A Visit To Cosplay-N-Charm!


Hey everyone! How was your weekend? I thought I’d share the trip I had to Cosplay-N-Charm’s new store location in Richardson, which is conveniently near my university’s campus! The outside didn’t have their sign up yet so I solely focused on the inside of their store and they did an awesome job jazzing it up!

They also added some AoT merch including costumes for their customers to buy so it’s nice to see that something like this exists locally! I love how much color and vibrancy there is in this store, it makes me feel like I’m on the opening of Kawaii International T.V.

See that domo bag above? I got that one for Christmas from my friend Tam ^^ Oh but the cuteness overload doesn’t even begin. They set up a cute layout of all their deco trinkets and charms so I had to take some shots of those as well!

I looked at this picture of free cookies now and immediately regret not getting one because I stupidly forgot. They looked so delicious!

They also have k-pop merch for those lovers of all things kpop so you can get your fix here as well.

I was almost going to buy these tights. I came pretty close but then I realized how awful tattoo tights look on my skin tone unless they’re made to be a darker nude color. Does anyone else have this issue?

I know you see those Attack on Titan jackets. The lower one had outstanding quality! Oh do I wish I could make everything perfectly but I know nothing about patterns so I might just have to end up buying it regardless of the price.

Cute Pucca decal!

When I came across this particular section of their store, I really was in love with how they set up this lolita dress in their display. They perfectly executed the same vision of Japanese clothing boutique merchandisers which is something I never see in person since I live in Texas where hardly any Japanese fashion stores exist aside from this one. 
Here is what their lovely fitting room looked like. So much lace and pastel colors!
All of the following was clearance items. Me and my girl Fatima who I hung out with that day bought two of the same frilly tank tops! They look really cute! I can’t wait to wear them more during the warmer weather.

After our trip here, we were hungry and went to go try this Korean BBQ restaurant called Chang Jing. The kalbi was delicious but the service was surprisingly beyond my expectations compared to the places I’m used to visiting at H-mart’s restaurants. They truly cater to you there regardless if you are a non-Korean which is an awesome feeling since you are after all spending your money for their business you know? This is something Kevin complains about so I must take him there this week when we hang out.

Here’s what we got:

We shared the kalbi together. Look at that smoke my camera picked up haha!

This was the black bean noodles we had, otherwise called jjajangmyeon (자장면; 짜장면).

I had a really great time with Fatima that day! I hope we can all vlog together with our Kevins once more but properly. You may have seen her videos on YouTube if you’re in the AMBW community at all (timaloveslemons). They’re such a lovely look couple especially in person, omg! 

Today I planned on being super productive but sleeping all day got the best of me. Maybe I really did need it but still, I wish I did more with my time. Stinks. Hope you all enjoyed your MLK day! My family had some Spring Creek and also celebrated my sister getting her new car which means her old one is officially mine! 😀 Thank goodness!! I will deck it out again with my Hello Kitty stuff whenever I end up finding them. Till next time cuties!

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32 responses to “A Visit To Cosplay-N-Charm!”

  1. I would die of happiness in there. LOL We hardly have anything even close to this where I am T^T

  2. Aww really? 😮 I figured most places these kind of stores are tough to find outside of Asia unless you live in parts of Austrailia or California. They have so many in those areas from what I've seen in blogs. No worries though, I'm sure you'll get your chance! Hang on tight!

  3. That shop = love! <3 I'd totally go there and probably go crazy! If only something like that existed near where I live. For now, I'll just have to make do with online shopping. ^^

  4. Tima says:

    hehe it was so much fun!!! thanks for putting me in this one!! <3 -Fatima

  5. xXxuchexXx says:

    That store is uber cute! I have a question: Do you have any plans on visiting Japan in the near future?

  6. You're welcome it's no problem girly thanks for commenting 😀 I'll put you in more over time!

  7. Within the next year or so yes ^^ Any particular reason you ask?

  8. Online shopping is always oodles of fun especially since you can do it in the comfort of your own bed 🙂 That'll always win me over shopping in public almost anyday!

  9. ManaRuka says:

    the store looks really cute. I like their lolita set up♥
    yummy food*-*

  10. So do I! They did a really awesome job 🙂 It makes me wanna buy all of their lolita dresses.

  11. Rei says:

    Those fake desserts look so real…. *-* I crave desserts…

  12. Cute store. There is one similar in Chinatown where I live, but there are no clothes (especially no lolita dresses!). It's mostly anime posters, phone charms, etc. This store seems to have a nice mix of everything.

  13. Anne says:

    That place looks so yummy in my tummy with those desserts around.

  14. Don't they? :3 They would fool me lol I'd eat em!

  15. xXxuchexXx says:

    Because I was a bit surprised you never mentioned anything about visiting Japan or maybe I missed it @_@ I'm looking forward to a Japan blog post some day ^^

  16. Haha oh how I wish they were edible! lol they'd taste amazing I bet!

  17. ChocoBuniee says:

    they have the tattoo thigh stuffs in white.. i saw some of them.. the bunny ones, the kitty too

  18. Emi Doll (恵美) says:

    So sweet!! ^^

    恵美より ♥


  19. I hope this store is successful too, and maybe more stores like it will open up elsewhere.

    Also, I've tagged you for a Liebster Award: http://femmenoblesseoblige.blogspot.com/2014/01/liebster-award-no-2.html!

  20. Aww thank you! I'll be sure to check it out darling!

  21. Aww what and sweet and cute looking cosplay store! The fitting room looks very lovely and princess style with all the lace too. Hmm, I never thought about the tattoo tights problem with the skin tone being too light. Maybe you could DIY them? Buy like a dark nude skin tone and draw the tattoo design on yourself? I've seen youtube tutorial videos on how to do it. Maybe that could actually work for you? I know it's going to take more work since you'd have to draw the tattoo design yourself but at least it'll be unique because you'll have a design that nobody else has! =)


  22. Hina Naz says:

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    I am following your blog. pls follow back,xxx

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  23. Michelle says:

    I love Korean BBQ 🙂
    The Hello Kitty stockings are cute.
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pictures.



  24. Sun Young Kpop says:

    This store makes me want to actually dress up girly and Lolita like ^_^

  25. Thanks 😀

  26. I know, it makes me want to wear nothing but cute clothes all the freaking time lol!

  27. Thank you Michelle, I will be sure to check yours out as well!

    Mmmm that BBQ was so delicious lemme tell you! :9

  28. Ah yes, that idea has come up before I'm just too lazy to do it XD but no you are so right, I need to go ahead and try that out. Could you link me that tutorial? Or I can try looking it up myself. But that is a great idea, thanks for the suggestion! I might do it before the convention I'm going to next month.

  29. Misa Lee says:

    omg I know I would drool inside if I ever visit this store *_* from cosplay to lolita dresses…! haha thank you for sharing, crystal! ^^

  30. You're very welcome and you probably would lol they had so many!

  31. Tyson Chak says:

    WOW…So many cute stuff. I love this blog! I would like to share it on my facebook https://www.facebook.com/abbyweddingdress,
    come if you are interested wedding gown and fashion

  32. Sweet, thank you darling! I'll be sure to check yours out asap ^^

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