Becoming an Aspiring Model and Actress | Summery Glow Shoot


Hello beautiful Queens! I’m sharing a recent set of shots from a fashion shoot my friend and I did. I haven’t shared this with anyone yet, but I started working with a local talent agency service that provides opportunities for aspiring models and other talents to get booked by casting directors. Wild, right? Who’d have thought I would be embarking on becoming a model and actress now? It certainly was a leap of faith and even felt somewhat impulsive of me, but I felt indescribably confident about it.

Since I started working with them, my goal is to focus on more fashion shoots than I did before. This is something many followers requested of me to do in the past, and fortunately, I have so many opportunities to do that! I live in a city where I have limitless spaces to shoot my different looks each week several times a week! Much more has happened over the last month, but the biggest life update will be shared on my Youtube channel. Subscribe to stay updated!

Enjoy this set of images in case you missed some of them on my Instagram.

S u m m e r y G l o w

Location: Downtown Plano, TX

Photographer: Alavia Khawaja (her edits are phenomenal)

Shoes: Express

Dress: Sosorella

Shades: Fashion Nova

Wig: DSoar Hair

Which ones were your favorites? Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to share my thoughts as well. I was pleased with these overall and that’s saying a lot since I’m usually so hard on myself.

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Until next time babies!

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