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Before starting Apetamin, wanting to gain weight, particularly for a donkey, never was a desire of mine. Getting bigger boobies, on the other hand, was a different story. Now that I’m changing so much lately, so has the perception of my body image and beauty standards. Please read this entire post prior to reacting friends!

Healthy lifestyles generally weren’t at all appealing for a chick who was born craving sweets, processed snacks, and fatty junk food. It’s amazing I didn’t fall into childhood obesity with how poor my diet was…if I could even call it that. Through high school and college, I kept my “skinny fat” figure because I made no time to enhance the most important aspect of my life—me. Proactively catering to niche Korean & Japanese pop communities took away so much of my attention from my own self. It never dawned on me that eating less garage would prevent the risks of cancer or could reduce the zits popping up around Aunt flows visits each month. Truth be told, I was fixated on being a kid for as long as I could.

Weight training last year made me realize just how true studies were about exercises releasing endorphins, ultimately killing off stress. It makes you want to keep up with eating right despite those late night cravings. So glad I no longer live near as many boba tea joints! During a weight gain journey, you start asking yourself questions like, “Which combo on this menu gives me the highest amount of calories? What are the macros like? Am I doing too much cardio by breathing?”

I’m exaggerating with that last question, but you get what I mean. My physique mattered more than the cravings I used to heavily indulge in.

I am worth investing in spirutally, emotionally and physically.

Clothes that said grown and sexy…not tiny and kawaii grew on me before I did, so I had to catch up with these new fitness goals. My style had always been a slew of anime con vendor merch, Taobao pieces, and eBay knock-offs thrown together. Considering my figure never phased me because I was by default the frame these fashions already catered to. That’ll be a different post on a different day.

But Why Apetamin?

You certainly do not need to go on Apetamin if you have a decent meal plan and workout routine that is already working for you or if you are within just 5 pounds of your goal weight. Apetamin was an ideal option for me because I plateaued on my weight gain journey due to my lifestyle choices. I would do great eating multiple times a day, but when events or travel plans occurred, I’d fall off so quickly and forget to eat in a caloric surplus.

Side note: Caloric surplus is when you eat more calories each day than your body can burn, storing it away as fat or muscle depending on your level of activity. Caloric deficit is the opposite so you aim to cut fat or lose weight.


Tracking calories isn’t realistic for someone as forgetful as myself, so apetamin made even more sense to try. I was at 135lbs when I first started taking it. Here was my original observations during the first 2 weeks being on apetamin:

Apetamin Syrup – Start Date 9/1/2017

lbs. GainedTotal WeightHip MeasurementNotes
Week 1+16 lbs154 lbs40″Starting weight 138 lbs; hip measurement 38″; Shortness of breath, belly tightened, bloating, gasy, new clothes now tight or no longer fitting. Got menstral this week, so there was extra of bloating. Weight 153lbs; Hips 39.25in Tips: Have tums or other antiacids readily available and stretchy clothes/free sized clothes. Eat as healthy as possible. Limit amount of junk food consumed and avoid over eating in 1 meal. Snack throughout the day to help subside overeating. Exercise!
Week 2+6 lbs160 lbs42″Bloating from period went away. Reduced dosage to 1-2 times a day for gradual build towards 160 lbs and 42″


bottles of apetamin


Apetamin helped me get my gains to reach a whole new level! It’s incredibly helpful. Nearly 30 pounds ago, I thought I was big, but I had no idea how much bigger I could get. Even now, I am still pushing myself to train, but with healthier meals and intense workouts. Would anyone want to have a post on that?

If you did not already know, there is a site you can confidently purchase apetamin syrup from. I am happy to be their brand ambassador because I support black-owned businesses so long as their heart is in the right place, and I can tell Zoa’s is! Please take a look at their new revamped website if you are interested in purchasing your own bottles.

Visit Sweet Gains Website

When I first purchased my bottles, they didn’t have the complimentary meal planner or fitness plan PDFs available, but I imagine they’re helpful for newbie weight gainers who need the basics. For them to offer that is sweet on top of already being affordable. Read the description of their Sweet Gain Plan item to learn more. I have yet to try out the other neat items in their catalog, but I will soon. When I do, I promise to share my thoughts with you all! Are you all on a fitness journey or weight gain/weight loss personal challenge? How are you working on it? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll leave you with this video I did on my experience taking apetamin.

UPDATE 6/11/2018:

New reseller of apetamin can be found here on apetaminvitamin.com.

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40 responses to “Weight Gain Journey on Apetamin”

  1. Raeshell says:

    How long did you remain sleepy while taking apetamin ? I heard it’s only for like the first two days, but I want to be sure it’s not a continuous thing because I work 5 days a week, but want to be able to take as recommended.

    • Crystal says:

      Hey Raeshell,

      I took it on a Friday and drowsy for just 2 days. That Sunday, it didn’t effect me the way it did on Day 1. Just be sure to take it on a Friday and if you feel sleepy Sunday evening, then it may be best to lower your dosage for evening times only.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Any recent coupon codes?

    • Crystal says:

      At this time, no. I am working with a new company called afitlyfstyle. If they have any coupon codes, I will share them in my next upload on apetamin for you!

