Anime Matsuri 2014 | Part 2 Meeting Reika, Akira, & Waveya!

Continuing on with my trip to AM, I previously mentioned how many fans including facebook friends of mine were there that I finally got to see in person. As my friend Audrey and I anticipated the wait to see glorious Akira for an autograph, I noticed a cute maid that was also waiting for her as well. We were all however quite confused due to the lack of direction and information given to us for these autographs so our confusion of the line brought us together. She looked super familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on where she was from then I finally asked her if I knew her online somewhere (which felt like an odd question to ask but I digress) and she adorably nodded her head. I learned that she was a Facebook friend of mine and followed me for years and her name was Shiari! I had to hug her at that point lol we ended up taking pictures soon after that.
P.S. that’s the new wig I found while at the dealers room that weekend. Will review later

Later that night we raved together! Sadly, I never got an autograph from Akira because they changed the rules on who was allowed to have an autograph by her and Midori so this pissed me off since my friend got to go in and I didn’t because my dumbass waited as told by the pompous guy securing the door. What upset me too was that they had some lolita chick give Caroline lip for expressing our dislike for them not properly telling that to the public despite having us all wait in line. She wasn’t even a fucking staff member! Her nose was way too far up her own ass. Luckily I still got some zoomed in shots of her through the opened doorway and was happy to find these hilarious expressions I captured below. 

My buddy CeeCee Rolle thought of that caption, not me so credit goes to her on that! All was not lost after finding out I wouldn’t get an autograph by her because on our last day at the con I got to take a picture with her after spotting her and Midori together heading to the dealer’s room.

I looked haggardly compared to her especially since the last days of the con are typically me not giving a cuss considering how short I’ll be staying there for. Not to mention my hangover from Saturday night was unbelievable. Speaking of which, Saturday must be talked about! Here is my look I wore for Saturday.

What do you guys think of this look on me? I might straighten out this wig soon and maybe cut the bangs to be more straight edged instead. A cosplay contest was held at the same stage the fashion show the night before was held. I didn’t get any pics of the cosplayers but I did of the lolitas. Sorry for the terrible quality. Thanks to AM’s poor planning, although we waiting in line longer than those behind us we got worse seats than they did because of how they instructed us to fill in our seats. Makes no sense…

That day was also important for me to film as many cosplayers as I possibly could for my short film I’m doing for a scholarship next month. I will post the video on my YouTube channel and will ask for you all to help vote for me. It will mean so much! While I was waiting for an AoT group to plan out their poses for me, a sweet voice called my name and I saw my online friend Alicia! She had two other girlfriends with her as well and I was so pleased that they found me because I didn’t know that they’d be there. We all took pics together shown below.

On to my favorite part of any con which is the rave but this was especially awesome since Teddyloid was the DJ Saturday night and guess what? I got to touch his leg! Me and Audrey were drunk as ever but we ended up not getting messed around by any guys somehow. We must have looked scary on the dancefloor honestly. Here’s what our outfits were before heading down there. Can you guess what our inspiration was?

I regret not having Caroline in this picture with us

Before the rave there was a concert that I barely stuck around for mainly since I wasn’t a major fan prior to that night of Nightmare and I needed to properly relax before getting ready to dance my behind off. They sounded good I just wish the mic was louder on the lead singer. So many techie fails this weekend! Finally the end came and I was in such a nauseated state I was afraid to honestly pack and get dressed. I hate vomiting! Luckily my girls bought me a cup of fruit which helped but I didn’t have enough time to put on my make up once I was feeling better. What a shame since I bumped into this gorgeous gal downstairs in the dealer’s room Antasia.

Dat hair, dat make up, dat coord, *explodes* I haven’t seen such legit gyaru game in person in a long time like her. My mom said she was very pretty too when I showed her those pics. She inspired me to try out sujimori because I need to just give it a try and stop being scared of screwing up my wig.

Lastly, my group got hungry and ate at the café inside the hotel. To our surprise, guess who sat her stunning self literally the next table to us? REIKA!

I mean what are the odds? I somehow mustered up the courage the ask her for a hug and she gave me one!! Such a sweetheart n.n Poor woman looked tired as hell from all the madness she had to go through plus being jetlagged. I tip my hat off to her though for still keeping a smile. This was the professionally taken photo at our photo-op from the day before. So glad I came out looking halfway decent for once lol

As we were waiting in line for her autograph session, I saw Misako Aoki and took a picture with her cute self.

Back to the cafe area, after Reika left, we saw Waveya’s group sitting down near us as well. So we got to take pictures with them as well…they were so cute and sweet!

*takes in a deep breath* That about sums up my entire trip and so sorry these were so long. I really wanted to share as much as possible with you guys. Next time, I plan to cosplay as Mikasa this time for A-KON with her 3D Maneuver gear or so help me! Till next time cuties~

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26 responses to “Anime Matsuri 2014 | Part 2 Meeting Reika, Akira, & Waveya!”

