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Let’s address the topic of dark-skinned gyaru (primarily of a black descendant) wearing blond/light brown hair and overall black haircare for gals. In the black community, when we see an African American female having on any type of outrageously contrasting colored wig/hairpiece we instantly classify them as being “ghetto”, “low class”, “trashy” and so on. This may not apply to every single black person and I’m just generally speaking. This is all based from the area I lived in and my own experience so I don’t wanna hear any people bitching about how you think I’m wrong and go twisting up my words so get that straight! All I’m saying is if you go home to your parents with say a new facial piercing for example, not only will you get told off but society itself will automatically make assumptions about your home life, your future, and your overall character based on that one aspect of your appearance. But I’m sure you all already know this is how the world works and it really goes with any kind of situation. People don’t expect the unexpected and when the unexpected, they freak out! And it’s bound to be violently noticeable.

But as a gyaru, shouldn’t that not really matter? Last time I checked, being gal was about being yourself without giving a damn about what anyone thought. Aiming to look as fashionable to please the eyes of yourself or your even gal friends who also have a good sense in fashion. So the idea of black gals being concerned about the bad attention shouldn’t be happening because it shouldn’t be a surprise that people are gawking at you since you chose this lifestyle. Although, I do understand where they’re coming from. You have to ask yourself whether or not you’re prepared for that type of attention. I personally don’t know if I would be comfortable walking out of the house with a full blond wig on because I know I will get stares or even harassment however taking baby steps to get to that point is definitely recommendable. I would suggest wearing light brown hairpieces to start off with and work your way up to a lighter color. But don’t just choose the first shade you see! Compare the tones with your skin complexion and see which one compliments you the best. Even if you’re a dark-skinned girl, I still think blond hair can look appealing for those skin tones if you choose the right shade, at least in the eyes of the gyaru community.

Images are taken from gal secrets. They actually sparked this topic for me.

With that said, I’ve seen a lot of questions from primarily black gals who are just starting out in the gyaru lifestyle and of course, our MAJOR issue tends to be our hair. Our hair is so unique in comparison to other races that it’s hard to modify it to become just like theirs and it can be an exhausting process. Our natural hair can look absolutely stunning when taken proper care of however I also believe in a relaxed/chemically straighten state it can look just as beautiful! A lot of black girls don’t realize the true potential our hair has. Because our hair strands are so thick, it holds curls and other lovely hairstyles we want to achieve in the gyaru culture much longer in comparison to fine hair textures. Our hair, however, does have its cons. We need a lot more care when styling it. There’s a plethora of information I can get into about black haircare but I think I’ll save that for a future post in efforts to stress this…

If you want your OWN hair to look as long and luscious as the gal models/non-gal models you’re inspired by, take the time to research on your own hair and start a hair journey! Personally, I believe going on a hair journey is like starting another lifestyle all on its own but you don’t have to stop being gyaru in order to see great results in the health and length of your hair which is what we’re aiming for!

Black Hair and Gyaru Styles

  1. DO NOT straighten, tease, use excessive hairspray, or DYE/BLEACH your hair especially if you’re already relaxed. There are other methods to get cute hairstyles, trust me!
  2. DO NOT think that wearing wigs are lame. If you buy a nice looking one (which you can find for cheap at your local beauty supply stores) not only will you look good, but it will be less manipulation on your actual hair giving it a rest from your daily or constant styling. Let your wig take the beating! Your hair will thank you later :]
  3. DO wear weaves/hair extensions in efforts to avoid actually dying your own hair. Chemicals that get put on your hair can do some serious damage and can result in a lot of breakage. It’s tough to come back from that but not impossible…don’t take that risk. Love your hair!
  4. DO NOT feel discouraged that you have to do a wee bit more work to make your hair look fab than other gals. Honestly, their hair is a ticking time bomb before the extreme damage catches up with them (when they turn 60 they’re gonna be bald!!) so in the meantime just be proud that your hair is healthy and will continue to grow long from here on end.
  5. DO keep yourself motivated and informed! Go on hair sites like or for advice otherwise, it will be really REALLY easy to give up or forget you’re on a hair journey.

I could go on but I don’t wanna bore you have to death. I just want to motivate girls who are struggling with their hair while still being gyaru to not give up! Our hair may be fragile but if you treat it properly it will listen to you and look amazing! I’m on a hair journey right now and I can’t wait to show you guys how far I’ve come. So embrace your weaves, wigs, and your own hair!

