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It’s no secret that I been on this weight gain journey for over a year, and through several trial and error, I’ve learned what calorically-dense foods work best for my body in the healthiest ways. After I learned how my poor diet was ruining my fitness goals, I started to consistently eat these meals during the weeks I was on apetamin and through my bulking season. The apetamin diet recipes I am sharing with you in the video below can be easily modified for vegans by substituting animal products with items like tofu.

Watch this video for the tutorial on how to whip yourself some simple fit chick eats!

When ending your bulking phase, I suggest gradually reducing the amount of high fat, sugar and sodium ingredients added in these meals as you approach reaching your goal weight. Weening off this way helps a ton when you are finally ready to cut the fat you gained, assuming you are already weight training regularly. If you aren’t, do that first before cutting so your transition is smoother.

Taking apetamin has significantly helped with me maintain my healthy appetite, but you do not by any means need it to get the gains you want. Counting calories was a useful way to ensure I was eating enough during the day to either pack on the pounds or maintain my weight. Now I monitor them to ensure I do not go over a certain amount so I can look lean. I will be happy to do a separate video about what I eat now to cut the fat covering these gains I grew! Be sure to stay a follower to this blog for future updates on health, fitness and beauty.

Want to get a little more meal ideas? You can claim a freebie meal plan by clicking the image below:

Can you believe over 500 people have signed up so far? It’s wild seeing how dedicated people are in their fit thick journey. How do you diet currently? Share your tips and journey in a comment!

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