About Me

I’m Ify.

But most people call me by my first name, Crystal. I accept both! Since ’09, I’ve established a slow and steady following of beautiful souls across multiple platforms. More or less, we grew older and wiser together appreciating pop cultures from Japan and South Korea. It wasn’t until 2016 when I realized I desperately was in need of a social media reset. That is where I discovered far more about who I am. Who I am is never going to be solidly defined. But I believe that’s why I live each day with the purpose of doing what I love full-time. My content is inclusive of anyone who felt out of place being who they were…even in the weird kid cliques.

It’s no secret bloggers are aiming to show you the best of their lives, but I believe in a balance of good and bad. To wholeheartedly live your truth is to accept all forms of the self, and be compassionate to who you really are. I am learning this each day through fitness, natural, unnatural and inner beauty work harmoniously together. And finally, how life is treating this lil ol’ 20something Texas native just trying to live my dreams as an entrepreneur. This is not a blog where you can only expect one kind of emotion from me. You get the good, with the bad – because making our bad days build our better ones brings the people true happiness. I do trigger warnings for heavy posts and will encourage discussion from readers. Life has only just begun for most of us, so we are all in this together.

Time to heal, grow and slay!

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