2017’s Best Natural Hair Products


2017's Best Natural Hair ProductsDespite constantly feeling like there are never enough hours in a day every single day, I found my current favorite natural hair products for my wild 4c/b curls! I’d be a whole lie if I said consistently used them though. But I have at least dabbled in a wide range of different products since my big chop in 2015. Such rough times those were for her and I…yes, I am calling my hair she…personification gives her even more value. Try it! Discovering what your hair needs product-wise is one of the most effective methods to maintaining healthy hair. This is my list of 2017’s best natural hair products, but I would love for others to comment what your noteworthy products I should try next. Thankfully, Amazon has every single item on this list so be sure to look for those at the end of each section I review to purchase and try yourselves!

Conditioners & Shampoos

Naturals Coconut Milk & African Marula Tree Oil High Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve enjoyed using this line after randomly selecting it from CVS one day. Not Your Mothers Naturals usually have colorful packaging, contain paraban-free ingredients, and is affordable compared to other big brands. Before purchasing these, I only heard a few good things about Not Your Mother’s Naturals. Something told me it wouldn’t hurt to try it out, so I did.  The benefits claim to have a gentle formula, which was ideal for cowashing or wash-n-go days. The conditioner provides lots of slip, but not so much that it feels like those silicone-based conditioners. The shampoo does lather, but only after the second time going through your hair with it. Fortunately, it doesn’t strip my hair of its natural oils so you should be fine to use this on dry hair as it recommends. Seeing the African marula tree oil was enough to intrigue me into getting it. I may try other more potent products with this oil in its to see what kind of results it would have on my hair.

Hair Mask

Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask

In October, I spontaneously went to the Boss Women Who Brunch event and got a nice parting gift from one of their sponsors. This brand is more unfamiliar than the previous one for me, but you do not want to sleep on them! For one, all of their included products win the unofficial award for best smelling haircare line…at least it does in my collection. What makes this entire line all the more fabulous is you don’t need to jeopardize your hairs progress of it smelling like magical unicorn perfume!

More specifically from my goody bag, the Curls Blueberry Hair Mask had me shooketh! It instantly made my hair feel like soft smooth butter. I will likely purchase this mask again because I have never used one that has instantly reconditioned my hair to that extent unless I am at the salon. The results were incredibly long lasting.

Edge Control

Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue

Who on earth doesn’t have this on their list of 2017’s Best Hair Products? It could likely be on the top list of hair styling products of the century for naturals, relaxed chicks and everybody else. I couldn’t imagine laying my edges down without my got2b spiking glue. Although this one applies white, there are simple methods removing that appearance.

I have heard mixed opinions about the black version of this glue, so I am likely going to stick with this one unless something even more amazing comes into the market. Normally, this is my final step I use when finishing my “rough draft” as MsAaliyahJay put it! If you got 4b or 4c hair, this is the right one to use for laying your edges zewwwwwnnnnn! Still, you want to use a primary base pomade like Ecostyler gel just to get it precise. Edges are still a struggle for me, but I am already learning a lot this week on how to make them look even cleaner with less adult hairs in the mix.



Allow me to be the first to say that you are doing a major disservice to your hair if you aren’t already using JBCO in your hair regimen. Since using it on a regular basis, I’ve seen the moisture retention increase dramatically compared to using coconut oil. I used the Vita-Coco brand too, and it still failed me despite their clever marketing buzz words written on the pretty jar. Why did so many hype that up so much in the natural hair community?

My only issue with this particular oil is it has a slight white finish before it turns clear when your hair fully absorbs it. If you rushing out the house, I wouldn’t advise rubbing this stuff in last minute, because you’ll look like your hair is dusty when it’s quite the opposite!


Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream

Finally, my absolute favorite moisturizing leave-in conditioning cream from Cantu. You may tell from the image that I’ve used just about every bit of this stuff and am ready for my next jar! My hair is left looking juicy and revitalized after distributing this throughout my hair. I especially love to use it when I am about to do long term protective styles. If you haven’t smelled this stuff yet, you’re going to want to. I noticed my boyfriend enjoys smelling my hair the most when I put this in it!

As satisfied as I am with these, I am always looking for even better products to try out since there are way more on the market than there was a few years ago. It’s even more exciting now that my hair isn’t relaxed and actually retains length with less of a struggle. What do you think of my list? Am is something major missing I haven’t tried yet? Let me know down below!

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  1. I love the Cantu! I am using Tea Tree and Olive Oil now but I will have to give the JBCO a try because my hair is always drying out especially this Winter!

    • Ify says:

      You won’t regret using that this season! I still want to try using other oils,. Particularly Olive Oil again. I need a combination for different styles I wear my hair in, but the thicker the oil the better. I tried Tea Tree oil before, but it kept drying out my hair and felt kind of chalky almost!

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