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They actually came in a while ago. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then you’d have already seen my new collar I raved about the next day I received my package, I was so happy with their service! I picked the airmail option for the delivery service and it only took like 2 weeks for it to finally be at my doorstep.

So I am going to quit rambling and get on with what I got. The end of the post also has a video version of this review you may also want to check out too. Links to everything can be found on that video’s description box because blogger’s not letting me post them up here for some stupid reason.

First thing I’ll talk about is the lolita skirt I bought. I am in love with its design and comfort level! Its ease of wear surpassed my expectations, I was so pleased! It goes to knees length on me which is nice since most days I don’t like showing too much leg anyway unless I’m wearing shorts or something during the summertime. 



Next, I got these cute bow ties for some possible kogyaru attire I may try out sometime later this year or just wear for the hell of it…mostly just wear for the hell of it. Had to get pink and red…I couldn’t get one and not the other. The quality on these are both really good too, the fabric is incredibly soft too. Plus, the price for this was super cheap.

Feeling like a legit Gryffindor with this one on too

Next is this lacey bunny ears headband I got as well. Out of everything this was more of an impulsive buy. Can’t see myself wearing this too many times but it seems reasonable to get it at the time since it was just $1. The only con about it is that there’s so much excess fabric in the center so I’m kinda just like…dafuq do I do wit dis? Definitely doesn’t go over my face so I don’t get it:I

Next is my pink mirror that was needed for makeup reasons…yeah. Again I saw that price and got lured in > < But look at how cute it is! I need better self-control. Anyway, dunno why my camera was making this pic come out darker than the rest, might have been the reflection of the mirror to the lens but here’s what it looks like.

So princess-like, I love it! The black one looked good too but my room goes with this color more so that’s why I bought it in pink. Lastly is my choker that by now you all have most likely seen already. So extremely satisfied with this piece, I cannot complain at all ^ ^ It is the essence of my darker looks/outfits tbh. Definitely something I plan to hold on dear to for the next few years as apart of my accessories collection. I hope to find more like it too.

Here’s a few pics I took wearing it a few weeks back.

Total for everything was only $58 and to me, that’s pretty cheap considering everything I got. That’s it for this haul though so I hope this helped you guys in some way when considering buying from bodyline if you never have before.
Lastly, I’ll leave you with the video of this review before I head off to my lab in a bit. I will try to get all of my older posts out this week too. Been meaning to get on that.
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10 responses to “Bodyline Haul”

  1. such cute stuff!! <3

  2. Lizzie ♥ says:

    So many pretty items *_* I absolutely adore that skirt <3

  3. Lolo says:

    Gorgeous! That headband is just adskskfkslf

  4. Can't wait to see you in some of that stuff!

  5. That choker and skirt are amazin-g~!!! I'm gonna stop back at Bodyline and see if they have more accessories than they did when I went before.

    aaah! Can't wait to see what the skirt looks like on a body!

    • They have a lot right now, so you totally should check when you get the chance and yeah haha my choker is my new favorite accessory. Thank you!

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