  3. Deeva says:

    I saw so many videos on Apetamin but yours resonated with me. I am skinny however all my weight gain goes into my belly, unless I work out like crazy which it’s still hard to keep off belly fat so what types of food do you eat when on this. Can you give a cpl meal examples for B, L, D and snacks that you had?.

  4. Lin says:

    what foods did you eat to gain that much in a course of one week? 🙂

  5. Mia says:

    Did you feel gassy and constantly bloated? I look like I swallowed a dinaosaur egg by like 5pm since I started Apetamin and then I get really gassy.

  6. bekah says:

    I was wondering if this product made you feel anxious or panicky?

  7. Anonymous says:

    How many times a day did you eat !? And do I really have to follow a schedule?

    • Crystal says:


      I ate whenever my appetite made me want to so it varied from 4 to 6 or more times a day with snacking included. I think it’s unnecessary to follow an eating schedule. You may just want to plan your meals out first.

  8. Bello tope says:

    Pls I already have belly fat and I started apetamin for hip and butt enlargement…how can I make sure I don’t add any more belly fat and also gain weight to the right place

  9. Gabriela Gomez says:

    Apetamin really works, you just have to be dedicated and never give up.

  10. Camillia Prescod says:

    You motivate me sooooooo much…

  11. Erica Eleby says:

    Do you think the weight gain between weeks is different for really petite girls? I only weigh 120lbs and would love to put on as much as 16 lbs in a week 🙌.

    • Crystal says:

      It all depends on how much your appetite responds to your hunger cravings and whether you allow yourself to feast when you are hungry. The more you eat, the more pounds you’ll put on. Just work that body out though on apetamin!!

  12. Rakita Rogers says:

    This gives me hope to gain weight. How much does it cost and what website can I get it off?

  13. Somekia Murphy says:

    How often do you recommend eating when taking Apetamin?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been looking for something to help me gain weight and I tried everything I really hope this will work for me!

  15. Shakena says:

    I starting taking Apetamin for the first time about a month ago….for the first 3 days I was so sleepy but when I was up I ate a lot (junk food) but I also cooked good food I gained about 10lbs within that week but I gained a little tummy…should I were a waist trainner

  16. Ja’net says:

    I love the information you put out there about this! I’ve been watching sooooo many videos about apetamine and what other women thought and what it did for them. I hear a lot that you gain a lot of weight in your stomach and it’s hard to get rid of it, is that true?

    • Crystal says:

      Yes and it’s true if you take the doses 3 times a day and respond to your hunger cravings a lot because you’ll just wanna eat anything!! But if you take it once a day, build to 2 times a day only if NEEDED and eat clean the entire time you’ll see better results 🙂

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hi! My name is Noreen, 17 years old and I weigh 36 kgs. Yes, I am literally that light and skinny. I’ve always eat a lot but i usually don’t have the time for work out since I’m a busy person. I don’t gain weight, and it’s stressing me out lately. It sucks to be skinny. People always call me names like “stick” and such. It lowers my self-esteem and it makes me feel hopeless. I’ve always wanted to join beauty pageants but I’ve always thought about what other people might say if a skinny girl like me joins a beauty pageant. I’ve watched your vlog on YouTube on your weight gain process using Apetamine and it really rose my hopes high. And so i browsed on the internet to see how much Apetamine cost and goodness, I can’t afford it. The only way for me to get the Apetamine is thru your giveaway contest. I’ve entered your Apetamine giveaway contest, and I am really hoping that you’d choose me as one of the winners. I hope you notice me.

    • Crystal says:

      Hey hun, sorry to hear people have been such jerks to you about your natural physique. I hope that you can dig deep within yourself and realize you’re beautiful with and without curves if you don’t already see that. However, if you’re wanting to gain weight for your own reasons that aren’t mainly based on outsiders opinions, then I understand. Thank you for entering and good luck!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I Love Ur Comsistancy That’s is Key 🔑😌

  19. Evelyn says:

    First I love your weight gain progress!! Congrats sis! I’m a skinny girl with hip dips and I’ve been trying to gain weight. I exercise 1-2 times a week but am sometimes not consistent. I don’t have a huge appetite and I eat a lot of junk food. My question for you is did you exercise regularly and consistently while taking Apetamine? And are there any protein rich foods you would recommend?

    • Crystal says:

      I did but I was eating trash and WAYYYYYY to many calories over my maintaining caloric intake that my metabolism couldn’t keep up! But I love quinoa mixed with beans and other veggies. Protein shakes mixed with maca root. Eggs of course, tuna, chicken and other fish!

  20. Gina Thomas says:

    Hi my name Gina and I’m really having trouble keeping my weight. I was 98 pounds now I’m 89 I really be ashamed of this problem I’m 25 will be 26 April 9th I don’t wanna keep looking weight I been trying a lot of protein shakes and all. I just hope apetamin works.

  21. Kyara Locke says:

    I most definitely need this because I hate being skinny people always talk about how skinny I am and I sometimes get bullied about it that hurts my feelings I fantasized about having a big butt workouts do not work for me and this should be an experience

  22. Amanda Cruz says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for this. I really wanted to try the Apetamin but it is not available in the Philippines. I am 41kgs and underweight by 13kgs. I am hopeful that I will win this. Thank you for having a giveaway! 🤗

  23. Amanda Cruz says:

    This gives me hope! How i wish Apetamin will also be available in the Philippines. Thank you for the infos. 💕

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