Collective haul: Sasa & eBay + New Layout

Hey lovelies! Hope everybody is taking care of themselves as we all finish up our final exams x.x I am so happy because I am done with all mine and am now waiting to get my pretty nice degree in the mail in the Associates Arts of Science *geeky snort* Cannot wait! Me and Kevin registered to go to UTD together a few weeks ago but unfortunately we weren’t able to pick out the same classes but we will get to next fall semester.I did switch up my layout a bit but I’m not completely done. I like what I did with this banner more than the other one. Since this pic got so many damn notes on tumblr lol I figured it’d be nice enough to include in this header of mine…plus it’s a personal new favorite as well! Btw, I will talk about this wig in this post FINALLY!

Aside from that, I have sadly fallen behind on my hauls so I’m going to clump as much as I can here on this post. First I’ll start with the goods I bought from Sasa when they were having their pre-Black Friday sales. Before I go into this part though, there are some products that have whitening agents in them and I’d just like to say I am in no way trying to whiten my skin. I have horrible hyper-pigmentation and have tried products like Ambi, coco butter, and other junk that didn’t work so here I am trying more stuff. Judge me if you want, idgaf but I know the truth so that’s all that matters…I know some of you will understand so thank you.

1. Milk Hydra-Whitening Cleanser (150 ml) by O’slee: This was only $6.90 and so far, I’ve used it for about 3 days and I like how it removes almost all of my make up leaving no traces of my thick MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation behind like my other cleansing bar soap did. Never going back to that ever again. It doesn’t have a strong smell and doesn’t get foamy shockingly like…at all. idk if I like that or not. It feels like lotion more than a cleanser but it does feel like it has been working for me so far so it’s no biggie.

2. Diamond lashes in Angel Eye ($13.90): I could not believe the price I got these for 😮 I was so happy! lol seriously was jumping up and down when I saw how cheap they were and I’ve been meaning to get these since when I first saw one of my favorite gaijin gals like Janice wear them! I’ve tried them on once so far and I love how long they are. At first I’m not gunna lie, they intimidated me a tad compared to the Glamorous Diamond lashes but these are more noticeable on me than those wimpy Dolly Wink lashes will ever be so it’s all good. You’ll be seeing me rock these more often in the future!

 3. Eyemazing KOMORI JUN Bewitched Eye Lashes (No. 1) ($14.90): Love love love that I finally bought these! I have yet to try them on, but when I do I will make sure to give a proper review on these
4. Juju cosmetics whitening mist Peach scent ($10.20): I saw a review on this and other people gave it so many 5 starts on Sasa’s site! I felt like if I didn’t get it I would regret it. I wanted something like this to aid my serum and cleanser…it’s supposed to be a toner I believe and although it says it whitens, I think people mainly like it for it’s scent and ability to moisturize your skin. I can agree that it does just that so far and wakes you up in the morning!
5. L’Oreal Paris WHITE PERFECT Radiance Boosting Double Essence (30 ml) ($24.10): Yeah I kinda spent more on this than I probably should have even with the discount but lol I could resist when I saw the good reviews and although I know majority if not all of those people were significantly fairer skinned than me, I figured to still try it out. What could it hurt? Anything to get closer to finding out how to get rid of these scars on my face. I liked the packaging of this product and also how a little goes a long way with it as well. It will definitely last me a while. I plan to use this twice a day with the aid of sunscreen. If this product isn’t shit, I’ll take before and after pics for you guys!
Now here’s the stuff I bought off eBay in October. These pics will have the old logo just an fyi because I waited so long to put them up haha xd
Fucking love this sob! It’s so pretty and it’s a Yei Mei wig for those who know about that brand. I only just heard about it right after I got it and realized that’s what it was. I only wish that the shine wasn’t as obvious but I am going to make a video on how to reduce it using baby powder so it doesn’t look as obvious. Otherwise, I think most of you who have seen me wear it so far have taken a liking to it! lol

I got these cute eye ball bow hair clips off ebay too, in the color Rose. It’s just a hot pink color, but I kinda wish I got the black ones now. Anyway, they’re a nice durable material and have a pretty good grip. Definitely perfect for creepycute style!

I also got these tights from eBay as well for cheap since I’ve been dying to try them out. They’re a lot of fun to play around with when wearing different outfits too, but it was hard to find the tights at first. I kept finding the leggings and I didn’t want that. The only funky thing with these is that the bones of the feet aren’t anatomically correct lol they’re in the opposite position which I thought looked super goofy but it made me laugh more than anything else.

I bought some cool jewelry off ebay that I liked like this pair of cross earrings.

I seen another Youtuber wear the longer ones but I don’t think they sell those ones on eBay. Then there were these adorable earrings!

