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Hey Gems! I’m proud to say BodyBoss sponsored me to bring you this helpful post to get your body snatched! Aside from adjusting my diet routine, my workouts have stayed consistent until just a few weeks ago. But that has all changed! So has my preferred healthy meal preps. This will be an analysis of how efficient the BodyBoss Fitness and Nutrition Guide are for a regular weight lifting gym goer like myself.


12-week Step-by-Step Fitness Program

This program includes cool but MAD challenging HIIT and cardio workouts which is ideal for fat burning results. You can either grab their online version, or you can get the package to give you both the online version and a 200-page handy booklet. Their HIIT circuits essentially save you time from getting 24 active minutes each of the 3 days a week you workout. All without the use of any gyms or funky equipment. This isn’t a subscription service, so that is another win they have going for them.

In case you are like me and need to get your feet wet before jumping into their HIIT workouts, they have a bonus pre-training program that lasts 4 weeks long. You might not think you’ll need it if you consider yourself moderately fit, but I suggest you go through it anyway.

I remember starting on this after doing their warm-up stretch routine and I might as well have self-combusted, because of how hard my heart was pumping. It also helped me see where I was at in terms of my overall stamina and ability to endure exercises with little rest in between.

I was like welp. Don’t think this is going to work out, but then I took a stab at it again and realized it wasn’t so bad the second, third and fourth time around. But I still sweat out my edges every single time, so it 100% pushed me past my comfort zone! And I was damn satisfied with that!

My favorite circuits were the glutes and ab days. I’ve grown so used to weight training, that doing each of these workouts re-engaged my mind-to-muscle connection with each body part I exercised. Resistance bands do this trick for me, but it was nice to try something different for a change.

BodyBoss Superfood Nutrition Program

If you have ZERO clues on where to start or bored with eating the same healthy dishes, then you’ll really appreciate all these booklets BodyBoss included in this guide. With over 150 recipes, you have tons of meals to choose from each week. They even have approved Cheat Meal Suggestions. Think of it as your green light for โ€œcheat mealsโ€ that are healthy and still yummy! What gave me the most excitement was trying their BONUS post-workout smoothies which are great for recovering your muscles! I make the same type of smoothie, so having a variety is important to keep up with consistency.

I have online access to it which is nice so I can take my phone with me while I’m out shopping from their grocery list. Their Superfoods booklet of the guide gives you solid recommendations on how to create a healthier kitchen by listing several alternatives to junk ingredients.

Each day includes 3 meals and 2 snacks that combine nutrition-dense superfoods, lean protein, healthy fats, and wholesome carbs.

They break down each week so you know Sundays are shopping and meal prep days, and weekdays are simply following the list of meals you made already. I shared my top 3 favorite recipes in my YouTube post, so watch it after reading this post if you haven’t already.


Overall, I couldn’t be more satisfied with how effective and user-friendly both of the guides are from BodyBoss. Their level of attention to detail that goes into this bundle is worth the coin! If you don’t have a gym, these guides will still have you looking and feeling like your BEST self!

If you would like to start your BodyBoss Challenge, you can grab them below!

Grab your BodyBoss Fitness and Nutrition Guide Here


Other than that, I hope you enjoyed reading this review and watching me suffer through their circuits! On that note, tell me what your current workout routines are every week? Everyone I know does a variation of things, but I’m curious to learn what is working for you.

I hope to see you in the comments. Until next time!

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