2nd Year of The J-Fashion Show!

Disclaimer: Not all of the photos were taking by my camera so the quality will vary.
Sup cuties? How was everyone’s Easter weekend? It’s unbelievable that as I’ve grown older, certain holidays have been less meaningful to me but I do hope everyone else enjoyed themselves with their families or alone pretending to be bunnies like me. No, I actually did spend time with my family so it wasn’t all forgotten but allow me to move on to the J-fashion show that I participated in last week. This was the same event that happened last year presented by JSA (Japanese Student Association) but this year was very different. I did two different style categories (himekaji and school uniform) as well as a dance performance to Perfume’s Electro World and I enjoyed myself! Yay me for not chickening out of it last minute like I was almost going to!
I’ll start with the room where all the models and other volunteers were preparing in. I was actually really exhausted leading up to that day because I had so much I needed to do for school work and mastering the dance choreography so we didn’t look like derps onstage. J-pop dance routines always stress me out when I’m on a time crunch but I did it to myself this time around. Even so, I somehow managed to put on my dolly face and outfits for the event. Here I am with some friends taking photos with them!
Sam makes me wish there were more guys who dressed this way in North Texas but there’s hardly any to my knowledge. His outfit was awesome!
Christine Christine, adorable ass Christine!! You’ll be seeing more of her!
Odelers~ I’ve been secretly admiring her latest pieces from afar every time we hang out but if she’s reading this by any chance, girl your outfits have been extra look gewd!!
Here’s Christine again posing with Stacey who’s wearing her light blue/white seifuku!
I just barely noticed dem platform shoes… 😮 bawse

And you know, we had to have some Kyary swag present.

Okay I’m sorry for using swag but look at her replication guys!

Then there’s these three haha!

Caroline’s (middle) efing smirk!! AHHHHHHH so adorable I wanna bite it off!

My turn finally arrived and I awkwardly strutted the stage in my school uniform outfit but I swear my skirt did not seem that short when I was wearing it so it’s probably the angle or at least I hope it is. Kevin pointed out the extremely smiley fellows in the background which makes me think otherwise.

Then I was preparing for my next outfit which was himekaji! Out of all the gyaru styles, himekaji seems to be my personal favorite as of the moment. Here’s the outfit while I pose with Sunny, an amazing lolita and one of my dance partners!

Then we did the damn thing! I was so tense and nervous that I messed up on a part near the beginning but my friend who was in the audience said he didn’t even catch it. I shouldn’t have beat myself up over it as much as I did. I want to show my YouTube subbies all these J-pop dances I’ve learned up to now but how on earth do people get away with doing covers of any kind without getting copyright notices? If you know could you please tell me because I’ve always wondered this.
The petticoat was borrowed from Morgan (other dance partner!) so now I want to go on bodyline to get my own since it looked so cute!!

Then the three of us towards the end. Yes, we had toy mics to amp up the kawaii factor! Plus I felt naked without one during rehearsal so they were a great idea!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the positive vibes that filled the environment and hope to play a bigger role in the next J-fashion show we have.
Sunny: Middle; Morgan: Right

My next post will be about B.A.P’s concert! So please remain subscribed.

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32 responses to “2nd Year of The J-Fashion Show!”

  1. Fernanda Azevedo says:

    Hahaha, the three guys look so awesome xD And all the outfits are soo cute, loved all <3 Looks like it was super fun *O*

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  2. Kawaii Bunny says:

    That looks like so much fun! I hope to do something like that one day:0

  3. Haha the one in the middle is one of my girlfriends actually! But she did such a great job in her dansou outfit 😀 It really was a good time. I love having special occasions like this with my school's Japanese club.

