Anime Matsuri 2014 | Part 1 of 7 Reasons Why AM ’14 Sucked

Hello lovely readers! Last weekend was my first time going to Anime Matsuri held in Houston, TX and I was fortunate enough to have my two awesome girlfriends Caroline and Audrey to accompany me on our trip there. This was such a fun yet horrible convention but I’ll jump into that at the end of this post.
We left a little late Thursday and got to Houston in the evening so we could pick up our badges before Friday. Best idea ever and I now plan on doing this for every convention I go to since the weekend felt a slightly longer than most con weekends I’ve experienced. When we first arrived to our destination, I saw how huge the convention center was and all of us spazzed out about how amazing our time there was going to be for all of us based on the neat location.
Although I didn’t cosplay at all for AM, I still dressed up in different outfits throughout my time there. Friday was a Japanese maid and this was when I wore my old wig I re-dyed. Next time I do something like this, expect a tutorial!
CLs – Geo Mimi Cafe Macchiato Brown
Upper lashes – Diamond lash in Glamorous Eye
Bottom lashes – Ebay
Maid outfit/accessories – Cosplay-N-Charm
Tights – Hot Topic

This was the same maid outfit I shared last year on this post here. I am hoping to buy another one eventually!

As I eventually got a chance to explore the dealers room, I first noticed how spacious it was. Probably as much if not bigger than A-KON’s last year. There was so much to look at you could spend a whole hour in there and still have some more leftover to see. I spotted a few booths such as h.NATO and they were having a 50% off sale going on but I still ended up saving my money since I couldn’t find anything I had to have there.

The obligatory plushie spam soon follows!


This booth was full of K-pop merch…at an anime convention…go figure. But I’m not complaining and in a way it sort of makes sense since this year they had Waveya perform there.

Got some shots of the BTSSB car! They had Putumayo and another lolita brand too behind this one as well.

I now realize I didn’t take any pics of the car that was decked out with AoT art all over it *sobs*

My friend Asher was there in his cosplay. Funny since we didn’t intend on bumping into each other but we did despite how huge the con was.

Sorry he’s slightly out of focus, still learning how to play with Manual mode on my new lens ^ ^; *camera noob*


I was going to edit in the sparkles but you can see already see them float around their little heads. Lastly…what nearly made my heart explode….two Jack Frosts!

Okay, done with the Disney folk. I should mention that one of the biggest reasons for me coming to this particular con was to finally see Akira, Reika and Misako in person! What other chance would I get to do this, right? Unfortunately this is where the not so awesome part of the con comes in I mean…THE DISORGANIZATION WAS OUTRAGEOUS!

I’m going to list all of what went wrong to highlight why so many people were dissatisfied with this con which apparently are also issues that has occurred in previous years before this one.

