Cheapagency Haul Round 1

This is going to be a post over the order I placed back in the summer which I apologize for just now making a blog post review but you’ll have to forgive me on that one! I also just got the next box of stuff from Cheapagency to review soon as well so y’all give me the strength to push out these videos!
At any rate, I made a video where I showed all of the cute items I wore from the taobao shops I ordered from but I wanted to also share pictures of the clothes as well here on my blog. If you’d like to get the links to each item, click here to see the original post I made that have the links listed.

First up is this precious marine styled dolly dress with a detachable bow on the chest.

I’m in love with it’s shape and ruffled trim along the edges of the collar all the way around to the back flap. It’s not short and is of a satisfying quality! My only wish with it is that the bow weren’t so flimsy. Along with it came this cool translucent apron to wear over it.

Needless to say, you can wear this with other outfits as well and it’d give them an interesting characteristic instead of looking flat on it’s own.
I got a sister of this dress in a navy x white. Similar to the previous dress, it creates a cute bell shaped silhouette. I find myself still wanting to wear a petticoat underneath for a more desired poof though! Despite this one having no ruffled trims, I can see it working well with many different coats or long jackets.

Because at the time when I ordered these it was during summer, I felt like wearing lots of cute tanks for once instead of my simple solid colored ones so I opted for these!

Perhaps my favorite one out of the bunch because of it’s fun textual designs and reminiscent color palette of an ice cream shop! Their tanks are pretty long so I was happy to be able to pair them up with a white miniskirt underneath to imitate a dress-like appearance.

Speaking of ice cream, this was a cute one I thought I’d try out! They printed part of the design on the inside of the shirt for whatever reason, so you can’t see the full “Happy Birthday” text when it’s worn on unfortunately. I originally got it because my bday was around the corner but I’m still loving that tasty looking bowl of ice cream though!

I don’t even like cats tbh but this one slightly reminded me of Hachi at first glance so this one is an exception. He reminds me of bunnies too!

Moe eyed crop top shirt time!

I’m in love with this one so much and regret not getting a chance to wear it during KCON. The illustration of eyes almost look as if they are actually sparkling! When you put on the sheer glittery shirt on top, it creates that effect even more! That piece is detachable and can of course be wore with many other outfits! I wish I had it in more colors too like black, pink and purple!
On to the more darker colored clothes!


Aside from the terribly short length, this is a street style inspired suspender skirt to wear with lots of the different bold shirts I have! Creating looks with it should be easy but I do honestly wish it was longer.
The long length of this blouse is perfect for pairing it with some cute leggings or a ruffled miniskirt underneath. Its lightweight feel makes this extra comfortable to wear and the added character that the fun badges sewn on the right side of the chest area gives it was a nice touch! I do remember finding some loose strings on the bottom of it though.
And lastly, this is one of my favorite sets! I originally wanted a different design instead of this one, but the others were out of stock. I’m not disappointed with its graphic although besides the bird, I can’t exactly make out what it’s supposed to be. A cat? Tiger? Who knows!
It also has striped solid and sheer fabric going from the top down to the bottom. My favorite part of this set are definitely the awesome white polka dot hammer pants! They are without a doubt perfect for lounging around in and I match these bottoms with a number of tops I have. It honestly makes me want to go and buy more! It’s pockets are so deep too but I wouldn’t recommend putting anything in there since it’s such a thin fabric.
That’s about it to this review! I hope you all enjoyed! I’ll try and make an official last post of the year later tonight. Hope you all are good and well!
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3 responses to “Cheapagency Haul Round 1”

  1. *moe eyes* i need that in my life

  2. Naomi Chan says:

    I really love ALL the clothing. Is the kind of clothing of my style*-*

  3. Lydia says:

    I LOVE all of the clothing you got omg ๐Ÿ˜€ i really like looking at other taobao hauls but most people only order pretty normal (in my opinion boring) clothes so i'm always happy to find people with a similiar style as mine ๐Ÿ˜€
    i've ordered quite often from this particular taobao shop too, they're great aren't they? ^^
    reminds me i might need to place another taobao haul…if my purse will allow it xD

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