  4. Oh aww thank you for stopping by to leave a comment! Really happy to hear you're into what I do on my channel 😀 *hugs* I'll definitely check out your adorable blog!! Hope to hear back from you ^ ^

  5. What a fun event. Everyone looked great. I did have to chuckle when I saw the "slimy" looking guys in the background of that one photo! XD


  6. inesrdp says:

    wooow! you have a great blog! I love it !!!!

    and you, you are so pretty!!!! I love your style is amazing!

    I wanna to ask you how about follow each other? Let me know, please. I always follow back so don`t worry 🙂

    have a nice day sweety!

    xoxo from Spain


  7. Laila says:

    I really liked the snack bag skirt, It is like the most recent AKB48 song. I love B.A.P, my favorite song is 1004 (Angel)! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I am following via GFC and Bloglovin'. ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  8. Emi Doll (恵美) says:

    So adorable and fun and sweet *0*


    恵美より ♥


  9. Rosalinda says:

    You guys are so adorable! Looks like so much fun! xx


  10. Erica I says:

    You all looked so good! I wish we had a J-fashion show here

  11. Tsumi Fox says:

    I wish we had that in san antonio! we never have cool events! ;(

  12. Super cute! I'm glad you had a great time!

  13. xlicious says:

    hey just started following your blog via bloglovin. looking forward to your future posts! the fashion show looks like it was lots of fun, and i'm sure you'll gain a bigger role in the next show ;D

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)

  14. lol I actually knew one of them but the other two I'm not sure of o.O XD Maybe the photographer just caught their expressions at the wrong moment coincidentally > < I don't have a donk so I feel like they weren't oogling at that but I just thought it was funny to point out haha!

  15. Thanks! I'll be sure to check it out 😀

  16. I went ahead and returned the favor by following you on both of those feeds as well ^ ^ I love your blog! B.A.P is a great k-pop group, wait till I share all the photos and videos of the concert!:D

  17. Thanks Emi 😀

  18. Thanks haha and it was really enjoyable!!

  19. Thanks Erica cutie!! I wish there were more everywhere so I can watch how other people do it and learn more about new J-fashion styles. If you are near a Uni that has a Japanese club they might do stuff like that at least once a year I'd assume and especially conventions!

  20. Oh really? But what about San Japan? 😮

  21. Thank you Ciara <3

  22. haha thanks Sarah! I'm not sure if I can handle all that stress with how many classes I'll be signed up for at that time but I'll be hoping to still help out somehow!

  23. Erica I says:

    Oooo I'll look into that since i know my mom's art school has at least one fashion show a year! i'd love to model

  24. Tsumi Fox says:

    as far as I know they haven't done any fashion shows :/ btw are you going to san japan this year?

  25. Tapioca-Ai says:

    Reading this made me wish I had went to Sakura Matsuri today >_< Oh well, I shall go next year! I'm so happy that it was a positive vibe; it looked like lots of fun! And, I loved all your outfits especially the himekaji one. Girl, your are super photogenic especially the shot of you on the runway in your school uniform ^^

  26. Marcela says:

    Nice post!!! I like your blog!!
    would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin? let me know…
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  27. xlicious says:

    true, your grades should always be your highest priority. but if you see the opportunity, try challenging yourself and take it! you can do it 🙂

  28. Most definitely!! Thanks for the encouragement ^ ^

  29. I gotta check the dates…isn't that in late July or sometime in August? Hmm…I might be saving up to go to K-CON instead actually but that may not happen so possibly yes I might go to San Japan!

  30. Awww XD Thank you thank you thank you x 100! I am not always lucky with having a picture come out decently without my awareness of it so I was pretty shocked when I saw that one on their Facebook page. I heard Sakura Matsuri is typically fun! The photos I've seen of it make me feel like poo for not being anywhere near it! I hope to go really soon one of these years.

  31. Yeah! You should throw hints at her and her fellow classmates one day and just show up to her class with all these J-fashion inspirational photos and stuff just to get their minds headed in that direction and then BAM! Japanese fashion show! lol good luck.

  32. Juria Vernova says:

    so sweet pics ** AMAZINg


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