7 Reasons Why Anime Matsuri 2014 Sucked!

  1. MAJOR DELAYS – The first major delay in the line that happened to us was for the fashion show if I’m not mistaken. It was scheduled on their website (yes website, not a physical handed-out program but I’ll get to that) to be at 7 pm but we didn’t get let in till maybe 9:30 pm. For people to have to wait that long for any reason is unacceptable considering how long the line stretched into the halls of the convention center. We had to stand, sit down and stand back up several times. This wouldn’t have been such a big deal if this only happened for just the fashion show but no, it happened for every single fucking line I waited my happy ass in. Why the hell could they have not understood this would eventually lead to bad unhappy visitors thus bad reviews like this one?? This is supposedly a common habit of theirs friends say.
  2. TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES – The major delays had much to do with audio troubles and other technical hiccups from what people were told as well. A rehearsal weeks or even days in advance couldn’t have hurt but I guess they had more important things…to do? Smdh.
  3. NO PROGRAMS – The madness doesn’t stop there…when we got our badges on Thursday we all immediately realized that there were no programs given to any of us or anyone else for that matter. This is unusual for a convention since they typically would prefer you have all the info and leave their staff alone to help with bigger important concerns like handling the operation of a performance or big panel I would assume.  This became a major issue as the weekend went on because since the wi-fi wasn’t great in the hotel (and charged us $14.95/night to our room to use unless you’re in the lobby) we had no other choice but to print out the online version on their website. It was a hassle since there were different versions of the schedule which leads me to the following.
  4. UNRELIABLE ONLINE SCHEDULE – The online schedule would have somewhat sufficed had it not been consistently changed by what seemed each time we checked it. We were told by friends that they were going to do this so we had to be on our toes the whole time in case an event we wanted to see was going to be moved to a different time so planning out our day was quite unlikely.
  5. USELESS STAFF OOOOOOO, CHINEKE! – At least, the people who had a fucking sign on a table on the 3rd floor that stated “We don’t know where anything is.” I legitimately wanted to take that sign, fold it into a paper fan and smack them senseless for still having the audacity to sit there giving confused people false hope that they would have the answer to our questions about their madhouse of a convention. Fortunately, there was a digital map on a screen on each floor of the convention center but we found this out in the second half of our stay at the con.
  6. NO LINE SIGNS – When you visit any event that is going to have massive amounts of people, why the hell would you not have signs to indicate where lines begin and/or end? I suppose A-KON and Animefest has spoiled me into believing this is a common practice to see at all cons so you’re not running around like a ding dong with no sense of direction but clearly AM seems to think that’s the way to go! Lines were intertwining with one another with zero signs at all and no staff member to tell you what they were for! Probably because they knew this shit was going to be delayed for hours on end like they were. Some lines were even being formed in the wrong places having people waiting in a line that was going nowhere. The inevitable fate of asking several people in the lines what the hell they were waiting for to find the autograph sessions and photo-ops took more points away from this con. Hell if you can make a paper sign saying you don’t know where anything is you can damn sure make a fucking sign to hold saying “Line Ends Here” ffs.
  7. OVERALL LACK OF PREPARATION – All in all, the entire convention was so poorly planned I understand why some friends will not be returning to it ever again. There weren’t any guards during the concert or rave and my poor friend got felt up by some disgusting scum bags during the show because of it. The host of the cosplay contest didn’t know wtf was going on during the beginning of the show as she talked into the mic asking everyone back stage “Are you ready? Oh no? Who’s ready?” while the entire audience heard her. None of the special guests had legit bodyguards which blows my mind. What if there were crazy fans who wanted to do the nasty with Reika’s fine ass or Akira’s sexy self? Judging from the several times me and Audrey saw them alone, it would have been quite possible but thankfully that didn’t happen and their little cute heads are safe and sound. Still, these things should always be assessed much prior to the days of the convention. I may sound like I’ve ran one before so I know some people are going to give me crap about bitching on something I know nothing about but screw you if you feel that way! Not only do I have every right to complain about their lack of professionalism, but so does every single person who experienced the bullshit that went down last weekend! Good money was paid to attend Anime Matsuri so I of course was sadly discouraged by the poor consideration for their guests.
Although that list is lengthy, I still had fun for the presence of the awesome friends and fans I got to see (which btw was way more than I have ever had approach me at any convention ever! So thank you!). I will still be going next year to at least take my sister and other friends who couldn’t make it out this year. I’m just praying that it will all be worth it by them getting an awesome special guest to compensate for their crappy planning.

I was going to continue on with this post but it’s been dragged out enough so I think this is a good ending point. Have you guys ever had a convention experience like this? If so, let me know! Let’s share our distaste for these annoying troubles that con-goers tend to face.

P.S. Miyavi is speaking to me right now…his cute accent lol!

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23 responses to “Anime Matsuri 2014 | Part 1 of 7 Reasons Why AM ’14 Sucked”

  1. Gigi says:

    omg, this is ridiculous. anime conventions should be more carefully put together.

  2. Too bad it was so disorganised. I hope you still managed to get some enjoyment out of it. Loved your outfit, especially your makeup. ^^

  3. Rinako グレー says:

    I love your cute outfit dear! Looks like you had a great time! ^o^

    ❤ ✿ VISIT MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  4. They should but sadly they aren't always perfectly run which is understandable however this was absolutely outrageous. Some people may be alright with going to a crazy con like this but I'm not…my money should be spent at a event that people spent their hard time making into a clean organized occasion for their visitors not this mess.

  5. Thanks and yeah I did still had a great time with my friends. The disorganization really made me think twice about coming back but honestly if they have another great guest come next year then I'll have to return for their sake but otherwise never again.

  6. Thank you so much Rinako <3

  7. Tapioca-Ai says:

    That wig you dyed and maid outfit were the bomb dot com ^^ Wow, AM sounded like sooo much tomfoolery and ridiculousness all in one. I could def understand why people would never want to return. New York Comic Con has got me super spoiled. They have an amazing app that will even give you reminders!

  8. Girl yes, the delays and lack of caring on AM was just about unbearable. But, I got to finally meet you and hang out with some awesome friends… so I had a good time in spite of everything haha.

  9. esther says:

    i faced similar difficulties at Anime Expo last year. It's not that they were unorganized…it's just that there were SOOO many people, it was hard to get into things. i almost didn't make it into the Johnny Bosch panel- and an argument almost broke out when a con-goer asked a staff member why the Blue Exorcist movie premiere wasn't held in a larger room. A lot of the more popular panels should've been held in larger rooms. Staff had to keep moving hordes of people around because the rooms were getting full but people kept coming.