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12 responses to “Black Gyaru and HAIR!”

  1. Janis says:

    I find this incredibly helpful. I myself don't want to be a gal so to speak but I think this would help any brown-skinned girl who wanted to. Good work πŸ™‚

  2. Tommy says:

    This article is really informative and encouraging. Being a woman of colour myself, I sometimes feel discouraged with my hair. I'm the lazy type of person, but I'm craving for gorgeous, and bouncy hair. And I'm even more craving for it since I'm now a part of the gyaru community.
    You know, when I saw these pics on g_s, I kinda felt sorry for ourselves. The etiquette we have to wear when we dare to wear something out of the norm. I know black & blond appears to be the worst match ever. But it hurts my feeling when someone actually say it to me. Not just because this person think that I wanna act white and all by turning into a blonde, but just because I'm thinking "is it a crime to be a dark skin lady when it comes to fashion & beauty ? Do you have to be "boring" if I want to avoid to be consired as a ghetto girl ?"
    I want to be very adventurous with my style, but people are scaring me. I don't really want to be a blond because, it's not my personal taste, but as you said, if a dark skin lady chose to be blond and chose a color that will suits her skin well, then I'm encouraging her to go for it too !
    Everybody points their fingers toward black skin girls for any adventurous style they chose to have. Too ghetto, trashy, …
    All I can say is that if you're classy in mind, whatever youll wearing, you'll stay classy, because of the impression you will give. ^^

  3. Thank you Janis!

    @Tommy: Thank you! I totally agree especially with that last part. It's definitely a struggle to be accepted by people when there's already so many negative stereotypes we have going against us but I look at it as a way of building confidence. If you think you can pull off a blond hair wig/extensions then none of that should matter! But feeling that way takes a lot of growth in our self-esteem and I also forgot to add that maybe the reason why a lot of black gals feel this way is because they have been put down countless times by our family and friends that it makes it tougher to go into this lifestyle. What they need to realize is that people are always gunna talk smack for as long as we live and that's one thing I'm trying to get over too. Everybody makes judgments so it shouldn't matter if the black community thinks you're trashy, ghetto, etc. Surround yourself with positive broad minded individuals and I'm sure they'll be able to get through it just fine.

  4. Ivie says:

    Oh this is good. I hate the fact that if your dress a certain way or wear a type of earrings you look "ghetto" but on other races it's :dope". It's so annoying. But yeah, being a black gal is hard. XD And hair is just a whole other situation. But with time, you learn how to handle your hair. I know I have. But I think caring about looking ghetto or not it just what we were taught. You don't want to be known as that ghetto girl with the lashes, crazy nails and short skirts. Yeah it may look trashy but if your carry your self well and exude an air of confidence, you'll look cute and classy, not trashy.

  5. Shmuberry says:

    This is a great post!! Good job πŸ™‚

  6. This is so true and helpful, thanks a lot for posting this!! πŸ™‚

  7. EMi MARiE says:

    well i cant really say something about it because im not black, but one thing i can say is nomatter wat color you are, you still look gyaru 2 me and i dont care if your black! You are a fashionista thats all πŸ˜€ kisssuuuβ™₯

  8. Len says:

    Lovely post! So informative, and encourgaing, i think a lot of black gyarus will be happy to read this πŸ˜€

  9. Thanks you guys! I'm really glad you're all seeing it that way.

    @Emi: lol thank you girly!~

  10. Jeanette Stewart says:

    It's nice to see others who support the black gyaru community! Thank you for making other black gyaru aware of how delicate our hair can be! I wish I had this knowledge a couple of years ago. I was a total jerk to my hair, and I suffered because of it. Now I am going natural and wear weaves most of the time (because if done right, they are AWESOME!).

    Keep up the awesome work!

  11. Thank you for the encouragement! I'm not apart of the black gyaru comm anymore but I still do want black girls of any community to take care of their hair no matter what j-fashion style they're into. lol yes it's true, wigs have really helped my hair grow so long since I started wearing them it is pretty great actually πŸ˜€ Thanks for commenting!

  12. 倩照 ユキ says:

    I'm not back but this is lovely post . Though if you want do lots of damage to hair you need take care of it especially black hair and also white , Asian etc. I am Asian and have to do lot to my hair to keep it healthy but I will not be baled when I am 60 . Thank you for informative post on how people keep their hair healthy

    Chuu , Yuuki .

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