept in touch ever since. She told me about her store and I found out about their contest they were having on Facebook as well as the fashion show.

She luckily allowed me to join in it which I thought was pretty sweet of
her! Check out the pics some of which were taken by Kevin with my camera and the others were from their own camera.

 Babe brought me some lovely flowers!
This was another part of the event which was so crazy for me because as soon as all of the models got off stage, those who were planning to be apart of the contest had to immediately change out of their outfits into their costumes they were going to use for the contest. I was so frantic and I swear, if it weren’t for my friend Nikita, I would not have made it on time the way I did lol so if you’re reading this thank you, girl! You’re awesome! I had my favorite pink wig I customized for A-KON this year and wore a Gothic outfit that you saw in the very beginning of this post.
Wig – eBay (seller: southpanda-8)
Headband – eBay/DIY
corset – eBay
Skirt – Claires
Tights – eBay
Collar – eBay
Lolita shoes – Milanoo
Wings – Party City
Bracelet (left) – Kevin’s
Bracelet (right) – Forever XXI
In case you’re wondering wtf is in my mouth, it’s a Hello Kitty plushie I through into the audience. I never got it back but don’t worry, it was a dingy old thing anyway! I wonder if one of the little kids took it though…it’d be kinda gross since I had it in my mouth but whatever. I think at that moment when I did that the judges remembered me and I was shocked I didn’t end up looking like a complete fool because in my head I could not figure out how I was going to execute a proper pose well in such short timing. Glad I did that though!

Bitch face among group of other contestants xD
Kevin took so many pictures but I didn’t want to upload all of them because that’d take forever and just…no! haha but you can check out more of them if you have my personal Facebook which I’m sure most of you do. But guess who won 3rd place? Me!! And I got $50 for it too! I was not expecting that after seeing all of the great costumes onstage.
The Hello Kitty toss worked!
I definitely needed that money too. Oh and here’s a pic of me and my friend Audrey together after the show. She was an awesome character from Monster High.
Haha I look sleepy and I changed a little bit since I got super cold. She was wearing Glad News boots…I was green with envy y’all. Green with ENVY!! But yeah, that’s all I have for the fashion show to report on. I also got free goodies given to me for being a model by Bua which was really kind! I’ll show that in another post since I didn’t get to take pics of those just yet plus
I’m away from my home right now in Atlanta, Georgia for my cousin’s wedding. Looks like I’m going to have to be the only photographer since I brought my DSLR but after having my mom explain that I might be getting paid from my aunt, I am not tripping. Normally I wouldn’t accept the money but being between jobs for this long has taken a toll on my spending monies so I’ll take what I can at this point. But I honestly can’t wait to go home tomorrow lol I miss my dog and Kevin.
Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Remember to check out my giveaway if you haven’t already. Till next time!

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9 responses to “Cosplay N Charm by Byzantine Collection’s Halloween Fashion Show & Contest”

  1. Banny says:

    Aw looks like you had a bunch of fun! I never did anything cosplay related i would love too.
    You look really cute in both looks :3

  2. Kyou Kitsune says:

    You look absolutely amazing in both outfits! I'm especially in love with the gothic one! xD
    Seems like you had a brilliant time there 😀

  3. Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" says:

    looks like so much fun. Amazing pictures as well

  4. Aww thank you! You definitely should, it can be a lot of fun and people always want to take your picture and compliment you no matter what it seems like which is always a plus 😀

  5. Thank you! Yeah the gothic one was undecided till the day off…crazy right? I just threw it together and I swear I'm not just saying that to sound like I am full of myself (if only I can prove this to be true T^T) The make up was the scariest part because I only did it between 5-10 minutes and managed to finish up just in time. I really do still enjoy to goth look especially because of pastel goth 😀 I really loved give it a go!

  6. Thank you! 😀 I need to keep my qualities more consistent :X Hopefully more posts will have good pictures like these.

  7. Kyou Kitsune says:

    REALLY?? Wow! You have some crazy talent of getting ready in short spaces of time! haha! xD

  8. Aww haha thanks but in a way I think it was sheer luck for the most part tbh ^^

  9. Alicia Anderson says:

    Lil' Red be packin like Madea! XD Your outfits look awesome too!! 😀

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