  10. Emi Doll (恵美) says:

    Oh you look so cute, maid outfit *0* Too cute >.<

    So many difficulties is something I experienced every Anime expo I go to…The worst is when whenever I go with my girl friends 2 of them will always get very stressed out and start to argue >.< Expo is a very crowded place, get lost all the time for me and my friends get so stressed. Especially during delays, worst is when to have delays when you spent extra money on express tickets for fast track entry >.<"

    But all so cute items are eye candys to look at ^^ I'm debating if I should go to my Anime Expo this May? Not sure..!

  11. Maya Melancon says:

    I really wanted to go this year; I wanted to cosplay as Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2~

    sad to hear that they were having problems there o___o hope they get their act together for next year.
    btw your maid outfit is super cute!

    hopefully i'll be able to meet you at the next one (I honestly hope they'll do better, cause thats making me think im glad i didnt go this year…)

  12. Do they really??! WTH >:X An app that delivers updates straight to your phone sounds fanfreakingtastic! I envy you guys up there then lol I really do hate that this con had this problem because otherwise it'd have been an incredible experience but newp. What can you do other than make reviews though right? haha!! Thanks for liking my hair I dyed…I should have taken a before and after pic of the process. Looked super fried after bleaching it 5 times o.o

  13. Yes we finally got to meet up which was super fun although so short-lived :c I told Brooke Toliver I'll do my best to make it out there again this summer. I really want to experience Houston to the fullest this time though ^ ^ and all the gyaru spots you guys hit up the most!

  14. Oh seriously? This is a shame since that's the main convention I've always wanted to go to in the U.S. I am shocked that they wouldn't have considered the massive amounts of people coming to such a well-known con especially since it is America's biggest right? Or it might have some other title but it's well-known for a reason so again the people behind the cons need to work better at situations like that because overcrowded places are such a turn off. I still plan to go one year just to say I finally went but I'm glad you warned me!!

  15. Haha I gotta find a new cute outfit to wear lol that one is my favorite though >///< So thank you Emi!!

    omg I would be super upset if I paid extra only to still have to wait! Oh man it seems like the biggest cons in each area of the states is having problems like this. What a disappointment. Idk if it will get any better what with more people falling in love with anime and J-pop culture. I would be stressed too. For me, I love to go for the performers mainly! I say go if you find out that the special guests are your idols or something haha that way your money is definitely worth it! >:3

  16. Aww Sora = My love!!

    That'd have been nice to see. There weren't any cosplayers from KH at all from what I observed but there were so many people there I probably missed them if there were. I hope they do too and thanks!! I hope you can too 😀 I'll always be posting where I am and what I'm wearing on my fanpage and/or Instagram so be sure to follow one of them if you can ^ ^

  17. Minako Sakurai says:

    Yeah, I totally agree! I was shocked that Akira and Misako didn't have any body guards, let alone a translator during the fashion show rehearsal. People tried speaking to her in English, and she looked confused, lol^^
    It was awesome seeing you too <3

  18. Your maid outfit is really cute! ^__^

    Wow that does sound like a very badly organized anime convention. I hope they get their act together next year.

  19. Aww lol this is why I wish my Japanese was on point but it's been super rusty since the last time I seriously tried to dedicate myself into self-teaching before signing up for classes at my school next fall. One day though I hope to be super fluent.

  20. Thank you <3 Yes, it was -.- smh. I really was shocked at the level of chaos that was there since I felt like no one really mentioned any of that from those who went last year but this year it all was in my face sadly.

  21. oooh, to bad that it's was organized so poorly :c but I think you looked so amazing in your maid outfit and I adore your make-up 😀 and the baby the star shines bright care is amazing tooo! ^-^

  22. This gets me so pumped up for the anime convention I'm going too! So terribly sorry Anime Matsuri wasn't as organized this year and it was really enlightening reading all the things that went wrong so I could get prepare for the worst in the anime convo I'm going to in May. I'm going to A-cen, my first anime convention, and now I'm prepared for the worst! haha

    Love your maid osplay, so cute! I'm hoping to maybe pick out one of your make-up tutorials for the cosplay I'm going to do since you always make such lovely and adorable looks!

  23. Kim Pham says:

    I was thinking of going next year with a group of lolitas from Wisconsin, but all I've heard were bad reviews unless the person was in the fashion show. :/ However, the guest list is always fantastic. We were also considering PMX since their lolita guests are amazing too. I'm used to line con with ACEN, but no programs is kinda a huge disaster. Will you be going again next year?

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