  1. Rinako グレー says:

    So cute photos~ ^o^

    ❤ ✿ VISIT MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  2. Emi Doll (恵美) says:

    So cute and you got to meet Misako ^^

    恵美より x

  3. Yeah she was super cute and tiny 😀

  4. Thank you Kari dear n.n

    Oh did she? They all looked great up there, it's a pity we were sat so far away even though we waited early in the line.

  5. mikosuzahiru18 says:

    I'm glad you had fun despite the clusterfuck of Matsuri Failcon. Always enjoy your pictures. I still feel a little sad we missed each other, but maybe next time. I wish you lots of luck with your project though. Btw, you always look fabulous & on point! Rooting for you on your future Mikasa cosplay~

  6. LizzieBee says:

    Oh wow you look so cute! And it's a shame they changed the rules of the autograph… At least you managed to get a photo with her though 😀

  7. lol thanks hun <3 Yeah so do I…were you with Jazmine's group at all? Because I was with them almost all day Friday and part of Saturday evening.

    Oh man thanks for the encouragement because her gear is going to be a doozie for me and my friend to tackle…but we gotta at least try haha! So nervous about it.

  8. Thanks Lizzie~
    Yeah I know dude, I was literally a person behind before going in the room. I should have bulldozed through that asshole man. God I regret that moment so much but you're right I was still lucky to get a pic with her in the end. Next time though no one will get in my way of a idol like that again or so help them >:x

  9. mikosuzahiru18 says:

    I was with her and Dionne during Teddyloid's set at the rave.

    Of course! Don't be nervous. Just take it one step at a time and if you feel overwhelmed, take a break and come back to it when you feel better.

  10. Tapioca-Ai says:

    The cats from Sailor Moon! So cute!!!! I really liked all of your outfits ^^ I can't wait to see your Mikasa cosplay; I think you would be fierce!

    And you met so many awesome people! One day I want to go to an anime convention. I feel like the merch and guests would be sooo amazing that I would have intense post con depression lol

  11. Waaahh it looks like so much fun!!!! Your outfits are all so cute *w*
    I really really reaaaaalllyyy wanna go to a anime convention! DX I'll miss the one this summer because I'll be flying back to Hong Kong hometownnn. Fanexpo is next month but idk ;–; doesn't compare to anime cons imo

  12. ManaRuka says:

    omg you met Reika, Misako and Waveya*_* so jealoussss xD
    your outfits all look gorgeous btw♥

  13. Awesomeee that you got the chance to meet akira and waveya! Akira is just a freaking handsome woman, gosh. Sounds like you had fun, would love to go there sometime ^^

  14. Y'all were there during his show? Damn it so was I > < We totally missed each other then.

    Thanks for the encouragement *hugs* I need to be reminded that every once in a while.

  15. Oh yeah you should look into buying this wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs I mean they really know how to style the best quality ones I've ever bought. I will try to make a proper review on it as soon as I get a chance. It's taking me so long to get around to doing so.

  16. Haha DING DING DING! 😀 Yes ma'am you're correct! I forget who's idea it was…either mine or on of the two friends who came up with it but I hope to do this again with them soon. Group cosplays are so enjoyable to prep for! Then again this one was super easy compared to the detailed ones I've seen. And thank you! I sure hope so. I need to start toning up again for hers.

    Aww yeah tbh, during my first con I had post con depression pretty bad but then it went away because I was excited about the next one around the corner to go to as well so that's always a plus ^ ^ You will really enjoy it especially if you go with the right friends who will have fun with you there 🙂 Some cons can be hectic like this one was, but friends overpower that.

  17. Thank you Catherine sweetie!~
    Is Fanexpo like a Comic Con? It sounds familiar but I'm not sure that I've heard of it before. And Hong Kong sounds like it'd be fun to visit. I hope to go with my boyfriend when we are able to after school is over ^ ^

  18. I know super overwhelming, and I'm still in denial. You will get your chance too, don't worry. Remain patient and that opportunity will come! Meanwhile, stalk your idols to see when they are coming near your hometown XD lol!! And thank you! I will probably try harder the next time I go to a con.

  19. I know lol yes she really is. You have to see when I share the video clips of her on my channel soon. Omg when she smiles your heart will melt. You should come to one with friends to make some of the painful experiences not as painful lol

  20. Thank you <3

  21. Minako Sakurai says:

    You both were Luna and Artimis!^^

  22. Yes we were! lol good job 😀

  23. Yup something like that! For western comics/drama/movies 🙂 Ahhh you'd LOOOVVE shopping in Hong Kong!! If you guys are planning to visit HK, you should book it ASAP. Tickets get expensive and full quickly because many students/international peeps return home for summer holidays and they tend to book early. My dad bought my ticket last month and I still think the price was kinda expensive >< It'll be so cool to meet you in Hong Kong though 😀

  24. wooow, aaah XD you met Reika 😀 soo cool ^_^ and I can imagen her being tired and it amazing she remains so friendly. To bad about the other day though :c but the picture you captured were sooo awesome! *w* And I adore how stunning you look in your outfits!

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