Aren’t they pretty? Come spring time, I am going to be wearing them like crazy, they’re so unique and different 😀 It was a little awkward putting them on at first but then I figured it out after a while.

Then I got these dangle’y punk style earrings and I really like them! I wore this in my EOS 3 tones Gothic turqoise review and it’s pretty nice however the metal is so cheap, I tried to contour it along the crevice of my ear and there’s already a crack on where I tried to slightly bend it DX Of course, it was cheap anyway but still, how annoying! I’m sure the thing will completely break off at some point…maybe hot glue or nail glue can fix it?

Have y’all seen Namie Amuro’s new MV? She’s a beast. A sexy ass beast!

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26 responses to “Collective haul: Sasa & eBay + New Layout”

  1. Lizzie ♥ says:

    Awh you're so pretty! 😀 Omigawsh those shirts are cute <3

    Love the lashes! Can't wait to see you try them out ^^ And that wig, maaan <3

  2. Glee says:

    omg the eyeballs, tights and SHIRT <3
    Cant wait for the wig post though

  3. Do a review on that L'Oreal! I'm trying to even out my skin as well so I'm looking for different products as well! LOl, my blog layout is similar to this >.< I love it! It's clean and crisp 🙂 And the couple shirts are sooooo cute! Phillicia did such an amazing job on the art!!!

    • Yes ma'am, I will work on doing one by the end of next week so I can get a full idea on how the progress is so far with it. Thank you, I like this better than the other one…it kept lagging my computer for some reason so I got rid of the playlist :/ Oh well, and yes Phillie did great! She's so damn skilled that woman!

  4. omg you're so breathtakingly gorgeous c: I admire your blog and i love your youtube channel.
    I want to be as gorgeous as you one day, i admire you sooo much! i hope you can update your youtube channel soon. I love you very much c:

  5. you are so breathtakingly gorgeous c: I absolutely love your blog,
    its so precious ^.^ I really do enjoy reading them c: && I admire you so
    very much and hope to one day be as gorgeous as you. god bless you, peace, love and prosper on <3
    Oh and it'd be pretty amazing to get a response! but you don't have too 😀

    • Aww thank you so much, what a compliment to give! That blew me away, honestly! God bless you too sweetheart, you are truly a kind individual who deserves happiness as well in this life! Wish you the best!

  6. lacosta says:

    AAAAhh I need to make couple shirts too! *_*''' Glee is a great artist!
    You look adorable together <3
    …and being a cheesy couple is wonderful as long as your bf likes it ^^

  7. Lolo says:

    EVerything is just unf! I love the earrings especially! You and your boo are so cuute <3 You guys kind of look alike in the 3rd pic XD I guess its true when people say that couples can start to look like each other~ Love the new banner~

  8. Monique says:

    I really love how the Yi Mei wig looks! It's a great cut!
    ——— (graphic:

  9. NyNy says:

    The shirts are very cute 🙂

  10. Banny says:

    Wow so much stuff! You make me wanna go shopping! Your new layout banner is really nice. i need to do mine soon since it's been a while..! You took disqus commenting off your page though ;o ?
    I really love your earrings you bought they are so cool how it looks like a double piercing . You and your bf are so cute and totally remind me of me and michael xD! We're so cheesey as well.

    • lol I don't wanna be a bad influence on you now! Thank you, your layouts give me inspo actually! You have such skill, I could never get mine to look that good. I always look forward to seeing the newest banners you have on yours 😀 And yes, I was told earlier on facebook that they are doing some changes so when I was altering my layout I think somehow the code got screwed up and when I tried to install it back on here it wouldn't work :/ Still not completely certain what the reason is for that but for now, I'm just gunna wait till I have more time to fix it. Yes, those earrings on eBay are cheap and you and Michael are adorbs! When you see him next year at his place I bet y'all are gunna have loads of fun together!

  11. Pearl says:

    You look more gorgeous than ever in those pictures with Kevin 🙂
    Your new blog layout looks great as well! I've been planning to redo mine for months, but it hasn't happened yet x)

    …and those shirts are adorable 😀 I think couple tees are super cute!

    • Thank you Pearl 😀 Redoing blog layouts are so exhausting especially if you're just guessing on what to do with the html codes and what not xP I hate that.

  12. Jess IV says:

    You are gorgeous!
    Eye ball bow so freaking adorable!! Love the lashes as well!
    – a new follower (:

  13. I admire you so much! You are so pretty and talented with makeup. I love your style.
    Congratz on the new layout… where did you get the silver wig? it's gorgeous.

    • That was so kind of you to say Bella darling, thank you so much! I bought it off of ebay actually 😀 If you want the seller, I believe I mentioned it in one of my recent posts if I'm not mistaken 🙂

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